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  1. Inyourface1650

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Thanks guys, That's a ton of info. I have yet to see a Pathfinder LE on KSL(Utah) or Craigslist with the TX14 - most seem to have the TX10. Automatic 4WD is a must for me as the GF will be commuting in a snow state. If it was an option, it must be a rare one. I also enjoy the QX4 dash and gauge cluster better. Nicer leather too, and real wood as well if IIRC. Really interesting R50 didn't come with skid plates, my WD21 had a full set from the factory, and they were USED. Stout and i never saw a reason to replace them. I could do a late 2003-2004 Pathfinder, but they are actually not that plentiful, and of course R51's are not THAT much more expensive and have me going hmmm.....maybe i should go R51. Small back seat though if IIRC and of course IRS. But VQ40DE,full frame, 5 speed etc etc.... I've already had a N40 (Xterra), don't really want another one but they do fit the bill as well. You can see a lot of "IIRC's" here as its been a few years unfortunately....I've been in into Ford 1 ton diesels....very unreliable BTW, stick with Nissan, LOL! The hunt continues, thanks for the info!
  2. Hey Guys, After owning 2 D40's, 1 N50, and finally a WD21 - I sold them all and traveled the country for a couple of years. Well I'm back and need a car. Noticing that R50 is getting quite cheap. And I dont really want another WD21....Homing on a QX4, because why NOT get a Pathfinder in a Tuxedo? Anything I need to know? Looking at high mileage 2001+ VQ35DE's - 150k-180k. Its been long enough now that I don't know as much as I used to. AFAIK I know I am looking at VQ35DE - Cam phasers were an issue if I recall? RE4R01A - Not worried about it Automatic Transfer - QX4s come with the auto shift t-case - any major issues? TX10A maybe? These were really not an issue in the 2005+ Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra but they were TX15's IIRC. I'm looking at a 2001 fully auto one, not the earlier hybrid half auto half manual ones. R200A - I know all about it HB233b - weak clutch packs.... I do remember something about a 5th cross member that could be bolted on. Do the QX4s come with skid plates? Thanks Gents!
  3. Inyourface1650

    1994 Strut Rod Bushings/Rods - Ouchie.

    I was hoping to drive the pathy around 1800 miles round trip and do some offroading in MOAB over the next couple weeks.... Front end was a little loose - I knew this, the bushings looked a bit chewed so the plan this weekend was replace all the bushings. I dont think they are going to cut it Looks like I'm taking the corolla and renting a jeep in MOAB!
  4. Inyourface1650

    Lousy fuel gauge

    so I'm lookiing on Courtesy parts - can I order just a new sending unit? Doesnt look it....
  5. Inyourface1650

    Yay Front End Rebuild time

  6. Inyourface1650

    Yay Front End Rebuild time

    Perfect. thanks. I bought a set at one time but apparently they have worn. It was a group buy long ago...they emailed back and said they'd look for a pin for me. Awesome.
  7. Inyourface1650

    Yay Front End Rebuild time

    Oh man here we go (again, and again, and again). I just dumped a $#^*@ of money into this IFS last year....replaced all the TREs and didnt replace the centerlink TRE's of course... Time for: CV Boots - Lifetime warranty FTW Upper balljoints - Lifetime warranty FTW Calimini TRE (inner passenger) Calimini Centerlink TREs Calmini Idler arm Bushings Warn hub rebuild. Squeaky Upper A-Arm bushings That pesky ARB air locker... Questions: I can get the Calmini stuff no problem with the exception of the Idler Arm Bushings. Does anyone remember who was selling those? I need a new set. I know someone did a batch run. Calmini says no parts, just the entire arm for $350. F THAT. Also - My Warn hubs need help, snap rings, etc. I think we run 29091's? 4x4 parts only has their part number Service kit 29061. LMK. I have squeaking coming from one of my hubs. Odd. Squeaky upper a-arms. 4x4parts again, no Zerks? How do I lube em? Thanks guys! Mike
  8. This is crazy to me. I drove pre-production D40's and had one in early 05...closer to 9 years ago. WOW. (also had an 07)
  9. Inyourface1650

    Mr.510's VG33 Crank Adaptor.

    Enjoy it!!!!! I can't believe the timing. It needs a plaque with all the former owners on it or something lol.
  10. Inyourface1650

    Highlift Mounts

    Does it clear the wiper? I couldn't get mine to clear the wiper with the stock tire on. I now have mine mounted vertically on the right (hinge) side.
  11. Inyourface1650

    2014 pathfinder vs 2014 kia sorento

    Quite a different suspension. 5 link and torsion bars, verses leafs and coil overs. that said it still a body on frame, solid rear axle part time 4wd SUV. just with another 120HP
  12. Inyourface1650

    A B S light

    master cylinder fluid low is ABS and BRAKE lights at the same time.
  13. Inyourface1650

    Why no DOHC topics?

    The block is different and good luck getting one to fit...
  14. Inyourface1650

    We bought a new/used car today

    Good choice, I helped my ex buy a 2007 Mazda3 2.3i. Really fun little car!

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