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  1. there limiter is the death wobble after 95 lol
  2. pulled over at a 7-11 and begged me not to call the police
  3. i just did mine when i did my trans, what a huge PITA! i have a exter one i am willing to sell, brandy new!
  4. i think he was more or less scared to go that fast and just wanted to get away but realized i was not giving up.
  5. hey guys, so i was driving down the parkway and some kid in a celica threw a snapple bottle out the window and needless to say i was pissed. i started chasing him and by the time i caught up i was at 105 and the speed limiter kicked in. i followed him at like 103 for about 3 minutes and finally he pulled over and we left the parkway and he called his mother and she wrote me a check for 250 for a replacement windscreen. now my issue here is i wanna know why can i only go 105. is there a way i can remove the limiter? the truck felt fine at that speed, no swaying or shaking at all. i really thought id make it to 115-120
  6. hey i just ordered some milemarker hubs for the pathfinder. i wanted some warns but i couldn't afford them. any input on how good they are would be appreciated.
  7. hello, i have a 03 pathfinder LE with all mode. i am looking for a km/h speedometer and i cant find one anywhere, any ideas?
  8. did you get this millage right after you took off the resonator?
  9. i already bought a new one.....i got a fel-pro cause the dealer was out of stock. anything else?
  10. so i bought a new trans for my truck. ive been working on it for about 4 hours(just taking my time i guess) i just finished taking the old one out. what should i do before i put the new one in. truck has 72k on it. i have some extra money so i dont mind going a little overkill.
  11. thats what i was thinking but i didnt know
  12. im saying if it leaks and you dont buy the part from them your screwed. as a rule of thumb never supply parts if your getting a labor intensive job done.
  13. whats the warn part number? i had a set on my 95 but i sold it=[
  14. if you supply your own rear main and theres a problem with it your screwed.
  15. what are they thinking. that sucks id pay 600 for a nice exhaust but not 15k
  16. DAVID BORLA to me show details 12:58 PM (7 minutes ago) Hi Christopher, Thanks for coming to us with this opportunity. There are two aspects involved with this potential project which are development and production. Each of these is approached individually. Regarding development, we would need your group to cover our development cost up front which will be in the neighborhood of $15,000 and will include a prototype (to be approved by you), fixtures, drawings, a bill of materials, flow testing, dyno testing, photographs, sound files and installation instructions. We will need a vehicle for 3 weeks as well. Regarding production pieces, we will take the required materials, labor and overhead with the addition of our minimum margin and come up with a price. There will not be any development costs associated with this price as the development will have already been paid for. In summary, we’d need $15,000 and a vehicle to get started. This will only cover development and the first prototype. Additional units will be sold at a reasonable price. Please let me know if this is of any interest to your group. Thanks again, Borla Performance Industries DAVID BORLA Sales/Marketing Manager davidb@borla.com 701 Arcturus Avenue Oxnard, CA 93033 tel: 805-246-6067 fax: 805-986-8940 www.borla.com
  17. thanks! lets hope we get somewhere
  18. I also e-mailed them.... Hello, I am on a pathfinder forum and the guys here are really interested in Borla coming up with a exhaust system for our trucks. How would we go about doing this? Is there a group buy process or do we need to get a number of pre-orders before you start making them? Please let me know. I started a thread about Borla making a system and everybody is pumped! BTW we are really looking for a system for the 1996-1999.5 and the 1999.5-2004 pathfinders. There are no other systems out there AT ALL for these years. Theres systems for all the other years though. Please let me know Christopher Perna http://npora.ipbhost.com/
  19. borla is always looking to make new products if the market is out there.

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