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  1. geterdone

    Just starting out

    i would say removing your rear sway bar would help keep your tires on the ground and more articulation. plus its free! welcome to the site
  2. geterdone

    Going to twin turbo Pathfinder

    did you have to do anything about the fender walls and firewall?
  3. geterdone


    @precise1 the frame is horrible rusted like crazy and rotted. @adamzan yes only one side was broken that day. day after it completely ripped out of the frame. its nowhere near drivable anymore im in desperate need for a car i have school and work. im looking for a pathy with no engine or trans so i can swap mine in. mine are in perfect condition engine is still very powerful, shows no sign of giving out anytime soon, engine and trans have 131k on them. @94pathyman thanks ill check it out
  4. geterdone


    Hi my name is Ashraf. I live in Chicago. My father noticed how I liked his 95 pathfinder. I got my 95 pathfinder as a gift from my parents as a first car 2 years ago. (yes me and my dad have the same truck)his is silver and mine is red and my neighbor has a green one same body style lol. I love this truck its fun as hell but there is one problem, the frame, and im looking to buy another pathfinder. Most of my friends have jeeps and i love showing them up in a stock pathfinder. love taking pictures of it too haha

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