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  1. I call mine Pathmaker, Small trees are no problem. LOL
  2. The crankshaft will have a large pilot bushing for the auto trans that will need removed before installing manual trans pilot bushing. I just did a auto to manual swap and discoverd this.
  3. where about in indianapolis are you from? I got a buddy that lives in fishers and my sister lives on the eastside (at least i think lol)

  4. I have not rebuilt a vg30 yet, But i know with a SBC you soak them and pump them by hand using a push tube until no bubbles come out. vg30 not having push tube not sure if you can hand pump them.
  5. IMO A Manuel gauge is better, But the pipe threads in the block are metric. I tapped mine 1/8 pipe tap and used a shop vac to suck out the metal shavings with the oil filter off to install a gauge. The words metal shavings and oil passage should never be in the same sentence! LOL I don't recommend this unless your damn sure all metal is removed!!!
  6. My starter was doing the click click click click....then start thing, so I pulled the starter and changed the solenoid and it has worked great ever since.
  7. Yes, it's the one next to the oil filter.
  8. MR510 is exactly right about the twist and bump steer.
  9. IF the motor still runs smooth its probably just normal condensation coming from exhaust. But I would have the oil leak fixed. While the motor is cold take the radiator cap off and make sure it is full of water and then start the engine with cap off and if water comes out the radiator in the first 30 seconds the head or head gasket is bad.
  10. slade, That "second line" is just a vent line for the front diff and trany.
  11. Tighten the manifold bolts might get you by for a while.
  12. The black valve would indicate that cylinder is running rich or burning oil. You might check for a leaking injector or bad sparkplug or SPwire.
  13. You might want to check the fusable links, they are located by the power steering resivore. mine hade a bad connection and had same problem you are having.
  14. Yes, my own design, The drag link is 5/8 hiem joints and the tierods are 3/4 hiems with 5/8 high misalignment bushings. The only weak link is my hands,LOL If you stuff a wheel in a rock or ditch it will jerk the wheel out of your hands. The only draw back is the changed geometry will give about 2" of bumpsteer, but for off road only I dont notice it.
  15. Spent about a day making my own from 1/4" plate. I cant afford calmini they think its made of gold.

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