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  1. Almost 300 cases here. I'm in IT so am considered essential although we still don't get any respect lol. Most people seem to be following the rules but there have been reports of people out. I'm hoping we can still have some wheeling events this year.
  2. Broke the passenger side door handle off. First time in 15 years of pathfinder ownership. Guess my time was coming.
  3. You can attach files here now, see example:
  4. Years ago the FB group was started mainly for the really active members to have a place to chat. Then as facebook groups evolved more people joined. A few years ago when photobucket pulled their bull@!*% that was the real nail in the coffin for forums. Now that people are starting to realize how evil FB is, maybe they will come back here.
  5. Not sure about the rest of you but I've never been able to get a puller in there without removing the radiator. The shroud and fan are already off so why not just remove it. 2 bolts and it should lift right out. You don't need to remove the AC but just be careful getting the upper cover past the AC line. This is an R50 specific issue IIRC as the wd21 and the Xterra have different routing.
  6. It cost me $700 canadian for my 02 X trans. It had about 120,000 km on it. Came out of a truck that was side swiped. The transfer case was included in that price so not a bad deal at all.
  7. Facebook killed the forums and it is sad because the real database of info is here.
  8. I hate wheel locks and refuse to use them on any car I have.
  9. Just get an aftermarket one. I've had no problems with the spectra premium ones from Canadian tire/Partsource. I think I paid $150 for a lifetime warranty unit. I know what you mean about the filler neck. My current 95 came with one where it was almost oval shaped and the cap would kind of tighten but not hold pressure.
  10. You can use the auto trans radiator on the manual. I did that on mine as all the aftermarkets are the same (with the trans cooler in the bottom).
  11. Yes it would be a dealer thing, but they are dirt cheap. At least they used to be.
  12. When I brought my wd21 in I told them to change the oil at the same time. So I came out with new seatbelts, fresh oil and OEM filter for $40. I felt like at least giving them some business made them not treat me like some leech lol.
  13. If you're replacing any hoses, the bypass hose is the one to do. It can be done afterwards but is a pain to get to. If the rad hoses are in good shape you can probably leave them. I've never replaced the key on any of mine, but that's not saying I've done things right either. The cam and crank seals have bit me in the ass like Slartibartfast as well. My crank seal started leaking 3 months after the job and of course before a long weekend road trip was to take place lol. The parts are pretty cheap on rock auto, so if you can stretch it I would just do it all. @Mr_Reverse aren't the keyways only an issue on the earlier VG's? I've never had a problem with any of mine, but they are all 94 and up. I do recall several people having issues with the (basically square tooth belt time frame) versions. I'm pretty sure they changed the design at one point. The VG33 style is definitely different.

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