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  1. Hello everyone, the lock down has allowed to do surprising thing... I had my old pathy was parked for too long and this is what I have done so far.
  2. Nice to see you around man even without the white 88
  3. I like to drive my car. Being driven by my car ? No thanks, not that I don't trust the technology but I am an old school guy .
  4. I missed two pages, but this was a test. If it is of any interest to anyone, I can scan the 90 pages and i'll spread the TASK on about 10 posts. We'll then take this conversation to a more appropriate place. Sorry for not being in the topic here. Today i wanted to take a pic and post it here... someone stole my camera in the central console!
  5. Okay, let's make a test: [/url[img=http://i1356.photobucket.com/albums/q725/Philippe_Richard1/Owner%20Manual%20Nissan%20Terrano%201988/OwnerManual4_zpslzxdq3sw.jpg[img=http://i1356.photobucket.com/albums/q725/Philippe_Richard1/Owner%20Manual%20Nissan%20Terrano%201988/OwnerManual5_zpsldd0xg9i.jpg[/url
  6. Okay, As soon as I get time, the two manuals are on my desk already. And maybe a better place for this conversation, any idea?
  7. I like this car. Years ago (more than twenty years), back in France then, I noticed this front that i think is the most attractive in the design; We probably not imported this model in France where these vehicle would sell only in diesel, but Swiss and Belgian imported the 3 litres gas version, so, i saw a few of them and wanted it. Ten years ago in trinidad, I was behind one in the traffic and it was for sale... i drive it for ten years now.
  8. Do you read/understand Japanese?? I'll try to remember scanning one page this week end. Starting these days i get a lot of ticking from the lifters until the pressure is up, I replaced one of them with my last spare some weeks ago and noticed two of them on the right bank are damaged on top. I think it is time to change them all. Some in there are probably 28 years old. Impressive amount of work.
  9. Yes, mine was imported from Japan too and i got the owner manual in Japanese. Not very helpful!
  10. Looks good, Thank you for the nice pics. Philippe. SaveSave
  11. Was thinking of my next repair/maintenance and I realized that I have not heard of Alkorahil for a while, is it me only? Any body some news from him? Ph.
  12. I want to be in Colorado... "crying smiley (if any)"
  13. Mr Jim, Just read your thread, Glad to see you coming back to the light. I'll follow the progress with interest. Best. Philippe.
  14. Okays that sounds good. Thx. and technically you know what to do, and practically everybody will be happy to see you around. And who would handle the zombies attack? Ph.
  15. Nunya, sry news seem to take time to travel. I was looking for a button like "don't like" or "report him" but the sens really is "this is not a good news". Ph.
  16. Two days a week i am in south Trinidad to help a friend with his saw mill. Drove it in the bush
  17. Road? Where we go, we don't need road!
  18. I have no pic off hand but if i remember, you should have 3 x10mm nuts inside the fender. remove them and pull the light assembly gently backward. all bulbs are on a quarter turn socket and can be removed without tool. Philippe.

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