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  1. I got used to the OEM cup holders inside the center console. The trick is to use the left hand. With my right hand on the wheel, I would take the left hand and reach under my right arm and pull the drink under my arm.
  2. Yes. Here is the OEM part. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NISSAN-PATH-G57NTX318-Factory-OEM-KEY-FOB-Keyless-Entry-Remote-Alarm-Replace-/370920560859?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A1995%7CModel%3APathfinder&hash=item565c9698db&vxp=mtr
  3. This is concerning a 2012 Kia Soul. I am posting here because I trust posters here more than at the Kia forums. I had been having all the maintenance on my vehicle done at a dealership. I decided to go to another shop that had a $159 special for lifetime alignments. I received a printout of my vehicles alignment. The printout had three numbers for each setting. I assume two of the numbers were a recommended setting and the third was the actual reading. Everything was within the recommended range except the following: Right Front Toe: -.25° > Recommended range (.10 to -.10) Front Total Toe: -.23° > Recommend range (-.20 to .20) Front Steer Ahead: > .13° - Recommended range (-.05 to .05) Did I need an alignment? The service person said I did but I am not sure.. After the alignment was done, the steering wheel seemed tight. Is this normal?
  4. I also could use something similar that gives the history of a vehicle.
  5. It is my understanding that the 95's were covered up to 100K miles.
  6. Actually, thinking about it again, he probably can help me. Thanks. I will PM him.
  7. Thank you but I would like my own copy.
  8. I want a version that will have 1994 Pathfinder VINS.
  9. My mother has a 2012 Kia Soul. Is there such a thing as an aftermarket part that will protect the gas tank from exploding in the case of a rear end collision? Who might sell something like this?
  10. So none of those parts were installed by the factory? A lot of those parts were standard on the SE. The factory did not install them?
  11. Someone in another forum said the following: If I just use a paint pen with clear coat is there any risk of future rust damage? That is what I am concerned about.
  12. I was not clear. How many coats of paint? Do I need a primer? I read somewhere that if I see plastic it means I need primer. Below are pictures. https://plus.google.com/photos/110666213700006124028/albums/5848291055441517713/5848291052808896530?authkey=CITXgaLVpKnDew
  13. How many coats should I use? However many it takes to get to the level of the rest of the paint?
  14. Can I rewax that one spot or do I need to rewax the entire car? What is a good wax to use.
  15. I bought the touch up marker pen from the dealership. I guess the first step is to clean the area. Is a Chamois with dish washing liquid the best thing to use? Someone told me dish washing liquid is a no go because it removes the wax. True? Are there any other tips? Do I need a primer? https://plus.google.com/photos/110666213700006124028/albums/5848291055441517713/5848291052808896530?authkey=CITXgaLVpKnDew
  16. To each there own. There are some Papa Johns fans out there. It isn't horrible pizza. Just not what I eat. If someone was selling a Dominos voucher for $5.00, I would buy it.
  17. I It is legitimate. I tried to give it away to friends. No one wanted it. People sell things like this on ebay all the time. Large one topping usually costs $17.50. I should have added. It must be used on papajohns.com A maximum of one code can be used with each Papa John's online account.
  18. I have a code for a free PJ large one topping pizza. I am selling it for $5.00. I can accept payment by preferably Chase QuickPay or PayPal. Anyone interested should send me a private message. Code active Wednesday, 2/6 through Sunday, 03/10
  19. This is counter intuitive to me. If the engine runs at higher RPMs, isn't it taxing it more? If it is easier on the transmission when towing, would it also be the case when going up a hill?
  20. It is supposed to give more power when passing as well. I know it was standard on the LE. Did it come with the SE off road package? I have seen it with the XE as well.
  21. I know what it is supposed to do. Is it effective?
  22. The manual only recommends the atf be changed when when the vehicle is used for towing or extreme driving conditions. It seems like it should always be changed. If I bought the vehicle new, I would trusted the fsm. Absurd. I checked the fsm for a 4 Runner for the earliest date as I could find. Toyota says basically the same thing. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but there is no way, no how these manufacturers do not believe that regularly changing the atf does not benefit the transmission. They want people replacing their vehicles.

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