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  1. msavides

    1995 Nissan Pathfinder speed sensor?

    Ordered a new cluster from ebay. I will let you know if that fixes mine.
  2. msavides

    1994 SE factory alarm system questions

    i found the programing instuctions for the remote, but I think I will replace it with an after market remote start pager unit. I don't have much faith in the relibility of factory nissan alarms. I also noticed that the ABS module is located under the drivers seat as well. it was screwed to a wood block. I know this was not factory and was wondering how it was mounted from factory. I think I am missing a bracket under the seat to mount the abs module to.
  3. II was wonderin about the factory alarm system . is it itegrated with the door locks. Has anyone removed the factory alarm and put in an aftermarket? were all the connectors for the factory alarm usable for the aftermarket alarm. I know on my 91 se, the alarm was just the rocker switch with not remote. This one uses a remote, However I did not get it with the car. was wondering if it is worth trying to find a remote and see if the factory one works., What is the likelyhood of the factory alarm still being funtional. My first thought is to just replace it with an aftermarket. Just wondering if it is going to be like chasing down wires in the kick panel and the column like it was with moy other pathfinders or if most of the wires will be under the drivers seat with the factory module.,
  4. msavides

    Where is the Rear wiper switch 1994 SE

    Thank you .. It was there. I am really only used to 90-91 pathfinders where it is a separate switch. However looks like there is one more thing to work on, as the rear wiper is not moving. When I put spin the switch I hear a click back there but not wiper blade. Perhaps the motor is bad.
  5. JUst Bought a 1994 SE to go along with 1990 XE and 1991 SE I cannot find the rear wiper switch. can anyone verify its location.
  6. msavides

    sound diagnosis

    It is the interrior temp sensor tube. it has a little fan in there that draws air from the cabin so it can get a reading. it is used when you put you ac or heater in the auto position. it will cycle your fan up or down as the temp you set is reached.
  7. msavides

    1995 Nissan Pathfinder speed sensor?

    mine was in there pretty good as well. I used a wide flat screwdriver and gentley pried up behend the ear with the bolt hole. at first it would not budge. I then lightly tapped on the spped sensor with a hammer. the next time I pried it popped right out. I was afraid I would break the ear off. I am going to take the cluster off this weekend and see if there is a bad ground on the speedo gauge and possibly put a meter on the wires going to the speedo gauge.
  8. msavides

    1995 Nissan Pathfinder speed sensor?

    I am going through this with a newly aquired 1994 SE. Ordered speed sensor. swapped it out. still not fixed. I noticed that the speedometer is all over the place. when unplugging and plugging in the sensor. I beleive the speedometer is my isue. I read that if you hook up a meter to the speed sensor it should show dc volts when spun. 1volt for every 10mph.
  9. I just did the tortion bar crank to raise 2". I did eventually get sway away Tbars. I had to lower it for the aftermarket shafts. when I put my oem shafts back in, I raised it back up again. have not had an issue since.
  10. with a lifted front end, I found that the aftermarket cv axles bound up. this could be because the OEM axles were worn in before I lifted the front suspension. I ended up breaking one of new new CSP axles shortly after replaceing it. I saved my oem axles and put new boots on them so I was able to put them back in. the broken axle also took out one of my warn premuim hubs. the hubs cost over twice the price of the axle. keep this in mind if you have a frnt suspension lift. you may have to lower it until the axles get a bit of wear on them and can move freely without binding at the lifted angles. this was on a WD21, not sure if there is much difference on the R50
  11. msavides


    There are less and less of our vehicles on the road everyday. parts houses are only going to carry parts for the most popular cars. they only have so much stock room. I have also noticed after market parts going out of stock online, and the prices doubling. the warn manual locking hub are now $300 for the wd21. i bought mine for $130 10 years ago. and spares for $160 5 years ago. less and less vehicles at the junkyard as well.
  12. msavides

    Replacement injectors

    mine was code 45.
  13. msavides

    Replacement injectors

    I had this problem when I lived in California. I replaced injectors, Replaced the ECU, Tried everything. sometimes it would take 3 smog attempts. It was hit and miss after I cleared the check engine light when it would do it again. I would clear the code take it in for a smog and keep my fingers crossed it woud pass. The last time I took it in to get smogged the check engine light stayed off until the end. It had already passed on the machine so the Smog tech guy warned me that I needed to get this fixed. The funny thing is I moved to oregon and I have not needed to get it smogged here, since it is smog exempt here. But the Check engine light has not come on once after fueling up with Oregon gas. I have been here over 4 years. I am wondering if this has more to do with what they put in the Fuel in california than the failed injector. The error code I got was some kind of injector curcuit. It translated to a partially clogged Injector. (iregular spray pattern) It would not burn completly and trigger the error somehow.
  14. msavides

    Calmini Tie rod ends and Adjusters

    Unfortunately, nobody wants to risk the liability of making or drilling out the adjuster I wish it was on the inner tie rod side that way I could just cut and split the tie rod with a cutting tool to release the Adjuster, But Alas it is on the outer Female side of the adjuster. It is on there so good that I have used Heat, cold, Broke a 10" bench Vise trying to use a 10 foot cheater bar on the end of a wrench. (That is when I gave up) Thanks for the info, I just ordered the HD adjusters from 4x4parts. Read that the Calmini adjusters are too long for the stock TREs. Beside they probably don't have those in stock.
  15. I have not been around the forums too much lately. My 91 Pathfinder has just been sitting in the garage due to alignment woes. I bought a calmini HD steering kit years ago. A couple years ago I took my truck to the alignment shop and they said they could not adjust the Tie rods because the adjuster was seized. I took it home and preceded to tear it apart. I tried everything to get this adjuster off the outer TRE. It will not budge, it is like it is welded on. I Hopped on Calmini's web site and ordered an adjuster for $90. It is now over 2 years later and I still have not got my adjuster. I have called them about 30 times and all I get is we are looking for someone to machine them it will be a couple of weeks. I The other day I decided to look into alternatives. The problem is the Stock inner TRE are way too small .511 - .59. they will not wedge in. Calmini's adjuster is a male thread at m14-1.5 (inner) to Female M16-1.5 (outer) Nothing like that that I can find. The Calmini Inners TRE are off a 2004 xterra (Wedge is .708) I could not find any matching M16 Inner TRE that has a .708 wedge. I imagine that is why Calmini made the Adjuster to M14. After spending 3 hours Looking on Moog's website I think I found the combination that will work. It is using those same Calmini Inner TRE with the Same Xterra Adjusters. Male to Male M14-1.5 to a Moog-ES3413 Here is what I came up with Outer TRE Moog-ES3412 3.7" M14-1.5 Female wedge .511 - .59 replacing stock TRE Stock outer Moog-ES3002r 5.12" m16-1.5r Male wedge .521 - .59 Adjuster Moog-ES3090S 6.63" M14-1.5 Male to Male Replacing Calmini custom Adjuster M14-1.5 Male to M16-1.5 Female Inner TRE Moog-ES3660 3.7" M14-1.5 Female Wedge .708 Same as Calmini Inner TRE I am concerned about Weakening My steering. Although I already had half my Steering reduced from M16 to M14 Again, The 2004 Xterra TRE assemblies are stock like this M-14 to M-14 to M-14. Does anyone know of Xterra steering being weaker that WD-21's steering? If anyone is interested, I will post pics of the assembly when I get it and install it.

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