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  1. 88pathylove

    my car just stopped turning over!

    fusable link? where is that i couldnt find it. also could it be that the oil pressure sender is out maybe? i dont know. by the way thanks guys im stuck and all help is appreciated
  2. 88pathylove

    my car just stopped turning over!

    yes its possible it's defective hopefully not! jumping it does nothing we also tested the wires for resistance and they came up with 00.5+/-
  3. 88pathylove

    my car just stopped turning over!

    with the car off 12.8 haven't tested with ignition on yet will do today also the clicking sound is coming from a small blue relay on the inside passenger quarter panel right next to the battery
  4. 88pathylove

    my car just stopped turning over!

    About 4 months ago i was at the carwash washing my pathy. when i went to move my car to the vaccum it just clicked. So i cleaned my battery terminals and it started right up. that happened about 2 times after that. well last friday i was going to a friends house my truck was running just fine. when i left an hour later the car wouldnt start! just clicks again! so i tried cleaning my battery terminals, tried jumping it nothing. i can compression start it and then it has no problem so i assume my starter is out. last night i took out the old starter and brought it to the local auto parts store. they ran the tests and it was dead. so i bought a new one and replaced it. when i went to turn it over nothing! it still just clicks! any suggestions?
  5. 88pathylove

    what is wrong with my pathy?

    02 is pretty much brand new and no havent checked MAF yet thanks
  6. 88pathylove

    what is wrong with my pathy?

    i recently had my timing belt replaced because my pathy was stuttering it lost power and i would step on the gas and it wouldnt even go forward so we took it in and replaced the timing belt water pump. when i picked it up it was running great like new, but within two days it lost all power and my exhaust is backfiring every 15 seconds worse than before i took it in i brought it back to they guy he says he believes it is a cylinder missing but we ran codes and it says 55 which is no malfunction? but trust me there is a major malfunction any ideas? it would be a great help.
  7. 88pathylove


    so i got it started and its still running like crap so im adjusting the timing but i cant read the marks on the pulley and all i have on the engine is a little arrow pointing to the pulley. on the pulley there are 4 marks all i need to know is which one is TDC and what are the increments after thanks very much.
  8. 88pathylove


    so i was rallying in some mud and water, and it started running a little ruff so i pulled over turned it off and noticed there was water on the distributor cap so i took it off and cleaned/ dried it. put it back together exactly how i took it apart and now it wont start? i also have an msd ignition hooked up and a inductive timing light. so i can do the repair myself but i just dont know what to do to get started? help... thank you
  9. 88pathylove

    02 Sensor

    OK i accidentally ripped the wires off of my 02 sensor, bought a new one and the wires don't match, the 02 sensor is universal type 3 wire (heated) and has 2 white wires and 1 black one, the end of the stock plug wires coming from the car are 1 red, 1 black ,1 white, so what I'm wondering is what is the + , - and signal coming from the car. Also the instructions were not very clear so if any body has a way to test the output on the 02 sensor to find + , - and signal that would be great but if not i think i can figure it out, thanks.
  10. 88pathylove

    Straight Pipe

    thanks guys, hey 88pathoffroad i like your idea about relocating 02 bung but if i put it back right behind the y pipe wouldn't the increased flow and heat just fry my brand new 02 sensor? what would happen if i just moved it farther down the pipe, maybe behind the muffler and extended the wires?
  11. 88pathylove

    Straight Pipe

    hi i just put on some thorley headers and am about to straght pipe it but i was wondering what do i do with my 02 sensor. btw i drive an 88 with the v6 and dont have to pass any emissions. can i just rip it out and deal with a check engine light?
  12. 88pathylove


    sorry about the repeat and thanks
  13. 88pathylove


    how about these anyone installed/heard feedback? http://www.4x4parts.com/public_html/shop/i...11dde1655304092
  14. 88pathylove


    oops forgot link: http://store.summitracing.com/egnsearch.as...+4294907501+115
  15. 88pathylove


    hi i drive an 88 se with vg30 and a stick and was wondering wich ones will fit. i found these but they say they are for 1990-1995 will they still fit? anyone put these on? tips? links? thanks much

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