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  1. Nice write up on the SAS. Did one on an S10 Blazer, and reading your thread brought back memories...Very cool.

  2. I did custom 4 link in the rear and used 5.5 inch deavers.
  3. Thats a good alternative to gl4.
  4. Less than that, my shop is in vallejo, right on hwy 29.
  5. LOL, just realized that some guys have posted in this thread. The front suspension geometry works like a charm, the rear geometry sucks something serious, im going to move the uppers so i have a single triangulated 4 link and get rid of the panhard. Here is how my steering and panhard angles look like in the front. I'll take some pics of how i killed the steering on a rock that didn't agree with me. haha
  6. For the budget minded individual. haha... it has held up to crawling on 35's with stock t/c gears, 5 speed, and 4.88 gears.
  7. Any news on this? I'd totally be up for this... also a good excuse to tweak on my truck.
  8. damn it, why didnt you IM me or something. i just saw this.... gah
  9. How odd, i come back home to the bay area from Indiana (went to purdue) and slick is moving from cali to indiana. LOL
  10. Too bad you are not closer to our shop, i would take a look at the trans and see if its something that still can be salvaged without a full tear down. Funny thing is that i just finished fixing a trans in a 88 300zx that was having similar problems.
  11. Just because it has an internal problem doesn't mean you have to get a whole new trans.
  12. Same difference, one is just as ****** as the other, one has crappier planetaries and smaller bands plus one less friction clutch and iron... It really sounds like a front band issue, not a solenoid problem now. I don't think putting on a trans cooler is going to fix the problem.
  13. So, you have no manual 2nd and it doesn't actually shift into 2nd from 1st? Just free rev's where 2nd should be? Sounds like a broken/burnt up front band and or front servo/apply piston failure. It could also be the front band strut has fallen out or broken. Only way to inspect the front band is to take the valve body off. I'll take a look at a spare e4n71b and e4r01a i have at work, could be a solenoid issue if you are lucky.
  14. A fluid change will not fix that problem, i suggest taking a good look at the fluid and seeing how burnt it is. Got manual 2nd?
  15. Nah, im back from school now. I live in Orinda and our shop is in Vallejo.

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