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  1. Sounds just like a fuel pump. I'd be suprised if it was anything else. Be sure to change the filter again when you change the pump.
  2. Take out your tail light then us a block of wood & a small sledge hammer to bump the quarter over. Go easy.... a few bumps at a time then recheck your fit. Repeat as needed till your gap is where you want it. I cant believe they charged you a hundred bucks to put that mickey mouse weld on your strut bracket. Ouch!!!
  3. Man you guys are good!!! That upper spring perch is way off. I see the notch your talking about, wonder how the last guy coulda missed it. New bushings & isolators should be here monday, I'll be sure to put it back together properly this go round. Yup Jose, you called it. I'm on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kailua Kona to be exact. Great island for four wheel'n; rock, mud, sand, snow. Can pretty well pick your poison for trails out here. Mahalo's for the help fellas!!!
  4. Ps... Mountainbiker, Your rig looks sick with the SFD. Congrats on a job well done.
  5. I concidered buying the Krypton Kit... It's reasonably priced no doubt. It just looks really simple to build and If I can do it myself, I'd prefer to do it that way. I have all the tools & equipment & enjoy the challenge. Thanks Jose, That's exactly the post I was looking for. Knew I'd read up on this before, just couldn't remember where. Mahalos, J
  6. Poking around on the lift tonight doing some other repairs... The more I look at this thing the more straight forward a SFD looks. I'm confident I can fab this thing up myself, but I'm not 100% on the strut spacers. One of the threads I found a while back explained the angles. I can't seem to find it now, and to be honest it was a little hard to understand. My rigs Got a 2 inch, I'd like to get an additional 4, so I'm going to assume I need to build a 4 inch spacer(???). If so, whats the formula for figuring angles to keep caster & camber in check? Can somebody knowlegable walk me through this? Many Mahalos!!!
  7. Aloha, Quick question for discussion... My R50 has a 2in suspension lift. It appears who ever did the kit seemed to know what they were doing so I may be worried about nothing, but what style/brand struts should this thing be running? Currently has KYB GR-2s. They seem fine, think they're good for some miles yet. I just wonder if they have enough travel. I pulled them out to get a look at the Strut mounts (which are completely blasted and need replaced)and notice the spring sits all funny. Looks like they really had to compress the spring a bunch to get it all together. Is there something out there that's got more travel, or is this it?
  8. Welcome! That bumper you got there is a coveted item. Sure wish I could find one here in the Islands.
  9. We'll I got the front end together... Donor parts fit nice. The hood is pretty rusty, but I'll keep my Eye out for a better one. Here's a few more photos of her coming together: Hasn't come down off the rack just yet, since I'm still doing maintenance on the motor. All the accessories and drive belts went smoothly. Intake plenum and valve covers are off cleaned up and ready to re-install ( which sucked by the way). Waiting on a roll of vacuum line and the crank case ventilation hoses so I can put it back together. She's turned into quite the project, but I'm having fun & learning alot of new swear words combinations. Apparantly the swear sequences are different then that of a chevy.... Maybe it's a metric thing, I'm not sure. At any rate, Think it's a good time to end this thread.... Once she's button'd up, I plan on feeling her out on a couple light trails and continuing to work through the rest of the drive train. More to come, Aloha fellas!!!
  10. I'm going to name my pathy snow ball..... Got the intake plenum off to replace the valve cover gaskets & notice all the vaccum and crank case vent lines should be replaced. Time to get my wallet out again...

  11. Two Hundred and Fifty buck.... obscene isn't it! It was that rubber and the lift that caught my eye. There are a number of R50s on the Island, but I've never seen one lifted. I just had to have it! My tow company brought it in as a total. It was on the way to the dump, but I told the kid I'd pay his tow bill if he brought me the title. I think I've got another two hunderd in the donor clip, Then maybe another five in belts & hoses, plugs & wires, gaskets, water pump, alternator, P/S pump, that kinda stuff. At 140,000 it still seems like a pretty sturdy truck, But there's a certain comfort in knowing for sure just what you have and knowing how it works. Expecially out on the trail. I've got a fleet, so this wont be a daily driver. More than anything its a project. I like to build stuff and this will be a fun project that I get to enjoy along the way ( build it, break it, fix it better). Bigger lift, bigger tires, bumpers, sliders, winch, rack, lights. Those are pretty much the mods I'm looking at. If by nice stuff you mean a surf board and camping gear.... ABSOLUTELY!!!!
  12. Not sure if it would have been my choice build, but I just couldn't bear to see her go to scrap. Besides, when I get her back to gether she'll be something different, & I like that.
  13. [/img] Picked up the little green goblin here a little while back. I was just putting the finishing touches on my wide bodied Tuscani when she found me. I really tried to resist the temptation, but since I knew a guy who knew a guy who might have some parts I figured I'd be a fool to pass up such a good deal. So with the truck torn down & parts gathered, the project begins! [/img] [/img] I had initially planned on making a couple of floor pulls to square things up then splice in the donor apron & support. But after a little measuring I realized the front end is really out of wack. So I just made the pulls I could since I was already set up on the floor. [/img] [/img] Having done all I could do on the floor I moved her to the rack to address the side sway and rail height issues. [/img] [/img] The little pathy came back into square with out to much of a fight, so I got her trimmed up & ready for the donor clip. [/img] It's only now that I've really began to look at her mechanical needs. All the hoses and belts are in need of replacement, boots on the rack & pinion are shot as well as the boots on the CV's, and She's got a wicked oil leak. Sure we'll find more as we go along, but for now those are the things that jump out at me. I think the oil leak is from the valve covers. I gather I should replace the Rt valve cover & PCV valve while I'm in there. If there's anything else I should check or look into while I'm at it now would be the time, so speak up if you have any suggestions. At 140,000 mi. I'm sure it's time the CV's be replaced, but I'll hold off till I get a set of manual hubs and do it all at once. I've considered installing spacers to level out the front end at the same time. An SFD is in the build plan, and I'd take the extra inch if I can use the two together with out creating camber issues. I'm going to run 35's so I need air..... Thoughts anyone??? For now I guess I better get back at it.... That front clip isn't gona weld itself in. Aloha!
  14. I really dig your rear bumper & spare tire carier. Pretty sure I can duplicate it. Any chance a fellow snoopy fan could get a few photos of your setup for reference???

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