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  1. Thank you very much for the response! The model I have was manufactured in the US, so we should be same. Good info on the TPS. The vacuum I am talking about lives on the left hand side of the engine near the passenger and seems to control the smoothness of the gear change, so we are suspecting that it works in conjunction with the TPS. One simply changes the position of the cable to achieve this... Just wonder if there is some info on the correct setup. I am a bit reluctlant to spend US$30 on a Haynes manual that I have no guarantee that contains the info I seek! I have the Nissan full Maintenance PDF, but that doesn't help either!!!
  2. I have managed to move forward on some of these issues. TPS replaced. However what we need now is info on how to adjust the vacuum with the TPS etc to get the correct change schedule. Does the Haynes manual ($30) cover this? Thanks
  3. Thanks again. Transmission fluid and filter have been changed recently.
  4. Thanks for the response... Regarding codes for the auto change issue... There arent any! We will be checking for loose wiring. I was just hoping taht someone else had come accross the same issue at some point!!! Oh, well!
  5. I have a 1989 3.0 3 door down here in Patagonia! I have 3 issues that I want to try and solve I can only get the change to happen if I lift my foot off the throttle at about 2500 rpm or above, which brings me to the second problem, that the change is far too high! The rest of the change schedule works, going the other way as well as the gear shift lock. Is this a speed sensor issue? Vacuum? The other is that when the engine is hot and only after standing for more than ten mins, it starts but very rich, and takes about 40 - 50 secs to settle down. Temp sensor has been replaced. Any guide would be most gratefully received!
  6. I am having a bit of trouble locating the electrical connector for the ECC... Can anyone point me where to go in the US? Also if by chance a manual exists for the electrical circuitry exists, that would be great as well! Preferably in Spanish as my Pathfinder lives in Patagonia and my mechanic speaks better Spanish than English! Thanks in advance!
  7. Well guys I am back, and still with the same problem. I have replaced both ignition coil and transistor units (arrived at about $400!) Engine stalls and then restarts again 3 - 5 mins later. It can also run rough sometimes. Finger pointing at heat/temp sensor, but then this is intermittent, and my mechanic cant catch it out even when trying all day. Stuck injector???? Anyone any bright ideas? Otherwise its 2 months off the road for a rebuild. Oh and the MAF is very clean!!! HELP!
  8. I will be able to get a coil and PT sent from either the US or I will pick one up in Beirut when I go back there. The other side of the coin of course that although somethings here in Arg are extremely expensive, everyday living isnt! I will get the MAF cleaned and see what happens..... Being very careful with those wires, eh? The O2 sensor.... If that had gone, it would be drinking fuel.... And I am still suspecting the coil. The touble seems to happen in very cold weather, which we have had recently, so maybe I will put the coil in the freezer for a couple of hours to see what happens! Thanks.
  9. One more thing..... I have automatic transmission, which jolts when changing gear at low speed.... It used to jolt all the time until I had the transmission oil changed.... What might I have to do to smooth it out? Thanks.
  10. The Nissan dealer in Buenos Aires would like to charge me US$1,300 for the ignition coil and module... 50% up front and then a 60 day wait for them to arrive! So I have sometime and a bit of a budget if I am going to purchase direct from the US, which is what I will do. I had the Oxygen sensor changed only two years ago, can they go frequently? Same for the Mas air? If I am going ahead and purchasing coil, module, O2 and Mass, can anyone advise brands? If I spend more, will I feel any difference in performance? Thanks!
  11. Followed the link to get the ECU codes... Worked well. I have an error 21, ignition... So will be looking at that early next week. Thanks for the help, much appreciated..... Pity I cant get more HP out of the engine, no emission testing here and fuel is running at about 75cents a litre for premium! I just cant find people to do the work and get it right first time!
  12. 74k miles, V6 engine, automatic. Had the truck for 3 years. Now suddenly having stalling problems. Fuel smell... engine runs rough, then stalls... 5-7 mins later will restart as if nothing happened. During the last waiting period, I tried to start and found that the only way the engine would even think about firing was if the throttle was WIDE open.... Heavy fuel smell... Waited the extra 5 mins and it started up.

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