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  1. I checked around and came up empty handed for NOS. This is the part number I was able to find for your particular years sending unit. 25060-41G02 You might have some luck using car-part.com. I'd recommend west coast junk yards for least amount of rust.
  2. Oh yeah, don't do much with it any more though, gotta charge the battery every time it needs to be moved. Rotting away in the driveway.
  3. Since you have two or three threads all about the same problem, the one true fix is replacing the WD21 transmission, with a 3.3L (W)D22 transmission. They can be had for about $500. direct swap, plug and play nothing to mess about with every thing plugs in bolts on. I've owned two 95 automatics. one had 170k one had 180k and both had already been long without reverse in the transmission. It's like the toyota 7M-G(T)E head gaskets. It's not if, it's when, and there is nothing to fix it but to replace it with an upgraded unit.
  4. That's badass! I want one!
  5. The power that is delivered to the headlights is passed through the switch.
  6. The picture of that part is not the type of sensor that would be used for running your speedometer if that's your concern. What you linked looks like a revolution sensor, but... it is detecting the SPEED of the revolution so that's why it's named as such.
  7. both headlight bulbs don't generally go out at the same time either, but it's still something I'd check first.
  8. When I was 18 and wanted my first bank account, I jotted my social too sloppy i guess. lady told me there was some weird @!*% on my credit history and they couldn't open an account for me. I left in a stupor like what? She called me like 15 minutes later profusely apologizing that she'd read it wrong.
  9. The torque converter is the pump. I recommend replacing any WD21 transmission that seems to have transmission issues with one from a VG33E or ER equipped frontier or xterra. It's the "fixed right first time" way to go.
  10. You need a transmission. The updated version in the Xterra does not have the issue the Pathfinder one does, and it's a plug-n-play replacement.
  11. OE cats can be worth $1500 today, they could be 25 years old, they hold value and most places require zero documentation of how you obtained it, and batteries are good for $20 as a core! With reverse being the most common failure point in these transmissions, my take is you need a transmission, and you're just in the range of them failing. 160-180k is normal, if you're lucky you get just over 200k. Since your wd21 is OBD1 you have enough exhaust after your O2 sensor that it's likely not effecting how it's running, unless you've noticed a drastic dip in gas mileage, even with no cat and most of the exhaust you should still get what you used to, within reasonable error +/- 1 or 2.
  12. Can you share a picture? I've also done a starter replacement or two and don't remember any kind of gasket or shim
  13. With the engine being timed and you not knowing where the pistons are, I advise against forcing a valve open. I would use some sort of screw driver or something long and metal to pin point the noise before taking a cover off. Those numbers work out to 6.25% difference high to low, piston rings, head gasket, and valves are sealing plenty fine. You may try adam's suggestion of running some sort of engine cleaner through it, do a couple short interval oil changes if you go that route. Other wise take all the lifters out and give them a nice cleaning and an oil bath before putting them back in. My swapped vg33 makes a horrible clacking noise on cold start but goes away pretty quick. I'm also one of those people that doesn't put many miles on it, last oil change was in 2018, but it's been driven less than a thousand miles in that time. These VG's are quite indestructible.
  14. 1) I don't think there is a coolant passage in the intake manifold but it has been many moons since I had one off and could be wrong. 2) Use a stethoscope to hear if the injector is clicking. No clicks, stuck open/closed and you have other problems. 3) compression check it. this may not answer #4, but a leak down test would for certain. 4) oil and coolant would likely be mixing and that would be noticeable in the radiator. 5) replace it if true. 6) get this taken care of ASAP, any kind of fluid leak is bad 7) this could be why you have a strong fuel smell as the old fuel is not burning completely.
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