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  1. Still pounding on it. I turned it down quite a bit as it's my only vehicle at the moment. Added a catalytic converter to help with the raw fuel smell. But she is doing well.
  2. The injectors in this would more than likely get you well north of 15psi on gasoline. I think most Subaru side feed injectors will fit with minimal if any modifications. But I have not had a chance to try any. A remote turbo could be a really good option for being able to keep all the engine accessories. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  3. That sounds like a PITA, not sure I would want to buy them, or anything from Schneider. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  4. I would be interested in buying the regrinds off you if you don't want them any more. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  5. No AC because the turbskie sits right where the compressor was. But if you mounted the turbo different you may be able to keep the ac. No CEl hooked up, I just keep an eye on the datalogs pretty frequently to make sure nothing is going on. What the megasquirt needs to run an engine well is, crank position, manifold pressure, throttle position, coolant temp, intake air temp and an o2. You can add knock sensing(which i have), oil pressure, exhaust gas temp,etc etc, as needed for tuning purposes.
  6. In my setup the stock ECU is nonexistent, the megasquirt ecu does send a tach signal to the dash, all of the other gauges are wired directly to their senders so removing the ecu does not effect them. I had purchased a gauge pod a while back on a group buy here on NPORA but I lost it somehow. The only aftermarket gauges I have at the moment are, wideband o2, boost, and an led for knock sensing. All just stuffed in the dash, but it looks pretty clean. So every thing on the dash works like stock except the check engine light. And two atmospheres worth of boost wakes this thing the hell up for sure.
  7. My power indicator light just burnt out the other day, that would make it difficult. You might check the throttle cable to make sure it's actually going full throttle if that's what the computer wants to see. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  8. The difference from pre ethanol to post ethanol is quite noticeable, especially while tuning. I'm running more boost with more timing than I could before. The difference pre turbo to post turbo is freaking incredible. Last I checked my mileage on 91 pump gas I was around 12.5. With the added ethanol I bet mileage is down to 10 or less. And I can't keep my foot out of it so that doesn't help Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  9. So I have turned the boost up to about 14.5 , and added about 3 degrees of timing so far and still looking good on all the data logs. Injector duty cycle hit 97 percent on one pull but all the AFR' s stayed consistent . So we will push it a bit further. I pulled a fuel sample and tested ethanol content and we are sitting right at 40 percent. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  10. I just got back from doing some pulls, I have the boost turned back up to about 13 psi, AFR's are a touch on the rich side under boost. I have not touched timing yet, but she seems to pull just as hard if not harder. Injector duty cycle is at 90% so I am right on the high side of that. My knock sensor light that usually starts to blink a bit at me when I push it this hard has not lit up even once, so I am definitely seeing benefits from the added octane and cooling effects. Next step is to dial in the AFR under boost and add some timing.
  11. So I went down to the local fueling hole, and topped up the tank with E85, I put in 10 gal and figured i had around 7 gal of regular premium still in the tank. As I pulled it to a parking lot next to the fuel station to adjust the tune the wideband o2 started reading very lean, which is exactly what I expected. I added 20% more fuel to the entire fuel table, and dropped the boost down to 7-8 psi. It drove extremely well, and all of my air fuel ratios were pretty close. I still have some fine tuning to do, and need to get the boost turned back up slowly, but it looks like it is working well so far.
  12. I am to the point where I need higher octane fuel than the 91 pump gas we get here. An E50 blend should put octane numbers around 95 to 100. You just have to supply 20 to 30 percent more fuel vs straight gasoline. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  13. I have decided to see how much ethanol the fuel system in the truck. I'm shooting for around 50 percent. I'll update you guys later today, wish me luck. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  14. The way most of the guys go about doing the swap is transplanting the crank from the original engine into the vg33. There was a guy a while back making adapters but don't know of anyone currently making them. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk
  15. I used 75w90 I believe. I know it was already mentioned in this therad but check out the TSB on needing to overfill the trans. Capacity is in one of the stickies here. Had to jack up one side of the truck to get enough in mine. Sent from my Tank Xtreme Pro using Tapatalk

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