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  1. You can download the '90 manual here: Were the '80s HVAC heads different? Or does the donor have the push-and-pray climate control? Having had one with levers and now one with pushbuttons, I honestly prefer the levers for their simplicity. The pushbutton HVAC strikes me as an overengineered solution to a problem I didn't have.
  2. Some fluids last a lot longer than others, but all eventually break down or get contaminated by wear material, which accelerates wear on the components that depend on them. IMO "lifetime fluid" is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good to hear yours was an easy fix!
  3. I think you'd have more time into trying to hybridize harnesses than you would just swapping the lot, especially when you have a full running donor. A complete harness would also be easier to troubleshoot after the fact. The EL section of the service manual has the harness layout/pinouts/etc that should come in handy if you decide to make a science project of it. Do you have an FSM for '88? I've got an '89 PDF that should be close, let me know if you need info from that. I hear you on not wanting to take the dash out, I've got a whistle in my vents that's not gonna fix itself (hasn't so far, anyway) and I am not looking forward to taking the dash out for what will be the third time.
  4. I've considered messing with the seat mounts in my '93 for a little extra legroom, just never got around to it. At 6'4" another inch or so would be nice. Probably easy enough with a welder and some strap steel. My dad found a bolt-in kit for my mom's '13 CRV that budged the seat back a few inches and made it much less painful to drive.
  5. The '95 FSM says 4x4 Pathfinders with P235/75/15 tires got a P215/75/15 spare. 31x10.5R15 tires, P235/75/15 spare. 2WD Pathfinders got spares the same size as the rest of their tires. I had enough trouble getting the tire cover off of my '95 that I didn't even consider getting a new one. It was extremely tight and full of mud and green slime, and of course the zipper was stuck, too. I run a full-sized spare now so the OE cover wouldn't fit anyway. I have considered putting one of the drawstring bag-type covers over it and painting the Me Gusta meme face guy on the back of it, just to make tailgaters uncomfortable.
  6. David Carrol on Youtube (was Mr. 510 on here) ran what looked like a dryer hose from his TBI intake back through the firewall to the cowl (the open space under the wipers). It was meant to function as a snorkel for water crossings, but would also function as a cold air intake, for whatever that's worth.
  7. I haven't had an R50 wiper linkage apart, but assuming it's like the WD21, unbolt the wiper motor. There should be some way to disconnect the linkage from it. It was a while ago that I did mine, IIRC it had a nut that let me remove the crank arm from the gearbox, but that was a while ago. Hopefully all becomes clear once you can see behind the motor. And hopefully that nut gives up easily, that sucks.
  8. Ouch, that sucks. Good to hear you got it the second time around at least. One of the guys on the FB page just finished his frankentrans (VQ trans mated to a TD27) and seems pretty happy with it so far. IIRC he had a converter custom made for it. Were the flats just not engaged far enough or was there some other issue?
  9. Nice haul! What did that voice repeat switch come out of?
  10. They're cheap enough you could just order one and see if it fits. Worst case if it doesn't fit or looks like China threw up on your dash you're out $12.
  11. The body of the switch you linked to looks a lot like the Niles switches in mine. The measurements don't match any dimension of my spare fog light switch, but they don't show any diagrams of where those measurements came from, so they could've measured the box for all I know. Amusing that the their image for an SUV in the last picture appears to be a two-door WD21. I went with OE fog light switches when I did the driving lights and rear aux lights on mine. Simple enough to wire up and they can't help but match the interior. If you've got the blank spots on your dash for them, that's what I'd use.

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