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  1. there limiter is the death wobble after 95 lol
  2. pulled over at a 7-11 and begged me not to call the police
  3. i just did mine when i did my trans, what a huge PITA! i have a exter one i am willing to sell, brandy new!
  4. i think he was more or less scared to go that fast and just wanted to get away but realized i was not giving up.
  5. hey guys, so i was driving down the parkway and some kid in a celica threw a snapple bottle out the window and needless to say i was pissed. i started chasing him and by the time i caught up i was at 105 and the speed limiter kicked in. i followed him at like 103 for about 3 minutes and finally he pulled over and we left the parkway and he called his mother and she wrote me a check for 250 for a replacement windscreen. now my issue here is i wanna know why can i only go 105. is there a way i can remove the limiter? the truck felt fine at that speed, no swaying or shaking at all. i really thought id make it to 115-120
  6. hey i just ordered some milemarker hubs for the pathfinder. i wanted some warns but i couldn't afford them. any input on how good they are would be appreciated.
  7. hello, i have a 03 pathfinder LE with all mode. i am looking for a km/h speedometer and i cant find one anywhere, any ideas?
  8. did you get this millage right after you took off the resonator?
  9. i already bought a new one.....i got a fel-pro cause the dealer was out of stock. anything else?
  10. so i bought a new trans for my truck. ive been working on it for about 4 hours(just taking my time i guess) i just finished taking the old one out. what should i do before i put the new one in. truck has 72k on it. i have some extra money so i dont mind going a little overkill.
  11. thats what i was thinking but i didnt know

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