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  1. Yep you are crazy I say unbolt and slide the shock off the mount and inspect for damage. If there are no cracks or really noticeable bends then I would get you a picture of mine but they have been cut and shortened so its not much of a comparison.
  2. I can not compare to others experience, but I have had both OME mediums and AC springs in the back, I am no great fan of OME but I feel like the AC springs really let me down. The weight of my new bumper has cause them to sag and for the ride to become too soft in the back. Also the driver side spring is wearing out faster than the passenger side causing the back driver side to be about 1" lower than the passenger side. I had this happen with the OME but that was after 3 years not 7 months. I would say that the OME springs are better for heavy loading but keep in mind they will only lift that back about half an inch to an inch.
  3. Sorry, I forgot about those fancy auto transmissions Bummer.
  4. Gook Luck with the check! Our tx10 t-case is pretty durable but I guess you have 35s what diff gears are you running? If you do have to replace the t-case I have researched this recently and the 2002 and up tx10s have a narrower drive chain and are considered less durable.
  5. Those are very nice, I like the addition of bolt on hard plastic.
  6. Very Nice, I love it. I like those so much I even thought about importing one over here, but then I remembered I can't even afford the truck so I definitely can't afford the truck and the cost of importing it. Or the Total Chaos race suspension with fiberglass fenders and Fox shocks at every corner
  7. So since I did not get springs in time for last weekend I went a ahead and reinstalled my old spring spacers to keep my tires from rubbing while fully loaded. My solution to not having a spring compressor. Safety at work So the weekend went well (a few pics in the photo forum) and now I am back on the spring hunt. Looking at FJ/Prado springs now, I will let everyone know the results.
  8. Thanks Rick that's some great info, very helpful. Is there any reason you only looked at jeep springs? Its a holiday weekend here now so all this will be put on hold for a few days.
  9. Okay I am now looking at front springs from a Patrol but they have a 250lbs spring rate, will that break my back ? Dose anyone know the Spring rate for the AC 2in lift springs? I am beginning to think that spring rates ate more complicated that I think because I am finding some strange information. The spring rate for the rear of an R51 is like 350lbs/in which is terrible because they fit the R50 almost perfectly
  10. Yes I know that this would work for not bottoming out but they are designed for towing, not for off roading. If I use those the rear end will loose most of its flex.
  11. yeah I know about that but I am looking at what I can get here in the Middle East. Mainly wondering if there are any foreseeable consequences to running a spring that has a smaller diameter than the stock springs.
  12. My AC springs are too soft for the weight of my new bumper and my tires rub when I bounce the rear suspension too much. Looking at new springs from a few different vehicles and the best I have found is from a Land rover defender but they are narrower (smaller diameter) than my current springs. they should fit on the top perch if I get rid of the isolator and the bottom I can adapt. AC springs are ID of 126mm and the Land rovers are 116mm. Will the smaller ID/OD be a problem with stability or are there other problems that might come with a smaller spring? Opinions? Thanks -Dan P.S. I know about the jeep springs, I cant get them here.
  13. Thanks I am happy with the way it turned out but the shop moved faster than they said they would and did it without a design from me. I tried to have them do more of a bent tubing style but they only had the equipment to bent larger tubing than I wanted . I agree with you but I do keep the can there almost empty because it looks dumb if its not there . The holder is bolted on so it is interchangeable so I can change it to a double can holder or whatever I want to put there. When I get the chance I think I will make a tool box to replace the jerry can holder so that I can put my recovery equipment back there.
  14. I would love to but there are no measurements, it was all just thrown together. I will take some more pictures in a few days so that people can get a better look at how it was made.

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