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  1. hey i read on here ur sellling a oem tool bag wit tools if u still have it ill buy it i come to u cash in hand

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I try to post good pics hahaha.

  3. Congrats on winning TOTM!!! Nice pics!!

  4. So is it okay to leave it at 1200? Since we put in this other engine it is starting at 2k then going down to about 1300. HHmm..... BH
  5. Thank you gentleman! I will try that!! Appreciate the help!! BH
  6. I have been using this forum for about a month or so now and doing some recent searching thru google of various nissan/pathfinder forums I have this to say: NPORA HAS THE BEST FORUM EVER!!!! I checked about 9 other forums and NPORA is easier to navigate, to read, more recently used then other forums (as far as action goes) and just TONS better!!! I am glad that this was the one that I found first because once this one is found NOTHING else can compare!! SO I just wanted to say Thank you...for having such a great site and for all the dedicated members on here.... Thanks BH PS.... It even has your old forum in google still lol.....
  7. I know that O'Reilly has a pack of generic ones different sizes and such....only a couple bucks...you can try there. By chance is it the passenger side door? Just curious cause both of these ones we have neither passenger side door lock works properly....darn things! Thanks BH
  8. I am trying to add a picture to my profile picture but it tells me that it is too big to upload. Does anyone know how to make a picture smaller? Thanks BH
  9. think you guys could route through oklahoma too? just kidding....I read the article and it was awesome. You are a great bunch of people and I am happy that my husband and I are new members to this "family" Thanks BH
  10. I wonder...if you went back and asked for the other one and it cost more would they be willing to sell you the filter at the cheaper price since they caused this useless hassle in the first place? hhmm...I am good at barganing and can be a real........nasty person when need be...want me to go witcha? lol....
  11. Thank you for the link to the headers. Much appreciated... Thanks BH
  12. Thanks all.... I looked at the 4x4parts site but I am unable to find a set of thorley for my model....any suggestions.... It is an 87 V-6 SE VIN H 4x4 5 speed manual
  13. Thank everyone!!! So since you are a master at this you wanna come to tulsa this weekend? lol...just kidding.... I appreciate the breakdown...hopefully I can get it pulled while they are swapping the engine tonite....wish me luck!! Thanks BH PS....any secrets to share to keep this other dash in pristine condition so it does not crack up (get it crack up ) like the other one? Cannot always park the truck in the garage since sometimes my car takes precident with the weather and the kids!! Thanks again
  14. Mine is May 1987....but we are only the second owner of ours!! My dad bought this truck when it had like 9 miles on it in 87!! Geez I love that truck!
  15. Who has headers? Who does not? What are the advantages to having them and disadvantages? Are you happy with your headers? Where did you get yours from? What year are they on? We are looking into getting headers for the 87 but I am having an EXTREMELY hard time finding a set. I can find set for 87 2WD, 87 4WD AUTOMATIC but cannot locate for the 87 4WD 5 speed stick...ggrr....so is this maybe something that cannot be added to the 87? Thanks all BH

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