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  1. I know Tungsten on here added the heated ones to his 91. I think only 93-95 had heated and power. The rest were just power. I'd definitely check the door for the harness.
  2. Frig this is cool, I might have to get it. I have no boost on mine but I assume I could tune it more aggressively for 91 fuel being N/A?
  3. You can turbo the KA easily but you can also swap in the supercharger from the Xterra with relative ease. I haven't done it but I have seen it a few times.
  4. Considering the z guys used to swap pathfinder intakes into their cars, I don't think there is a better performing one
  5. I just sent him the link to this page.
  6. If there's flakes, rebuild it or replace it. 2000-2004 Xterra, 1990-2000 pathy 1998-2004 frontier all fit.
  7. If you haven't found the hose yet, rock auto sells it as straight sections, and they give the diameter too. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1995,pathfinder,3.0l+v6,1211993,cooling+system,radiator+lower+hose,2057
  8. Damn, I'm in Ottawa but I probably had some of the parts you needed. Let's see pics of the thing.
  9. I’m really sorry to be reading this. I’m probably the only other person in Ontario other than my friend who still has a wd21. Let me mull this over... I’d still buy that calmini steering if you’d sell it to me .
  10. What happens if you put it in neutral, then brake and come to a stop? If it still happens I doubt it is the transmission. You could have a bad Universal joint, but that would clunk on take off as well.
  11. Every pan I do I just use black permatex RTV and never have any leaks. The wd21 pans come with 2 small gaskets at each end the rest is liquid sealant. I would assume the r50 is the same as my VW with the 2 piece oil pan. I used RTV on that as well with no issues.
  12. You put it on (it does not attach to the warn hub face well, I have to take off the cap but no big deal) and then you do a roughly 20 degree sweep. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use it. I honestly set it for almost 1 deg positive camber and as much caster as I could get out of it while keeping it even on both sides. Shops are lazy. They did not even try to adjust the camber/caster and said the adjuster bolts were seized. Not sure how that could be when I just replaced the UCA bushings.
  13. I got one of these on the recommendation of Mr.510 and it has been the best tool in the garage lately: https://www.joesracing.com/product/joes-caster-camber-gauge-with-magnetic-adapter/ I just set the alignment on the Xterra since the shop decided to leave it with .75 + camber on one side and - .75 on the other. To say it drove like @!*% was an understatement.
  14. You should be able to slide the caliper off the top pin. I had to work mine back and forth with a hammer, but I got it eventually.
  15. I think redhead will rebuild yours if you send it in. I know MY1PATH has one. The WD22 box is @!*%, it also doesn't use banjo bolts, but flared lines with nuts, kind of like brake lines. It always leaks on the Xterra, supposedly mine was on it's third when I bought it. Look how the seal is on the output shaft vs the wd21 one. It is a bad design change.

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