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    Unknown nick name. As for now I'm calling her pathy. My god parents gave me her with 59k miles on the clock. She's a 94 XE-V6. pretty damn good for the year! Well she is now called Sicpathy and now i have a 95 wd21 which is called sicpathyv2! instagram #sicpathy to find the build!
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  1. is there a how to on how to build your own relay? i did it before on my other pathy but i cant seem to find it anymore...
  2. how much? lol im in the market for a bumper (front and back)
  3. when you guys did the lift did you guys needed to extend any hoses or drop the radiator?
  4. i think that might be a terrano.... i know they call it a pathfinder in the video but you and i both know that there are alot of different stuff they make for our trucks outside the US ... cough cough flares haha
  5. leo no it doesnt sadly and nunya you cant enter anymore it, the last day to enter was 5/3/13 but you can help a fellow pathfinder!!!!!
  6. at the start of the contest, they said i can enter as many photos as i want so i entered two so it gives me two chances of winning
  7. Bumper fixed!! She is now car show worthy haha Got the stock rims and painted them again and slapped them on for the winter and got new light covers And then the engine gave up! She now sits at the end of my drive way as a storage for truck parts for my 94 pathfinder and some times helping out when i blast my music on while cleaning her up A shirt my sister made me haha
  8. I got my 1997 sc2 saturn when i turned 18... my sister had this car before me so it was already fuXked when i got haha. when i first got her.. "personal" it Was driving to class one day and this chick blew a stop sign because she was on the cell phone... so this happened.. Got her some tsw rims
  9. hey guys, thanks for making my pathy TOTM!!!!! i entered into this contest with my truck and it would be awesome if you guys can vote for my truck!! http://bit.ly/ZClYdl and http://bit.ly/ZzcKPe you will have to like the page to view my truck! lets spread the word that PATHFINDERS are not lost! Lets destory all the jeeps in this contest!!! Thanks for the help guys!
  10. http://bit.ly/ZClYdl The link! Im in this contest to win Kc LIGHTS!!! vote for PATHY!!!! I got two photos up, vote for either or BOTH!! the links... http://bit.ly/ZClYdl and http://bit.ly/ZzcKPe FYI you might need a facebook to vote... (just like the page and you can see my truck) THANKS GUYS!!!!! xoxoxo lol
  11. Also im gonna add this http://performance.ourdealsrock.net/02product/converters/displaydirectfit.asp?directfit=22760 A direct fit cat for our truck only cost $108 free shipping... pretty much the same price everywhere... Thought it would leave a dent in my wallet but this doesn't seem like a bad price... for a straight bolt on
  12. i think i may have just answered my own question!!!! lol http://www.ebay.com/itm/CONVERTER-TEST-PIPE-90-94-NISSAN-PICKUP-PATHFINDER-ALTIMA-MAXIMA-TESTPIPE-/390409780124?pt=Race_Car_Parts&hash=item5ae63c7b9c&vxp=mtr now they say this is 2.25 piping and the stock is 1 7/8th will this still work? or do i need and adapter? if i do need an adapter, wouldnt it shift everything off alil? would buying that gibson cat back still work? (as in just bolt right up?) link to the cat back http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000LG1OH6/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  13. how would you by pass the cat? my cat smells like eggs and its really bad and if i can just bypass it vs. buying a new cat it might be cheaper... i heard they make test pipes in place of the cat... do they make one for the pathy? i dont have a welder so i cant make one and going to the shop would cost more then buying a cat, (magaflow cat = $60-$80) Im saying this cause i want to buy the Gibson cat back exhaust and just bolt it in, and if there is a test pipe(or whatever its called) in place of the cat i can do this!!!! :lmao: :lmao:

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