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  1. I didn't touch motor mounts. They are the same. And no more crossmembers exclude panhard tower.. That's problem, i think. Subframe is more stiff construction. I'd like to see another similar project))
  2. Hmm.. I don't know.. Maybe because i haven't subframe anymore i still need more stiffness..
  3. You're welcome. I'll be waiting pics of your project.. But 37s tires are too small for me and i have plans to grow soon ))
  4. Rear stock drive shaft was extended, and axel was a little bit turned.. In general, changes in the back are not so big
  5. Not perfect, but works.. And i found and check little crack. I think that all this construction need more stiffness, cause sometimes i have shimmy
  6. I'll do pics tomorrow Axle was modified.. Mmm... inverted, flipped. I don't know how to explain it correct in english
  7. Front and rear diff from Nissan Safari 60 5.13 HF Standard gear front for Nissan Safari 60 61 Patrol if i correct understood your question
  8. Привет. Это сильвера? Какой размер? Hi. What tires is it? Silverstone?
  9. Bad idea. Too many differents with mounts... high-pressure fuel pump system, intercooler for turbine... and other..
  10. Most popular tourist route on Kamchatka
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