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  1. Not many miles on the fluid as for a time it was not used often maybe 20K miles. As for if there is any flow thru the cooler I don't know where that is to check maybe you can guide me and I will check it out. Thanks
  2. Well as far as the ATF fluid it was changed like 2-3 years ago. But after reading that I will have to replace the Tranny i will just use the Truck till the tranny blows or engine dies and learn to drive with no reverse.
  3. NOOOOO but how can this happen without warning just instantly NO Warning or Nothing are our Transmissions that weak or what.
  4. Have a 1995 Pathfinder SE Auto V6 with 154K miles have had a great running motor and never any issues at all. When I first bought the Pathy I even put on a large transmission cooler but I have no idea what caused it as all other Gears Work Fine like they should. I checked the Fluid and its Red and at the Proper Level even tried switching from 2WD to 4WD various times and no luck. Please tell me what I can do as I can't afford a New Tranny. Thanks in Advance.
  5. Thanks for the great advice will fallow and do the lines myself.
  6. Thanks for the advice I tried to get the Mechanic to change them out but he said they are a dealer item only and can't get them at local parts store. I really think he did not want to bother but I will take them off one at a time and have them replaced the ones that are visible to me and not too hard I will do the rest when I have the Timing Belt done in like 10,000 miles. Great forum makes owning a Classic SUV like ours a Joy and not a Pain to own. I will drive mine till the wheels fall off I love my old Pathy.
  7. Going to the Mechanic this morning. Will try and get the codes. Also will try to replace all the Vacuum lines one question are the lines dealer specific or can I use run of the mill heater hose for all of them. Thanks
  8. So far seems to be running much much smoother. Thanks for all the advice & I will try and find out the codes that were scaned. Also I will take the advise posted and go ahead and replace all the Vaccum lines does anybody have a pdf of how many I have to replace.
  9. Well took all day and fixed it a total of three times but I think we have it fixed this time. As far as all the codes that were triggered all I remember is a bad oxygen sensor which we replaced but I will go back on Monday and ask him if he remembers all the codes. So far found out it had a bad vaccum line leak that was replaced the one close to throttle body it had a huge crack in what am asuming was the original hose. Then all the Sparkplugs were taken out and while performing the work we also found out that the last sparkplug by the firewall the plug wire was loose and not making good contact with plug and the actual spark plug was also very loose. Cliff notes Changed out vaccum line Changed out spark plugs Changed out oxygen sensor. Further ? Is it normal for a Pathy with 146K miles to have a leaking valve cover gasket. Also another condition that I wanted to ask if its Normal is this when driving at HWY speeds and you are accelerating then when you stop pressing the gas pedal I feel what seems like a slight kickback as in the tranny easing back but not super smooth after realising gas pedal. Thanks for all the guidance and advice.
  10. Thanks going to Mechanic now hopefully will get you some codes soon. I can tell you that I think this all started after a bad tank of gas.
  11. Light is on Symptoms Rough idle on start up Slow acceleration This Problem has been happening for a while recently took to mechanic to see if he Could fix it he said he changed the fuel filter and bumped up The fuel pressure and fixed a vaccum leak it seemed to fix it for like A week but the Check Engine Light is On again HELP Please
  12. Very happy to report finally have A/C back on the Pathy. Replaced the A/C dryer and vaccumed and recharged the system. Currently blowing cold from 46-51 degrees I am extatic. Now next up is Tint so I can help the A/C stay even colder.
  13. I am going to order the seal and change it then let everyone know what I find. Thanks
  14. Well the Pressure on the Low hose was at 0 put a little freeon in the system and found no change but I did find a Leak on Top of the A/C Compressor below the Intake hose there are two bolts looks holding a bracket to the Compressor they look like 10 or 12mm its leaking from there as I saw a green discharge. Help please.
  15. We'll so far I have tried taking out both Relays by the power antena the Blue ones they were both fine. Then I took the Interior A/C Console apparat thanks for the Video helped. But after checking the Power switch everything is fine there too. Please Help what's next. Desperately need A/C fixed and low on $$$ Thanks.
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