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  1. Derrik

    replacement electric connector

    Thanks! this is beautiful! I want one for Christmas. <-- this guy would be perfect with a Santa cap.
  2. The electrical connector on the wire harness became brittle (1991 pathfinder) and snapped when I was disconnecting it during a starter motor replacement. The local stores (Napa, O'Reilly, Autozone) don't have a repair kit available (or don't know how to find it), and the Nissan dealer just looked at it and said "nope; you have to buy the wiring harness." Where do people get their replacement electrical connectors?
  3. Derrik

    Spitting N Sputtering

    use a propane torch (unlit of course)
  4. Derrik

    Mix N Match Crankshaft Parts

    I need help identifying the correct version of crankshaft & matching Plate-crankshaft sprocket. I have a 91 Pathy, but I can't be certain of the engine's history. Recently, the plate behind the timing sprocket was damaged and I have to replace it. However, the parts people ordered me the alternate part number 13022V5001 instead of the original. When I test-fit the part, it doesn't seem to self-center itself on the crankshaft, due to a deep groove machined into the CS directly ahead of the front main seal mounting area. I want to know if the original part number was a better fit for my CS before I go insisting that they order the original design for me. I noticed that there are 2 CS PN's which only fuels this suspicion. How do I identify which CS I have? In short: how do I determine which CS I have,and how to tell them apart? from the http://nissan4u.com/parts/pathfinder/us_wd21/1991_2/type_39/engine_mechanical/piston_and_crankshaft_and_flywheel/ 21 Plate-crankshaft sprocket 13022V5000 alternate: 13022V5001 22 Crankshaft 1220121V80 alternate: 1220021V11
  5. the oily soot is from the recycled exhaust that comes in through the EGR circuit- you can restrict that line a bit but there is a potential for legal consequences or for the CEL to light.
  6. The difference in condition of the spark plugs is troubling; all being black and sooty means way too rich, however, one being tan means..clogged/failed injector? are any of the exhaust ports cool; or any of them (start cold engine, run for 10 seconds and feel the individual ports)? Also, make sure you get a new 02 sensor and a cap and rotor; at least with new basic-tuneup components installed, you can troubleshoot much more effectively. I would be ready to start cleaning spark plugs too- its possible that the too rich condition from earlier, fouled them out. Incidentally, did you check ignition timing with a timing light, or inspect the condition of the wodruff key under the (crankshaft) timing sprocket? My money is still on the ignition circuit (coil, condensor, connections, wires, etc), but its just a guess.
  7. Derrik

    Smelly Exhaust?

    In case anyone is wondering- No, a new tank of "good" gas will NOT fix a bad cat (Catalytic Converter); however, it will keep the good portion of the CC to continue functioning. BTW, it is the lead in leaded fuel will kill a CC; so somewhere, you got some leaded fuel into your tank.
  8. Derrik

    Trouble Shifting Manual At Lower Altitude

    Does it make a difference to the clutch issue in the city if the vehicle is cold? Are there any signs of leaks around the slave cylinder? A plausible cause might be that air enters past the seals on the slave cylinder as the atmospheric pressure increases, but I dunno how to explain how it rectifies itself as you climb back up (gravity, liquid flow, compressible fluid, etc.). There should be a bleeder screw right at the slave cylinder mounted at the bell-housing; follow the hydraulic line from the reservoir/MC to the transmission.
  9. Derrik

    Fuel Filter

    How about applying a vacuum signal (while the engine is OFF) on the fuel pressure regulator to relieve the pressure? I bet it does.
  10. Derrik

    Need Some Opinions

    That is a perfect example of regulation WITHOUT censorship! You see, there is no law prohibiting the 12 year old from being in posession of a copy of Hustler (as opposed to illicit drugs or alcoholic beverages), BUT there is a law that prohibits the *SALE* of the mag to the juvenile.
  11. Derrik

    Need Some Opinions

    First, A couple of edicts: Censorship is a tool; BUT, no tool should be used all the time or for everything. And, the seemingly contradictory rule of thumb; (to paraphrase Ben F.) No one *should* be censored. ........... The implementation of censorship can be analagous to a pearl from PT Barnum; You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you *can't *fool *all the people *all of the time. If we think on this for a moment.. and logically apply censorship in place of "fool" (although fooling is in essence, a form of censoring), then it becomes clear that eventually, whomever is being censored, will be uncovered by someone else when they become relevant. Censorship is used by *everyone* at some point or another, when its use facilitates a desired achievement. Often, the truth comes out, albeit after the achievement is already secured (better to beg forgiveness than ask permission). The real question, is can we agree on a uniform standard for determining the circumstances that justify its use? By the mere act of continually comparing each other's lists, we limit censorship. Again, people, not objects, are at the heart of censorship; people with emerging ideas will find a way; life always finds a way (Oh, the irony of quoting Jurassic Park on this subject). There is half your essay, but try not to plagiarize it too much.
  12. Derrik

    SAS D21 Navara

    Maybe try a fabbing a "backup camera" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backup_camera ) mounted on an extension pole and facing back at the vehicle for that "external view". Or better yet; underneath the vehicle looking at the front tires. Well, I think its a great idea!
  13. Derrik

    Spitting N Sputtering

    We are talking about a VG30, aren't we? I am not referring to the Accessory drive belts, but rather... *THE Timing Belt* the big-one, the one that controls the valve timing.
  14. Derrik

    Suggestions Requested

    Hmm. are those headers coated with some type of thermal-barrier coating? Did you consider wrapping them with thermal wrap? -on the other hand, oil hose is cheaper than new headers.
  15. Derrik

    Spitting N Sputtering

    Wow! you replaced the pump first?.. After the filter, check the timing- this could be a clue that your T-belt has stretched; then look for vacuum leaks, or just replace the vac hoses, there are like 4. Finally try a regular tune-up (rotor, cap, plugs, including the 02 sensor; AND read the plugs to see if it really is fuel-starved, AND do a compression check/leak-down on the cylinders while the plugs are out). After that, you are all set to try the heavy stuff (although, I would still check the fuel pressure first and test the regulator by pulling it's vacuum signal).

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