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  1. evans

    Intake Issue?

    ive got a whistle coming from under my hood when ever i get on the gas after about 1900 rpm and ever since i noticed this ive been getting terrible mileage. any ideas?
  2. evans

    My Heater!

    ummm. its not low on coolant. it could be the blower motor. theres a little bit of heat coming out. but the fans not doing anything
  3. evans

    My Heater!

    so i go out to start my car in one of spokanes awesome 0 degree days and the fan doesnt work......at all. so i have no heat. any ideas what it could be?
  4. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    i used some of that high temp rtv on both gaskets. just torque the @!*% out of it and let it sit for a while.
  5. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    i did it! i dont know what i did but it worked! now im thinking about swapping for headers... how are the pacesetters?
  6. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    apparently one of the studs attaching the downpipe to the manifold striped out the threads in the manifold. and for some reason one of the holes in the block is significantly larger than the other 5. so im gonna take it all back out and rethread the manifold and try to find a stud that'll fit in the hole. im pretty sure these are the problems. if not im gonna go crazy. padded wall room style crazy!
  7. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    so good news is i got the stud out without breaking an easy out. but its still making the noise! gaskets are all fine. could it be warped or maybe a crack in the downpipe?
  8. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    its a spiral one. which are better?
  9. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    so i got an easy out. now im a little confused. how far into the stud should i drill?
  10. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    i figured it out! i need to replace the broken stud again. but this time its flush with the block. does anyone know how to get it out?
  11. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    if i have anymore problems there will be good sounds to go with them. haha but its still making the tick too. is there something i didnt do?
  12. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    so i replaced the downpipe gasket today... and now it sounds like an angry squirrel destroying my exhuast. any ideas on why theres an angry squirrel in my truck?
  13. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    ill record it and put it up. but it doesn't meow. but after saying that my friend wont let me near her cats.
  14. evans

    Exhaust Problems!

    i think it might be the downpipe gasket. i went to tighten everything today and to was 20% there. im gonna grab a new one today and see how that works. and im not too worried about the manifold itself. i should be getting headers for christmas!haha
  15. well it all started when i noticed 2 of my manifold studs broke off(because i had the nasty tick when it was cold). so i went in and replace the broken ones and the gasket. now its terrible. it sounds like a cat full of marbles purring. so i was wondering what could have gone wrong.... any ideas?

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