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  1. I have a 93 xe, stock. I have followed my jeep friends afrer they were sure I was going to get stuck in my "city truck". I had no problems and got further than one guy that had open diffs. I used to drive a 90 k5 Blazer with 4" bl and 33x12.5. The Pathfinder gets through Colorado's tight treed trails much easier, and it hasn't been stuck yet... I am planning to put on some Thorleys and 31, or 33's within the next year.
  2. The noise sounds like it is coming from the diff not the tire slipping. Does that mean that the gears are slipping and shaving away. :oops:
  3. He checked the fluid and said it looked fine (no water). He didn't open it up because he said there was a chance that the gears could just come out if something as broken. I went wheeling a few weeks ago and it was acting like it was locked. The guy looking at it works at a shop so i'm not sure if he is just trying to make some money.
  4. My 93 is doing the same thing. I was told that the spider gears were siezed and that I should get a new rear end. I found a place that that has some 93 rear ends for around $500 but it is about another $500 to get it on. Could it be as easy as changing the fluid?
  5. I have recently noticed a clunking clicking ratchet noise coming from the back. I was told that the spyder gears were locked up somehow and that I needed a new rear end. I noticed it when I was driving slow and turning hard. They said the fluid was good and there wasn't any water in it.
  6. I am puting a pioner deck in my 93 pathy. I have the wiring harness and antena adapted. The factory wires make no sence at all to me, I have put in decks before, but this is wierd. Also I have herd about the amps. Do you have to bypass them or what is the deal with those? :help: Please

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