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    1990 Terrano. Touring fit out, Cooper STT, fridge, outback draws, HID's, led bar, Calmini 3" lift, air front & rear ARB winch bar, magnum 9000lb, 40 meters plasma 8 mil ropes, VMS 500s with rear camera and heaps more
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  1. Gidday mate, tried to register but they will not accept my email address????... Hey have a great Xmas with your children mate, before too long they are adults tell us how to do things. Yep got five and love till the end.
  2. Hi Dave, just wondering is it legal to post a vehicle for sale in this forum? All the best for Xmas and the new year. Cheers Desertrat55
  3. Hey Josh, great to have you aboard. NPORA really will become your Pathfinder/Teranno holly grail. These guys know what they are talking about because we all have had to start somewhere. Ask and you will have an answer in no time. My only regret is that I didn't find the site sooner. Where are you based? What form of off roading are you setting up to do? Camping, hunting... Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I'm nearly sixty and even though I have more creeks and groans than a house being torn apart in a cyclone I live and breath my Terrano and I have digressed, I now have Jeep. What was I doing yesterday? Fitting ARB diff protectors on the bloody thing. Long live the Terrano. "I don't mind growing OLD, does have to be so f*#+%[^€ fast" Desertrat55
  5. Hey Trev, hope ya sitting down! I've just changed mine out and reco are about six to seven hundred plus fitting though you should be able to find a second hand one somewhere a lot cheaper. Wreckers on the Gold coast are usually pretty good. Cheers
  6. Hey Dave, how goes it over yonder? Have ya had any luck with the steering dampener pin. Don't mean to push! Must thank ya again for the effort mate, only wish there was some-one as committed at MISSan Australia. Cheers Desertrat55
  7. My other ride is a Ford XR6 that hardly gets used these days as the Terry's my choice ride. She's in the background.
  8. Hey guys, I,ve been on the hunt for steering dampener pin to suit a 1990 Terrano. If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated. Nissan Australia could not give a stuff for grey imports and will not try to get one in for me. None at any wreckers in my area either. Cheers Desertrat55
  9. Hey Mate, Ya don't have a steering dampener pin in ya parts do ya? Cheers
  10. Hey Dave, just trying to get an idea of what parts are around in the sheds and garages in Oz that members would want to part with. I am tired of chasing parts from the States with the cost of freight being ridiculously high and the waiting for them to arrive, well... Don't quite understand the swaybar disconnect concept but have read many articles on the advantages. Can't really find any info on the actual application or installing the parts needed to achieve radical articulation. I am interested in finding out more though. Cheers Desertrat55
  11. Giddy Oz NPORA members. Just wondering if there are any Oz members that have fabricated parts that they have installed in their own trucks that work and if they would be interested in share or possibly frabricating some prods for other members to try. Also, "have you got parts that you are willing to sell to other members"? Cheers Russell AKA "Desertrat55"
  12. Welcome aboard mate, Hoping to be in Crow Country nearing Xmas. Wanna head over to the Snapper grounds. Have to sort a few probs first. Post some pics. Desertrat55
  13. Gidday Mate, first, what sort of lift kit or did you install new TB's only? Check your steering system for twisting and tie rod angles. Also check your bump steer clearances. You should have around an inch gap. And, jack the front end so the wheels are off the ground and spin them listening for noise, good time to check end plays bushes and wheel bearings. I have been chasing problems for two years now and have finally found out what is was. LIFT KITS STRENGTHEN EVERYTHING ELSE BUT THE FACTORY EQUIPMENT. CAN CAUSE EXCESS TWISTING OF DRAGLINKS, TIE RODS PITMAN ARM AND STEERING BOX SPLINE SHAFT. hope this helps. Cheers Desertrat55

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