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  1. Inyourface1650

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    Yes, those are the factory recovery points. I absolutely would pull a fully stuck mud bound Pathfinder using them. That's what they are for. That's what they are engineered to do. Nissan didn't put them there for decoration. Ever look at a freight tie down on a car? Much weaker and designed to only be pulled at a downward angle, and typically wont clear the bumpers (front or rear) On the R50 - at least the passanger one has a significant wrap around bracket that is bolted multiple times laterally into the front of the boxed section of the "frame". This is a key structural member that also takes the entire bumper load. These trucks are unibody. If you can't pull there, you can't pull them anywhere. Tow away.
  2. Inyourface1650

    My Pathy project - TPMS Install V2.0

    This is pretty cool. Not expensive either. $100!? So far my Pathfinder has front air bags, side airbags, AWD, and leather heated seats. It does not have , SiruisXM, VDC, or TPMS....but otherwise has everything a modern vehicle has...and I spent $1000 on it. I may add this and a new Stereo and call it good.
  3. Inyourface1650

    Seat Motors

    Thanks Astrorami - So looks like pulling the seat is in order - I assume its easy enough to figure out which motor is which? I need a new seat cover anyway I can probably do this all in one shot... Mike
  4. Inyourface1650

    Seat Motors

    My driver side front seat motor is in a stuck position. This is the motor that lowers or raises the front of the seat. The rear lift motor works, as does forward and aft, and rear seat tilt. My memory settings work as does the easy exit function - so overall the system is healthy. I can feel the motor kick when I flip the switch - but it doesn't appear to move. This is somewhat rare, but I don't even know....where to start here. Is there a position relearn maybe? Do the motors go bad? are they easily replacable? Remove the seat and take a look? Again I feel it...try.. so I dont think the switches are bad.... Edit: one other note - looking in the FSM - there are troubleshooting steps for the sunroof, and troubleshooting steps for the "automatic drive positioner" but no steps to troubleshoot the seat itself....
  5. Inyourface1650

    2001+ Remote swap

    No worries. I ended up purchasing the KBRASTU15 model and it worked fine. My 01 does NOT have the power glass release, so I got the model without the trunk release. I got them from Amazon for $5 a piece (ordered 2) here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XR3FSZZ I followed the video instructions here - you notice he's using the same style remote. This is the model remote both my 2007 Frontier and 2007 Xterra used so I'm comfortable with it, and looks quite a bit better then the old K10 model. Silly I know, but hey! $10!
  6. Inyourface1650

    2001+ Remote swap

    Hey Guys, My new to me 2001 Pathfinder only came with one remote. It appears that this can be easily rectified from Amazon or Ebay at minimal cost - however - has anyone tried using the newer style remotes from the R51/D40/N40? Looks a heckuva lot more modern....and yes I'd get the one without the trunk release. Thanks Edit - found this thread but doesn't look like anyone moved forward with it.
  7. Inyourface1650

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Plenty of them for around that here in SLC too - I just couldn't pay that much. Not when R51 - which is a vastly superior vehicle- is not much more....
  8. Inyourface1650

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Here's hoping not! The PO said he bought the truck many years ago with the salvage title and the tire/alignment thing was recent. I guess we'll see!! It will be a week or two before I can get it in to a shop. I did all my own suspension work on the WD21 - ball joints, CVs, trailing arm bushings etc, but I'm not currently in a position to do any of that these days. Now the question is - replace the blown shocks and sagging springs with Moog/KYB or just go OME and be done with it....
  9. Inyourface1650

    2004 Nissan Pathfinder Lift

    Since this seems to be the most recent topic on the subject hopefully you dont mind if I hijack/I mean add to the discussion. I'm at 193k miles and its definitely got the original rear springs (saggy) and I'd say front and rear shocks are shot. Thinking if you want a package that one of the Rugged Rocks OME packages would be useful....assumably this is all you need.... Pricey? Yes, but its done in one shot. I'm thinking "Medium" https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/19962004-r50-pathfinder-lift-kits-c-38_1322_1411.html
  10. Inyourface1650

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Yeah its odd. I saw LE's with the wood Pathfinder center stack, Cloth seats and TX10's. LE's with wood Pathfinder center stack but Manual AC. LE's with the QX4 Center stack and the TX14a. They are ALL over the place. The 2004 Platinum LE's consistently are the same and just using the QX4 parts - so QX4 stack and TX14a- makes sense since the QX4 was discontinued. They are also running $4000-5000, which to me is too high. Ended up picking this sucker up for $1000. 2001 LE. This one has the (lame) Pathfinder center stack and white sport gauges, but does have the TX14a transfer and heated seats, and sunroof. Memory too. Salvage Title (new bumpers, pretty easy to see), and 192k miles. Reasonable tires, but does have alignment issue. Paint (besides the bumpers and rock chips on the hood) is MINT and the interior is gorgeous - just the usual rip on the driver seat. It runs very well - it had a pending CAT heater code and a SRS code flashing light in the beginning and I almost walked away. I reset both at the very beginning of the test drive and we test drove it for a good 45 minutes (without the owner) with multiple starts/stops and and quite a bit of highway - neither came back. First up - emissions to make sure it passes before I spend any money on it - Torque says ODBII emissions are good though - then off to a shop for at the very least an alignment and TREs - possibly a new tire, and its off to the races for the mod list ;). Ran up to Park City (over 6k feet) from Salt Lake today smooth as could be with the Auto AC blowing cold and the ECT never topping 201F.....love this motor.
  11. Inyourface1650

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Found a 2004 LE with the Qx4 interior! I think the platinum came with it. AWD knob, and more importantly the vastly more attractive QX4 gauge cluster and center stack..... P0507? Idle air control leak? https://www.ksl.com/auto/listing/4951822?ad_cid=1 tempted to go offer the guy $3k....
  12. Inyourface1650

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Thanks guys, That's a ton of info. I have yet to see a Pathfinder LE on KSL(Utah) or Craigslist with the TX14 - most seem to have the TX10. Automatic 4WD is a must for me as the GF will be commuting in a snow state. If it was an option, it must be a rare one. I also enjoy the QX4 dash and gauge cluster better. Nicer leather too, and real wood as well if IIRC. Really interesting R50 didn't come with skid plates, my WD21 had a full set from the factory, and they were USED. Stout and i never saw a reason to replace them. I could do a late 2003-2004 Pathfinder, but they are actually not that plentiful, and of course R51's are not THAT much more expensive and have me going hmmm.....maybe i should go R51. Small back seat though if IIRC and of course IRS. But VQ40DE,full frame, 5 speed etc etc.... I've already had a N40 (Xterra), don't really want another one but they do fit the bill as well. You can see a lot of "IIRC's" here as its been a few years unfortunately....I've been in into Ford 1 ton diesels....very unreliable BTW, stick with Nissan, LOL! The hunt continues, thanks for the info!
  13. Hey Guys, After owning 2 D40's, 1 N50, and finally a WD21 - I sold them all and traveled the country for a couple of years. Well I'm back and need a car. Noticing that R50 is getting quite cheap. And I dont really want another WD21....Homing on a QX4, because why NOT get a Pathfinder in a Tuxedo? Anything I need to know? Looking at high mileage 2001+ VQ35DE's - 150k-180k. Its been long enough now that I don't know as much as I used to. AFAIK I know I am looking at VQ35DE - Cam phasers were an issue if I recall? RE4R01A - Not worried about it Automatic Transfer - QX4s come with the auto shift t-case - any major issues? TX10A maybe? These were really not an issue in the 2005+ Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra but they were TX15's IIRC. I'm looking at a 2001 fully auto one, not the earlier hybrid half auto half manual ones. R200A - I know all about it HB233b - weak clutch packs.... I do remember something about a 5th cross member that could be bolted on. Do the QX4s come with skid plates? Thanks Gents!
  14. Inyourface1650

    1994 Strut Rod Bushings/Rods - Ouchie.

    I was hoping to drive the pathy around 1800 miles round trip and do some offroading in MOAB over the next couple weeks.... Front end was a little loose - I knew this, the bushings looked a bit chewed so the plan this weekend was replace all the bushings. I dont think they are going to cut it Looks like I'm taking the corolla and renting a jeep in MOAB!
  15. Inyourface1650

    Lousy fuel gauge

    so I'm lookiing on Courtesy parts - can I order just a new sending unit? Doesnt look it....

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