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  1. I’d start with the coolant temp sensor and the MAf sensor wiring. It is known to be problematic. I’ve worked on a ton of these trucks and I have never seen a failed fuel regulator before.
  2. It's not a VQ35 it doesn't have that problem lol FYI Ishino Stone is the OEM gasket maker for Nissan. At least for the older ones.
  3. I was able to use Rtv gasket maker on my iacv gasket just fine. Couldn’t find a gasket anywhere.
  4. Man, I bought 5 new bfg KO2 for my truck last summer. And the same &^%*ing thing happened. They used the wrong weights and then when I brought the truck back because it shook like hell, they tried telling me they don't have the proper weights for those wheels anymore. The second time they got them on tight but they did not sit flush with the lip of the wheel and looked like @!*%. I took it to a Mr. Lube, of all places, and the guy used stick on weights, can't see them at all and it drives smooth at all speeds. These were 33x10.5 fwiw.
  5. You don’t need new wheels, I don’t know why they say that. Use the bushings that come with the super lift arms, they’re polyurethane just like the energy ones. Mine have lasted a while. The bump stops are just the uppers. I left the stock lowers alone. The LCA bushings are a huge pain in the arse and I’d only change them if there is play. I’ve never had them loose on my rig but have done them on a friends pathfinder.
  6. Do you mean the leather shifter cover for the transfer case? I have one in decent shape I’d sell you.
  7. Scott, I have this deck in my VW (it was actually in my pathfinder before I went all hipster and put the OE deck back in): https://www.sony.ca/en/electronics/in-car-receivers-players/xav-ax100 Works well, and has Android Auto / Apple CarPlay. Waze even works on it now.
  8. Awesome to have you back.
  9. By all means go for it. It would be good to know that it is an option!
  10. It might not work. It’s the 01-04 Xterra trans you need.
  11. It’s the same job. Believe me I’ve done like 12 of them, probably more. On pathfinders, xterras, etc. And redpath is right, it’s 100k on the 94 and up.
  12. If you put manual hubs on, the wear to the CV shafts is limited to off roading only. It may devalue the truck, but it's 15 years old, how much is it really worth anyway? In my experience it does wear parts out quicker, but only marginally, and if you buy oem or good quality parts it isn't an issue. So no 20 dollar autozone ball joints or whatever lol. I've never broken a CV ever. I've had a defective one break but that's it. Don't get super throttle happy on climbs and you won't have any problems with them.
  13. It's the same fuse the power mirrors run off of I believe. Should be a 10 or 15A can't remember. Maybe some idiot put a larger fuse in because it kept popping.
  14. I’m tempted to order a rear bumper for my wd21 from Wam... Will see how it goes and let you know haha.
  15. Neither the 3.3L or the VQ40 are known to be oil burners. The VG33 is just a bigger version of what was in your wd21. Personally if you go first gen X I’d go with a supercharged model. Yeah it requires premium but it has 40 more hp and 46 ft lbs more torque. Mine seems to get the same mileage as the modded 2nd guys. Both fairly simple to work on, the 2nd gen has the ability to Titan swap the front end which is cool. I’ve worked on a few and they seem well built. I love my first gen but that’s because I prefer the simplicity of it and it pretty much is just a revised wd21 with leaf springs. I drove it to work every day till I bought new winters for my VW.

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