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  1. Slartibartfast

    WD21 front cv axle spline count.

    I also measured diameter of the shaft on the splined ends. Looks like approximately 29.5mm. Good luck!
  2. Slartibartfast

    Increase Fuel Tank Capacity?

    Hmm. How much air space is there between the tank and the floor? I wonder if you could section it and basically raise the roof of the whole thing. Probably a lot of welding for the small amount of capacity it would add, though. That's quite the splitter mechanism! My '59 Triumph has a knob for a reserve tank, but I'm pretty sure it's basically just a tray inside of the main tank. Fuel goes down the filler, fills the reserve, overflows into the main tank, and then when you run out of gas, you twist the knob to access the fuel in the tray. (It's almost like they expected the gas gauge to fail.) I'll bet the same idea could be adapted for a true reserve tank, provided the tank was between the filler and the main tank in terms of height. That's the rub, of course; I'm guessing you don't want a gas tank in the rear quarter panel. If all you're heating water for is a cup of hot something in the morning, I'd just get a 12v kettle. Should do the job and should be a whole lot easier to clean out than something hard-mounted.
  3. Slartibartfast

    WD21 front cv axle spline count.

    I had a look at the V6 halfshaft on my pile. Both ends are 27 spline. I think I purged the remains of the four-banger CV unfortunately, and I have no Titan bits to measure, so you may be on your own there. Pick up a Titan CV and break it down to see what you're trying to match. Another possibility is if the cup size/style is the same, you could just put the ball or tripod assembly from the Titan CV into a Pathy CV cup. I'm not sure if I kept one of those around to measure and it seems like a long shot that it would be the same. Nissan's duck alignment is not the most reliable.
  4. Slartibartfast

    WD21 front cv axle spline count.

    Quite the challenge you've set yourself! So to be clear... you're hoping to mount Fronty brackets to your frame, to fit Titan arms and hubs, with hybrid CV shafts made up of Titan outers, RR chromoly halfshafts, and WD21 inners so it'll mate up to your stock diff. Right? I don't know the spline count for the WD21 halfshafts off the top of my head but I do have one on my scrap pile that I can check. There were two different types of CVs available for these (depending on engine type I think). I tried to hybridize them when rebuilding axles for my truck (I had two of each) and found that the inners from one type wouldn't mate with shafts from the other type. I guess that means you have two chances for Nissan to have used the same spline count on a WD21 inner that they did on a Titan, though I'd still be a little surprised if Nissan made anything that easy. I'll have a look tonight see what I've got. Looks like you're correct on the lug pattern, provided you use the Titan hubs. The Fronty lug pattern is smaller for no well-explained reason. This thread might have some good info for you as well, or at least a look at another way of doing it.
  5. Slartibartfast

    Increase Fuel Tank Capacity?

    Here's a dumb idea. The stock tank is flat-bottomed. The pump sock sits above that bottom, so it sucks air long before the tank is truly empty. Seems to me you could cut a hole below where the pump sits, and weld on a small sump just deep enough to submerge the sock in, and then extend the pickup accordingly. You'd have to mod the skid plate a little bit too, but provided the sump wasn't more than a few inches deep, I don't imagine it would catch on anything you wouldn't have banged the skid on before. I don't know how much capacity this would get you (I want to say it would "add" three or four gallons to a WD21 tank, plus the volume of the sump) but it sure as hell wouldn't cost $1700 or even $500. Or, speaking of just strapping an OE fuel tank to the roof, I know there's a fair bit of empty space under the floors in my WD21, and I think that's where the tank in a D21 would mount. If the R50 has similar space, is there room for a Fronty tank down there? The valving to switch between tanks may be difficult/expensive if you do it that way; I looked into it briefly when trying to sort the fuel system in my dad's dual-tank F150 and ended up simplifying to single-tank to eliminate one more thing to fail (and because the Ford part was expensive). A while back I messed with trying to make a washer fluid heater for cutting through window frost in the winter and figured out that if would take a whole awful lot of power to do much of anything, even for something fairly low-volume like wiper fluid. The pre-made systems I found had direct lines to the battery. Assuming the engine was up to temp when you wanted hot water, I'd be curious to see if a water-to-air intercooler or something along those lines could be repurposed to transfer heat from the coolant to your hot tap.
  6. Slartibartfast

    Aux. backup lights "frenched" in rear bumper

    I gobbed silicone on mine like I was icing a cake LOL. Don't forget the back where the wires go in, that wasn't sealed at all on mine.
  7. Slartibartfast

    Bad squeal and rattling noise

    I'd guess a torque converter bolt backed out enough to catch on something. I've heard of loose TC bolts making a racket and making people think they've got a rod knock. Hopefully the bolt didn't chew up whatever stopped the engine, and the engine didn't mind going from idle to a dead stop suddenly.
  8. Slartibartfast

    Cold start

    Should be multiport if it's a '94. Runs fine otherwise?
  9. Slartibartfast

    Aux. backup lights "frenched" in rear bumper

    +1 on a clean install! Looks like the same lights I used. Hopefully yours are waterproofed better than mine were. I mounted mine to my '93 in the same place, between the bumper and the hitch. Nice and hidden, both visually and from whatever I might happen to back into. Looks like the QX4 tail lights have reflectors built in. That could be another way to go without highlighting the hitch with tape. That said, the Pathy lights look a lot better IMO. The license plate's reflective, right?
  10. Slartibartfast

    Timing issue

    My first thought is that the timing does change a bit as the engine warms up. If you're checking it cold sometimes, and warm other times, you might be chasing what the computer does normally. Then again, I doubt you'd be digging into this if the truck wasn't running weird. If it's actually moving, and in the same direction each time, I'd pull the dizzy, see if it spins freely, and see if there's anything obviously wrong with the drive gear. I'm pretty sure the drive gear's just pinned on, and if the pin has failed, the drive gear could be slipping on the distributor shaft. Maybe the distributor bearings are going out and each time they catch, the drive gear slips a little? The only other thing I can think of is a slipping timing belt, but it sounds like you've adjusted the issue away multiple times, and I doubt the engine would be running at all at this point if it was skipping a tooth at a time on the crank sprocket.
  11. Slartibartfast

    Burger on bumper lamp?

    My '95 just had a light that said "tire carrier." Guess Nissan decided that was too complicated. Or they realized that their logo kinda looks like a hamburger, and thought they'd just roll with it?
  12. Slartibartfast

    Front bumper

    Two in one day? That sucks. I've mushed mine a couple times, once on a ditch (damn thing jumped in front of me!) and once on a deer. After the ditch, I pulled it and beat it straight and had a hell of a time getting it back on; after the deer I knew better and just straightened it with a strap and another truck. It's a little cockeyed but it'll do until I get around to building a bumper that doesn't fold back and bite the fenders whenever it's whacked. +1 for wreckers if you can find one, but these mush so easily that you may have trouble finding a straight one. A black one is about $40 on Rockauto.
  13. Slartibartfast

    OEM Transmission Cooler

    Ford had a thermostat bypass for the trans coolers on later Crown Vics. Sounds like it was more trouble than it was worth; marginal benefit when it works, overheated tranny when it doesn't. I've got mine plumbed with an aftermarket cooler in line with the stock one, the same as your Q apparently. It's a fairly new rad so I wasn't worried about gunk, and by the time the slushbox pukes up enough material to clog a cooler, arguably the cooler's the least of the system's worries. I've never bothered to hook up a temp gauge for the transmission to see how much good this setup is or isn't doing.
  14. Slartibartfast

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  15. Slartibartfast

    1995 Pathfinder LE Slow Acceleration & Bad Gas Mileage

    16 gallons from empty sounds about right. The tank's bigger than that, but the pump will suck air long before the tank is empty. IIRC the tacho spazzing can often be cleared up by cleaning/tightening the brass screws that hold the instrument panel together. Haven't had that one crop up yet on mine. Good luck with the oxygen sensor.

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