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  1. maxwell

    shaking badly

    Don't forget to check your drive shaft u-joints.
  2. maxwell


    Quick tip, if you happen to be changing fenders you can change the door pins with out opening or removing the doors as long as you do it one hinge at a time. To get the clearance needed use a 12mm socket and remove the hinge from the door frame. I also pinched the hinge tighter in a vice and that took out all the play in the door, more than changing the pin and bushing.
  3. maxwell

    heated leather seats

    heated seat harness is about a foot long each and plug into universal body harness between front carpet and carpet under the drivers seat.
  4. maxwell

    Rusty Rear Frame Repair

    Weld with the fuel tank full, less fumes that way. I welded mine and I could smell gas but I had the body off and covered the tank with a wet towel. Don't worry about drilling holes the rear is the highest part of the frame. The area you are welding is past all the suspension points, I wouldn't worry about warpage especially with 1/8 material. I used a hammer instead of a wire brush then an angle grinder to cut out the pieces, you might be all day with step 1 and 2. Good luck and be patient.
  5. maxwell

    Auto transmission question

    It could be the protective metal cup protecting the slip spline has come loose.

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