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    1994 SE-V6 Mods: 3" PA Body lift 3" SL (AC springs and AC UCA) ARB Front bar. Infinity speakers, sub and kenwood deck with bluetooth. Cold air intake External Transmission cooler, filter and Temp gauge. Deep Cycle Battery Sport Rack roof basket AVS Ventvisors Trailer Hitch modded for body lift. 33x12.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires on Cragar Soft 8 wheels 31x10.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires on stock lego rims (street wheels) And some other stuff. 1995 SE-V6 Winter ride. Bone Stock and rusty.
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  1. adamzan

    sound diagnosis

    I don't think you have to pull the whole thing, probably just the lower parts around the steering, and the glove box, and the radio.
  2. adamzan

    Auto Climate system

    If anyone has a parts truck with the auto climate system I'd love to buy it. Or if you want to swap to the manual system I can send you the full thing out of my parts truck. For a 90-95 WD21.
  3. adamzan

    sound diagnosis

    Slart if you want to trade I'll send you a fully working perfect condition manual setup...
  4. adamzan

    Need the VG33E guys...for a non-Pathfinder

    When you pulled the distributor cap off was there any reddish/brown/gold dust or flakes? VG33 are known for the distributors failing. When it went on my roommates frontier it would idle, but stall out with any application of throttle. If you’re sure the timing is right id start there. You would only need to pull the top cover anyway. Line up the balancer first mark with the arrow on the cover, that’s TDC. Then the upper marks should be lined up.
  5. adamzan

    Building a Headlight Relay Harness

    Nice. I need to do this on my "new" 95. Forgot how ****** the lights were lol.
  6. adamzan

    Cleaned MAF sensor tripped code

    Depending on the cleaner you used, you may have damaged the coating on the throttle body.
  7. adamzan

    Need the VG33E guys...for a non-Pathfinder

    The first thing I would do is verify the valve and ignition timing. It could be running a tooth or two off. The smoke is probably just oil/coolant/penetrating oil burning off on the manifold.
  8. adamzan

    Pathy Love!

    Honestly I have no idea what it is for. Most people just plug it with a bolt of some kind. Mine only came with one bung though so I didn't have the problem.
  9. adamzan

    vibration accelerating in 4wd

    Mine did this with this with aftermarket CVs. I believe the brand was cardone or surtrack.
  10. adamzan

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    lol "cold" in California.
  11. adamzan

    Tired engine in my '95, what to do?

    2015 or 2016 I believe.
  12. I wonder if Nissan still sells it? Sometimes they surprise me. I don’t find mine overly bright but I wouldn’t call it dim. I’ll take a pic for comparison.
  13. adamzan

    Early sign of blown head gasket?

    Yeah that's normal. I see it on most cars especially ones that do a lot of short trips. Google oil cap mayonnaise and you'll see what a blown HG will do.
  14. adamzan

    I need help finding a wiring harness for my 01

    Sounds like you need a blower motor resistor.
  15. adamzan

    Timing belt and water pump

    It's not really that bad. If you've done a lot of car work it should be pretty straight forward. Just make sure you have a balancer puller. Also make sure you triple check the tooth count before reassembly. The first time I did one it took me 6 hours but now I can knock them out in like 2-3 lol.

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