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  1. Take off the distributor cap and check for any fine gold/red/brownish particles. The distributor bearing is very common to fail on these trucks. The knock sensor code will take some power/mileage away but won't cause your problem.
  2. That's a lot of work for a part no one will see... I like it
  3. This was an interesting watch: Yeah it's still a soccer mom car but damn look at that clean 2 door in the background.
  4. The overhangs are what I love. After moving to an Xterra for my wheeler. I noticed I can no longer see what is right in front of me. Holy crap did that take some getting used to. The pathy will live out her old age as a summer cruiser around here.
  5. This looks similar to ours https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/repairing-bad-ac-compressor.html I need to know as well as I want to replace the shaft seal on mine. Compressor still works great, but seeps out the front. I also probably have a spare compressor laying around if you mess yours up.
  6. I hear you, I always get screwed on the import charges from the US.
  7. I have to use the truck to drop off a server at an office today. I'll check the voltage once it is been running for a bit. I'm not sure I trust the accuracy of the 20 dollar chinese voltmeter/phone charger, though lol.
  8. I used the AC (4x4parts.com) 3" coils and they are noticeably stiffer than stock. I had the JGC coils before but found them too soft.
  9. I would start by confirming the sending unit is good. Do a test with a mechanical gauge like Mr Reverse suggested. The sending unit in my 95 was bad and it would throw the oil light on unless you were driving on the highway. If you had no oil pressure at idle I suspect you'd also hear valvetrain noise.
  10. Idk, I last looked to update this thread and it is winter here so I am using the blower/defrost/radio/headlights always on etc. I think it's fine, its been in there for almost a year. I also have an optima yellow top battery and it hasn't roasted it yet. Noticed on a drive today it was in the mid to high 13s so I guess it is doing it's job. The xterra doesn't have a factory voltage gauge. I am using the same thing you have with the usb ports. My pathfinder still has the original alternator.
  11. It seems fine. During normal driving it stays around 14v on the gauge. Higher when it's cold started though. I did upgrade the charge cable but left the stock one in place.
  12. I installed one in my 2002 Xterra and it has been great. Charges well at idle and has handled winching with no issues. My buddy also installed one in his 2015 X.
  13. I retired my 94 with similar mileage due to frame rot (that I repaired many times over the years), it never had any coolant issues but it did start to use oil when driving in hilly terrain. No smoke. I'd do some tests (compression and leak down) to verify where the problem is. With that mileage it's probably not worth just throwing head gaskets on it. I would swap in a low mileage VG33 or VG30 from a wrecked one. If you insist on keeping your block/heads/etc, you should do a full rebuild including bearings/rings/honing the walls etc. And get the heads redone as well.
  14. The install is not fun, I had to burn mine out and cut the sleeves. The new ones pressed in fairly easily, though. It did make a considerable difference in how it drove. As well as fixing the sway/torque steer problem. I also agree with @gamellott and check out the front end as well. It can cause all sorts of other symptoms. Most common issues are worn idler arm and center link. And yes the alignment is frequently done improperly especially if they play with the caster/camber.
  15. I've still yet to have a failed Nissan OE pump, on these trucks at least, after many years. They simply just don't seem to die. That looks like it had been sitting in a rusty tank too.

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