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  1. In 4x, with the front wheels pulling, the wheels will toe in if the steering and suspension aren't strong enough to keep them straight. The steering linkage is probably flogged, it's a weak point on these, especially if you're running a lift. There are a few options for beefing it up.
  2. Banned for not having fixed the flange rebate on the sprigal arm yet!
  3. Lurches like the brakes are releasing, or lurches like the engine's pulling? +1 on a damaged ABS sensor or wiring, seems like that could be making the ABS do something stupid if the wheel speed signal is cutting out.
  4. MREs are bad enough when they're good! I ate one while camping with friends several years ago and it spent most of the night violently reorganizing my insides. I like to keep granola bars in the glovebox. When I remember to put them there, I end up eating them soon after, so they don't have enough time to go bad.
  5. The PN is on the outer face of the rim, and you can find it without taking the rim or even the hubcap off. Find the valve stem, then follow that circle around (broken into three sections by the spokes). One section has the valve stem, one has the rim size marked, the other has the PN. Is the picture what you have now? Looks like an early R50 alloy.
  6. Seems like you could bend up a sheet metal (or sheet plastic) C-channel clip sorta deal that the bank would slot into. Anything specially fitted kinda locks you into that make/model of bank, but I guess it wouldn't be that hard to swap the clip out if you needed to later. M10x1.5 is the only size I have that screwed into the sunroof, but I don't have/didn't check an M10x1.75. Tough to judge the thread pitch on the screws when there are only two threads exposed.
  7. My dad had a 3.3 Xterra (non-supercharged, autotragic) and it struggled to tow a small camper trailer. 3.0 cams probably would've helped. If you want the 3.5, probably better to look for an R50, though manual 3.5 R50s aren't exactly common.
  8. The only variation I'm aware of with Lego rims is that the super early ones take mag-style lug nuts with washers, and the rest take the standard acorn lugs. There's a part # cast into the rim that'll tell you which one you have. 4030032G00 are the early mag-style, 4030032G10 are the acorns.
  9. My '93 just has a reed switch over the speedo magnet. I was surprised to see how low-tech it was.
  10. Looks pretty good for a prototype! Having it up there is definitely better than having it on the dash. Sucks about the power output, though. I'll check the screws on mine, I want to say they're M11 x something but it's been a while since I checked.

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