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  1. Also I'm still a newbie....so what is an "AC 2" " lift? Is that another company and is that a lot easier to find than OME? I'm having a helluva time finding OME and at a reasonable price but I've heard such good things on them.
  2. Ok so I'm having a hard time finding a suspension lift for my 04 Pathy. Everywhere I check they say they got em for the earlier year R50's but not mine. Is there something different with my model year? Also I saw on Rocky-Roads website that they had a OME 1.75" lift for my 2004 but everywhere else I check locally they said they don't have one listed for 1.75" only like .5". There are some discrepencies lol. Anyone else with an 04 on here can help or something. This is making me bash my head against the wall lol.
  3. Awesome...I'm not the only dingbat on here with that same problem and like pathfounder said....it's a little weird when a cop pulls you over and you have to open the door. I thought I was going to get shot lol. Hopefully get around to doing this soon then if it's a diy in the garage fix.
  4. Hey got your PM's thanks for the info helped a lot. They are looking into it now and are going to call me back. They are having a hard time finding a 1.75" lift for the R50. Weird...your lift is a 1.75 right? Thanks for the info again!!!

  5. Hey everyone I signed up back in the summer but forgot to intro myself. Hey I'm andrew. I'm in the military and living up Eganville currently. I got an 04 R50 and she's a standard tranny!!!!!! YAY! Just came home from a tour in the sandbox so looking to put some love into her. Just ordered some WARN manual hubs. Got a set of 265/75/16 Herc Trail Diggers for cheap brand new, currently in the process of getting some new wheels and right now trying to order a 1.75" OME lift. Next on the list is some skid plates my friends! BTW this forum ROCKS! Found some much useful information that I couldn't of found anywhere else and whoever said you can't offroad a pathy can s*ck it lol. Taker easy everyone!
  6. Some really good information on here. I think I can spend a week straight reading this forum. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. Definately helped a NOOB like me trying to learn the ropes and such and just ordered myself a set of manual hubs for my 04. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  7. Awesome thanks Pezzy. Yeah I saw the threads after I posted this. But thanks for the tip on Amazon never even thought about that. Def will be installing Warn hubs with the lift and make it an all day affair lol. Seems like your the guru around here. Some good trails up here around petawawa and just bush bashing.
  8. Also if anyone can direct me to where I can find the WARN hubs for an 04' I been looking all over the internet and can't find them except for up to an 01. Will that one fit since its the same gen or is there another one that I can't find? Thanks everyone for the help!
  9. Anyone know where there are good/affordable place to get a full suspension lift kit. Looking at 2" suspension lift to fit my 04 Pathy with 265/75/16 Hercules Trail Digger MT. Tires are not mounted of course yet. Trying to find a good lift kit at an affordable price. Thanks guys for the input, just a newbie trying to get in the game. Thanks!
  10. Hey orangetang. How loud are these tires the hercules trail diggers? They screw around with your speedo and all on highway and max speed you go? Thanks. Got a good deal on them for my 04 pathy with a 2inch lift. Only drive on highway to work. THanks for the answers in advance lol.

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