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    1994 SE-V6Mods:3" PA Body lift3" SL (AC springs and AC UCA)ARB Front bar.Infinity speakers, sub and kenwood deck with bluetooth.Cold air intakeExternal Transmission cooler, filter and Temp gauge.Deep Cycle BatterySport Rack roof basketAVS VentvisorsTrailer Hitch modded for body lift.33x12.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires on Cragar Soft 8 wheels31x10.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires on stock lego rims (street wheels)And some other stuff.1995 SE-V6Winter ride. Bone Stock and rusty.
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  1. The only time I don't find the heater adequate is when it dips below -30C around here. When that happens I'd just leave in on recirc and it works well enough. But yeah my Golf has much better heat. The o2 replacement gave me an extra 2-4 mpg depending on my driving style. Either the NTK or OE Style Bosch will work fine. The o2 can cause misfires as well. Had that happen years ago on my old one. I've never seen worse than 15 mpg in mine. Maybe in 100% city driving but that makes sense as idling just pisses gas away. Also the 192F t-stat was not available before when I was doing all the work on mine. That's an aftermarket part, the OEM ones were only ever 170F or 180F. I don't see how the 192F could hurt anything though.
  2. Nice work on the rust repair. My old pathy I just welded in patches. Luckily my current one is clean.
  3. Has the o2 sensor been touched? If it looks old or original just replace it. Made a big difference on my 95. My temp never goes above 1/3 on the gauge. I run a Nissan T-stat but they do run kinda cool. You can also change to a 180F one if you want.
  4. 33x10.5 is still made by BFG. I just bought a set of KO2's for my 95 last summer. And I checked the KM3 which I want for my Xterra are available in that size. It really is the perfect 33 for our vehicles. Minimal power loss compared to 12.5 wide tires.
  5. You can do 33x10.5x15 on stock height. Provided you're using the oem "lego" wheels. But anything wider or different wheels you need to lift and possibly trim.
  6. There should be little plastic round "stick" things that go on each end of the water pump. I never had a need to put any permatex on there. But I do always put a skim coat on the gasket. Holds it still for install, and prevents any leaks from the normally crummy gaskets they ship with things these days. Never once had a leak that way.
  7. Since the transmission cooler is in the radiator the tranny should be running at close to the coolant temp. So when the engine is up to 170-180F I would check the fluid then.
  8. Drive by wire with a manual trans is horrible as well. My 04 golf has that. My Xterra SC has a similar issue but not exactly the same, it is cable driven, but the throttle plate has a much more aggressive opening (to make it feel even faster, I guess). So in 4L on the trail it lunges forward with the smallest application of the throttle. Something I've just had to get used to/live with.
  9. Nah, it's a survivor and collectors are willing to pay... All the cheap ***** on the facebook page make me laugh. It's almost 30 years old. They're classics now.
  10. It depends on how rusty it is. Mine took a whole weekend, though that was my first time doing that sort of thing. I had help with a few friends. That was years ago, but did one last summer on my friends Xterra in 1 day.
  11. I have the Hardbody ARB on mine with the 3" BL. Yes we had to mod the bumper to fit, but it wasn't that hard. Anyone who can weld can do it.
  12. I noticed the last few times I started the truck, fuel would start dripping from the back, to the right of the fuel tank. The lines all look good, and it seems to stop after 5-10 minutes of running which is even more odd. I'm going to assume it is something to do with the sending unit or the rubber hoses up top. Yay!
  13. Try and find a used VG30 from a JDM importer place. I bought one for $500 and it had less than 50,000km on it. Runs like a brand new truck. (Mine didn't have the same issue, the previous owner drove it with no coolant lol).
  14. There's no way the transmission cooler would cause the engine to overheat. There is a huge amount of surface area in the radiator and the trans cooler is just a small tube sitting in the bottom tank. If the engine is overheating at low speeds I would investigate the fan clutch.
  15. Exactly. My old 94 pathy had it on the lugs from the previous owner. It took me forever to get rid of it all.

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