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  1. Best of luck to you Rocky! I've listed my Pathfinder for sale, but I find I'm still on these boards. I just can't seem to let go. You might be the same....
  2. You can check these out: http://www.costco.com/Coverking-Custom-Fit-Seat-Covers-3-Different-Materials-To-Choose-From-Starting-at-%2499.99.product.11618905.html
  3. Right here: http://www.littlepassengerseats.com/nissan.html It's a well-made seat. It took a few months to get, because they custom make each one when you order it.
  4. I just used the diff to raise the car, then placed the jack stands under the frame rails (well, it's technically not really the frame since it's a unibody, but you can clearly see the frame rail equivalent), so the rear axle drops down like you said. I think you were fine using the receiver, though, since it's bolted to the frame.
  5. I know, I really don't want to sell it. But I needed a car to tow more than 3500 lbs, so I got a Ram 1500. I was going to keep the Pathfinder, but can't really justify paying the insurance just for nostalgia's sake. I hope it goes to a good home and gives someone as much enjoyment as I've had for at least as many years. I'd love for it go to someone in this forum. I'm in Evansville, IN and would be willing to trailer the car to St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Nashville.
  6. Hey guys, It's been a great run, but it's time to let the Pathfinder go. Thanks to everyone on this forum who have helped me maintain the car in excellent shape. If you're in the market for one, or know someone who is, let me know. Here's a link to the ad on Craigslist: http://evansville.craigslist.org/cto/3662755379.html and on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/01-Nissan-Pathfinder-SE-Sport-Utility-4-Door-3-5L-w-THIRD-ROW-SEAT-/140927718362?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item20cff253da#ht_500wt_1182 If you're interested in the stock stereo with the 6-disc CD changer, the Warn hubs, the third-row seat, or an extra front drive axle, let me know.
  7. That'll work, but I usually just put the floor jack under the rear diff, lift the car, then put the jack stands under the frame on both sides.
  8. Inner boot is not supposed to be a user-serviceable item. If that fails, you're supposed to replace the whole axle. It's a different size than the outer boot, so that won't work. I have a spare axle that I've been trying to find those ring clamps for the inner boot, and I can't even find those.
  9. I'm pretty compulsive, but I don't go so far as to fill the oil filter with oil when I put it on. It fills instantly on the first start, so I think that step is a waste of time. If you want to do it, though, it can't hurt. Since mine starts at empty, there's no minimum, and since the thing fills completely when it's running, I'd say there's no maximum amount either. Just put in there however much you want without spilling, and call it a day.
  10. Sorry to hear about that, and I'm glad you're safe.
  11. Does your scan tool detect voltage from the actual sensor? I have a Nissan Datascan that does this. If not, you'll have to find the proper terminals and use a multimeter. At any rate, to properly diagnose the O2 sensor, you have to do the following (from the Service Manual): 1) Start engine and drive vehicle at a speed of more than 70 km/h (43 MPH) for 2 consecutive minutes. 2) Stop vehicle with engine running. 3) Set voltmeter probes between ECM terminal 72 (HO2S2 bank1 right signal) or 71 (HO2S2 bank 2 left signal) and engine ground. 4) Check the voltage when racing up to 4,000 rpm under no load at least 10 times. (Depress and release accelerator pedal as soon as possible.) The voltage should be below 0.57V at least once during this procedure. If the voltage can be confirmed in step 4, step 5 is not necessary. 5) Keep vehicle at idling for 10 minutes, then check the voltage. Or check the voltage when coasting from 80 km/h (50 MPH) in 3rd gear position (M/T), “D” position with “OD” OFF (A/T). The voltage should be below 0.57V at least once during this procedure. 6) If NG, go to “Diagnostic Procedure”, EC-246. The key here is that the O2 sensor voltage should be fluctuating. If you can't get the voltage to fluctuate, then the O2 sensor is bad and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the problem may be elsewhere, like a faulty circuit (check your grounds, they could be loose or corroded), or a problem with the MAF sensor. I've had to replace a faulty O2 sensor, but the MIL came on to alert me to the problem. Did your MIL come on, or did you just find the code by scanning it? It's possible that the MIL didn't come on yet because it's an intermittent code, which could indicate a failing sensor or a faulty circuit.
  12. Kyle, by "payload" you mean how much you can put in the cargo area of your truck, or how much you can put on the trailer? Two different things
  13. '01 and up, the automatic transmissions can tow 5000 lbs, but the 5-spd manual, with the same engine (VQ35), can only tow 3500 lbs. I don't know what the earlier ones were rated for.
  14. Hey abbie, I'm selling it because I needed a stronger towing vehicle. Because I have the manual transmission, tow capacity is rated to only 3500 pounds. I need to tow a 6000 lb car and trailer. I was originally going to keep the Pathfinder because I love it so much, and have taken awesome care of it, that I really don't think anyone will pay me what I think it's worth. But I'd sell it to someone on this forum, because I know it will go to a good home, and guys on here really appreciate the truck for what it's worth. Anyway, aside from the aluminum Nissan brush guard, I also have OME coil springs all around (which weren't installed when my sig picture was taken), as well as KYB struts and shocks (Gas-a-just in the rear). There are also Warn hubs. I've replaced the front right drive axle due to a leaking CV boot, but then I replaced the boot on that axle and so now have the OEM axle as a spare. I've replaced the MAF sensor, and replaced one O2 sensor, and both VTC sensors. I also installed an aftermarket third row seat, which is removable, and is great for seating a couple extra kids. When you're not using it, the seat is removable, leaving no trace except a couple steel plates under the carpet in the cargo area that it bolts on to. I also replaced the fuel filter a while back. The car runs great, doesn't burn oil at all. Anyway, I'm waiting to wash and detail it so I can take really good pictures. I'll list it on eBay, and post a link to it on this forum. But like I said, I'm really not too eager to sell it because it's been my baby for 11 years, and I got it and cared for it since 6 miles on the odometer. Only you guys on this forum would appreciate the care that I've taken of it!
  15. How much would you be willing to spend to get the newer vehicle? I'm contemplating selling my '01 with 148,000 miles on it. I've had it since new, never missed an oil change, and it runs like the day I got it.

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