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  1. teixeira

    New...hello from Redwoods !

    Lets see some pics, we love pics
  2. teixeira

    Greetings from Houston

    Yeah, everything is here.
  3. teixeira

    I'm new I don't know what to do...

    Nop, never heard that. I'm from and live in Portugal, city Oporto.
  4. teixeira

    I'm new I don't know what to do...

    and Lets see some pics
  5. teixeira

    new from argentina with r50

    Looks good and will get better. Keep the pics coming
  6. teixeira

    New from vallejo, Ca

    Lets see some pics, we love pics
  7. teixeira

    New guy from Long Island, NY

    Looks nice and sits nice
  8. teixeira

    IRAN Pathfinder Club

    I love those pics
  9. teixeira

    Greetings Pathfinder fans!

    Pics, please?
  10. teixeira

    Hello everyone!

    Lets see some pics and keep us up-to-date. Lot of info here, if not everything there is to know.

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