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  1. thanks for the heads up. im still waiting for fix. Can't dedicate 100% to get it fixed since college started hopefully mechanic will have it fixed by tomorrow..
  2. path had a bad circuit which caused it to turn off a lot during driving. thats being fixed then transmission not engangin in 4th gear problem would be solved. Hopefully very soon
  3. thanks. I am only vote for the crow lol
  4. That's a very nice find. Tomorrow I will be taking my path to get the auto transmission electrical problem fixed and I will talk to the mechanic about manual transmission swapping options. Will keep updated. Thanks.
  5. I was looking around for manual pathfinders, but could not find any on my area. I also had mentioned a manual swap to a nissan mechanic and he said to swap a 6 speed from a 350z into it. He said its possible, but I will talk to him again for the details because from words to action there is a long way...
  6. I would love to see it myself too lol hopefully I can take it to the track on late february. will keep you guys updated.
  7. I wonder if a 6 speed from a 350z is "swappable".
  8. It will easily dyno 400 with the forged interiors. I will be trying that horsepower at first to see how the transmission holds.
  9. Thanks for all the links. Yes Puerto Rico gets easy access to all american parts. The problem is the shipping cost. @my1path I think they are also 5 speed. At least the earlier VQ models.
  10. Nice now the hard part is finding a manual nissan pathfinder r50. Anyone know the difference in manual transmission between a 96-99 path vs a 2002? There were no manual transmissions bought in my country for 2001-2004 models but im sure I could find a 96-99
  11. they are the FN BFD. They are the Volk TE37 for truck "imitation" but they are great quality. Couldnt find the volk's anywhere. http://www.fnwheels.com/new-products/bfd/ Cost me $1250 for a set of 4 shipped.
  12. No. Went with forged interiors low compression rods and pistons. Have not been able to test it out since the automatic transmission is having electrical issues and was not shifting into 4th gear. Right now Im waiting in turn to get it fixed. Have to wait until monday. Transmission mechanic said it is a one day job, so hopefully he can fix that and then I can test it out more. Im looking into an auto to manual swap to see if it will work in better with the engine.
  13. Anyone ever done it? I have a 2002 RWD model which is turbocharged (for those of you that dont know). Automatic transmission is ok, but its not manageable with my Haltech ECU and its the second time I have had problems with it. It just does not keep up with the Path's power. Anyone know what parts do I need to do the swap? If you have link to a page then better. Thanks for the help. Here she is. Looking sad and sick of transmission issues

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