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  1. Lol! Well I finally got the biatch back together! I ended up lining up the "nut" with an 18mm wrench then reefing on the back of the nut with a long flathead screwdriver while cranking the bolt with a socket/ratchet until I finally caught a thread. When it finally caught the threads I was almost in disbelief! Thank the heavens!! I had an easier time swapping the transmission in my STi lol!
  2. I am trying to install the top bolt first. I do have the wires all connected tho. Haha, a sunny day and some beers could make all the difference in the world!
  3. Okay, so I'm about ready to wrap my lips around my shotgun. No, not really, but I'm beyond the point of frustration. So I successfully removed my fried alt and I'm 80% done installing the new alt. I am stuck on the bloody upper thru bolt and back nut. Right now I have an 18mm socket holding the square backing of the thru nut bracket. I can see the threads of the thru bolt on the back of the alt. I can somewhat line up the back nut with the bolt but for the love of Pete I cannot get the threads to grab on the nut. It is bloody freezing where I live and I'm working on the driveway. My hands are numb and I'm grumpy. Please, if anyone knows a trick or someway to get easier access to get this back nut onto the bolt let me know!! Thanks in advance
  4. Haha, I threatened it with that and then some!! I didn't have a chance to get at it today, but I'm hoping tomorrow I can figure something out... I'm not sure if I can wiggle needle nose pliers in to where I need to get the bolt. I'm going to try a "recovery magnet". I'll keep you posted. Seriously Nissan, the alternator should be indestructible if you're going to put it in such a stupid place.
  5. Lol, like my fat fcuking hands?!! I seriously don't know what to remove and it's effin cold outside!! Stupid truck died right on the drive way...couldn't even make it into the garage
  6. Holy fcuking moly! It took me 4hrs out in the freezing cold to get the old alternator out and new one in. Most alternator removals take 5-10 minutes. I still haven't finished as I cant figure out how to get the back nut onto the upper alternator bolt? Any suggestions on how/where to get to it from? What an afternoon
  7. Thanks guys. I'll yank that thing out and test it and replace if necessary. Looking at the location of the alternator it looks like its going to be a major PITA to get to... Thanks again for the replies.
  8. So the other day my Pathfinder died just as I was pulling into the driveway. The next morning I start it up before going to work just to see if it was a weird "glitch". The truck started fine and ran smooth for about 10mins in driveway or until it reached operating temp (it takes a little longer to warm up here in Canada). Then it started idling rough and I turned it off before it died. NOW the weird part...for whatever reason the Battery, A/T Temp, and Parking brake lights were all illuminated on the dash while the truck was running!? I thought maybe my battery was toast so I charged it up all day and went at it again. Truck started fine but all of the same dash lights were still on in the dash?! I load tested the battery and it is good. I'm at a loss as what to do next as it is not throwing the check engine or service light? Any suggestions? Key information: 2001.5 SE with auto transmission.
  9. Thanks for the responses and compliments! I have yet to line up beside a stock Pathy to pull the old,"pffft look at you with your weak stock height." haha, jk. But what I'm really looking forward to is putting some 31s on it. Right now most people that don't know Pathfinders wouldn't even have a clue that it is a "lifted" rig. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the new suspension handles towing my 18' fibreglass boat. Question on upgrading to 31s. So after looking at the lack of strut clearance that would dis-allow just swapping on 31s...I'm wondering if wheel spacers are a good idea and/or safe? Would you guys recommend just buying new rims with less offset? Thanks
  10. Hey all, so I installed my OME springs this weekend and I thought some of you might be interested with the results. I installed HDs in front and MDs in rear. I replaced the struts with some heavy duty Monroe brand...rear shocks to go in when I have time. Install was a breeze. I know there has been some debate on how much lift the OME springs actually give you. Well after measuring all four corners before and after I had an average height increase of ~50mm (2" = 50.8mm)...so basically 2". I am extremely happy with the ride quality. It rides more like a truck (stiffer) and at the same time seems way more composed and solid. I highly recommend. Here is a picture after the install. Next are some wheel spacers and aggressive 31s. I hope some of you find this useful. Cheers.
  11. Subscribed! I just got my OME springs in the mail yesterday (HD front, MD rear). Now I'm searching for tires. I only want to do 31s on my stock '01 SE wheels. Will I NEED spacers for my rims?
  12. Thank you everyone for your input! I just ordered OME HD-Fronts, MD-Rears from RuggedRocks.com I will post up before and after pics along with measurements : D
  13. Will my factory rims work with this lift? On the website it says that you will require aftermarket rims? I don't understand why? Can someone explain this to me? I have the factory 16" 2001 SE rims. Thanks
  14. Keep us posted! Good luck, I hope your mechanic figures out a fix other than replacing the transmission.

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