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  1. feyd313

    sticking starter

    The starter in my 91SE often continues to run after the engine is started. Not completely though. The starter motor continues to spin, but it's not engaged. It's really dragging the battery/alternator down (the voltage often reads just under 14 when I'm driving), and I'm ofter needing a jump after I've reached my destination. I'm not sure if it's the ignition switch or maybe the inhibitor relay. Either that or I'm completely delusional. I'm pretty sure it's the starter I hear running, and I'm not really sure why else my voltage would be running so low. If the alternator was failing I would think I would have bigger problems.
  2. Hey folks, Been a member for a while, but never posted. Thought before I just jump in and ask my question (got a bit of an electrical prob.) I'd say hello. I've had my Pathy for almost 5yrs now. Plan on driving it until it dies, then resurrecting it and driving it some more! It's a 1991 SE. No real major problems. About a year after I bought it, I blew a seal on the power steering unit. Made for a hell of a lot of smoke, but had it fixed before I emptied the reservoir. When I hit 150,000 miles I ponied up the money to have the timing belt and water pump changed. Figured it was worth the money. I'm only a couple thousand miles away from 175,000! -Feyd

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