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  1. Ran around town yesterday, and this morning and was absolutely fine. 4-5 separate short trips and not a single idle issue. I can do the idle re-learn but being that its only done this after EXTENDED idling with the AC going, I'm not convinced that's it. Almost seems like thermal expansion opening up...something.
  2. Hey guys, Having an issue. When idling or creeping for extended periods, my idle creeps up to 1500-2000RPM or more. Not an issue around town, or in normal day to day driving. Today on the way into an amusement park - we sat in traffic for a good 45 minutes to get into the park. Towards the end was trying to idle around 3000RPM in neutral and due to having to creep so much(in drive) I ended up overheating and causing a CEL w/a engine overheat code (250F ECT). Basically doing a brake stand for 45 minutes.... I'm guessing either a vacumn leak or a bad IACV....any ideas? 2001 VQ35DE 4AT 196k miles.
  3. I don't think there are many other major reliability issues besides SMOD. Nissan put out new radiators to fix this in...2010? So 2010-2012 is absolutely safe, and honestly, I wouldn't be too worried about picking up a 2005-2010 if its running/driving ok - just swap out the radiator as soon as you got it. Not all of them broke. Otherwise the transmission is very reliable, the transfer and engine are good AFAIK as well? We're actually in the market now....they are getting cheap.
  4. I ended up just installing a new shifter. Little Pricey - $25 at the JY (more than I thought it would be tbh) but works like a charm. I also threw in some new controls of a very very nice pathfinder that had taken a hit, mine were just a little faded/used. Again, more then then I thought though at $7.99 each. Damn junkyards are raising prices.
  5. Thanks for the P/Ns. Somebody had replaced the terminal on my truck and the fusible links are all sorts of barely hanging on/bent out of shape...I may just order then for piece of mind that mine wont snap off lol.
  6. Thank you! That was what I needed to see! Looks like 34950-5W000 is the right exact switch for my model (VQ35 A/4WD Fed Emissions 2001), but about the same price. Ouch. https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-shift-lock-sole~34950-5w000.html?Make=Nissan&Model=Pathfinder&Year=2001&Submodel=&Filter=(1=W;3=USA;6=AT)&Location=auto-transmission-control-device,349_B003,34950M Guess I'll go try a junkyard one or four....
  7. Hey, thanks for the reply. I am pretty familiar with the whole setup, as I swapped a entire R50 console into my WD21 (with shifter!). I've already had the trim off as part of the diagnosis - you can see the solinoid start to actuate upon brake press, so I think my brake switch/wiring is ok. Being this is a DD for my GF, I am not interested in bypassing safety features at this time, so am just looking to replace.
  8. Hey guys, my shift interlock is going and its becoming a problem (GF Drives the truck). This is the solenoid that allows the shifter to move after the brake pedal is depressed. Especially when its cold out, you can hear it click/try but it doesn't actually completely move the blocking mechanism. Does anyone know the P/N of this? Is there an aftermarket replacement? Im not even finding the OEM part on Courtesy Nissan or Rockauto. I can certainly go pull one from a JY - but my understanding is this was somewhat common, and I'm not convinced a 200,000 mile JY one is going to be any better.
  9. Its all self contained, just like the clock. Simply connects to power and a air temp sensor in the front grill. Connector is like 6 wires. My 2001 had a TSB for being persistently 8F too low. I bought a new one out of a 2003 at the Junk Yard for about $8, and it fixed the low temperature display problem.
  10. I feel slightly less stupid now. I realized I only ever really drive it at night (its her car, so I drive it rarely), and the button is not lit (my bulb must be out). FYI We got 3-4 inches of snow today and the mirrors are definitely heated.
  11. Stupid question - where is the rear defrost button on a 01 R50 with auto AC? I only see a front one on the Auto AC Headunit
  12. We're still doing about 13, maybe 13.5 on premium at about 4300ft elevation. Early VQs were thirsty beasts. I'll do spark plugs and the maf cleaning stuff at 200k (194k now) and we'll see if it improves
  13. Do you have the part number for the solenoid? I'm struggling to find it - Mine is balky when cold - Almost stranded the GF this morning...I can get it from a JY but sounds like its a pretty common problem so a aftermarket one may be better.
  14. We do about 13.5 mpg around town - but lots of short trips. I had forgotten how thirsty the early VQ's are. My 2005 Frontier (VQ40) got a solid 17mpg around town, heh.

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