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  1. Shapes

    Bangin in the P-Finder

    Your so cool dude bro, ....
  2. Shapes

    Pathy wont start

    got a quote on the timing belt because thats what I was thinking it was, $780 Canadian... Im a college student, why did it come to this i miss driving the old girl. I wish i knew more about vehicles so I could replace it myself, the parts are only 150.
  3. Shapes

    Pathy wont start

    Hey guys i started my pathy about a month ago and it was probably -40 and it started right up, but not 5 seconds later i heard a snap/clunk and it instantly died. Now it wont start i can hear the stater go but there is almost a grinding weird sound. I have an audio clip but dont think i can post it but i can email it if anyone is willing to help. Let me know what you think, i miss driving the big girl. 93 275k auto XE 4x4.
  4. pathy wont start :(

    1. adamzan


      Get the parts and get it done!

    2. nunya


      Turn the key clockwise...

  5. Shapes

    Pathy stalling

    yah i think i got the just of it, its running 20x better now. I think i need to replace that hose either way though because its really old and im sure will crack more. Im having trouble finding anything for it though :S ebay has stuff but theres no way im paying $60 + S&H for a 10" aluminum tube :S.
  6. Shapes

    Pathy stalling

    Alrighty guys I cleaned the MAF, and the same problem is happening. However i discovered something, what i thought was a bad/blown ball joint sound turned out to be my intake making a sound like if you were to pull a large dent out of a car. This happens when i give her lots of gas once and a while, it was happening when i was manually revving it up with my finger. I was feeling my cold air intake and it would suck like normal than make the sound and push it out the intake kind of like a back fire. Help? Is it my intake hose still? because it had a good crack that i just now loaded with silicone and is drying, i haven't drove it since i siliconed the hose. Hopefully that fixes it?? anyone have any other ideas??
  7. Shapes

    Pathy stalling

    Hey folks i keep having this problem latley, i will be driving and when i come to a full stop at a light or sign it stalls out. I can restart it and it will stall unless i keep the pedal down a bit then quickly put my foot on the break and shift it to drive. Its a 93 XE 267000km. Im absolutly stumped, changed gas filter and ran some injector cleaner through the engine and still have the same thing. help! p.s. Auto 4x4
  8. Shapes

    tire size poll!

    Hey guys wondering how wide of a tire i can go with, without mods and rubbing? I plan for a 3" body lift eventually and then run some 33's but dont know how wide i can go.
  9. Shapes

    My NPORA sticker

    HAHAHA im glad i got that saying in this case.
  10. Shapes

    My NPORA sticker

    Thats exactly what i thought haha!
  11. Shapes

    My NPORA sticker

    Got my sticker in the mail today, looks great and is well worth the 12 dollars. Fast shipping too! Lol i don't really have anything against Toyota's but i thought the saying was hilarious.
  12. Shapes

    Locating Weather Stripping

    Motormart Carries lots of options check them out? Hope that helps.
  13. Shapes

    Finally started some work

    I found a joint that sells 4 1/4" wide rubber universal fender flares, next pay check i'm going to pick those up and throw out those gay chrome strips.
  14. Shapes

    Finally started some work

    You guys know where i can pick up some bushwacker style fender flares to get rid of those ugly things?
  15. Shapes

    Finally started some work

    Yah i think their tacky too, but i want some fender flares to replace them before i take them off

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