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    I just bought a '87 3.0L 2dr 4x4. My grandfather was the only owner of it prior to the turnover. For the past 5 years it has probably only been run up to 1000 miles. So needless to say I have had a LOT of work done to it to get it back into proper mechanic shape.
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  1. yesterday i found a local welder who is helping me out with custom brackets for my puch bumper. i'll have pics of that up soon. along with that i also found a rack im looking at. the welder and i are going to customize the rack directly to the body vice adding a cargo bar.
  2. while were on the subject, with a 3" body lift, hows the pathy handle a 33x11.5.15 on the turn radius? any rubbing?
  3. to answer both of you, i dont have any cargo bars on my pathy. and the load i'd like to carry... well lets just say its not going to be for looks. minimum of a spare tire cooler full of beer and fishing/camping equipment. and if at all possible, i'd looking to one with a light bare attachment. should i bolt it striaght to the body of get the cargo bars?
  4. moving from my f150 4x4 to my pathy. there isnt a chance in hell i'm gunna shift on the fly. old habits die hard and if you value your 4wd in your ford you dont do it. i'll take the safe route with my pathy. even stopped (my f150) it give a good jerk when going into 4Lo.
  5. i've been getting a lot of advice of where to go to get some accessories, but i see you've got a basket rack on yours. the only maker i can find that has one to fit my year/model is wilderness. i like what they got but not the price. where did you get yours? i also want a 3" body lift. what else needs to be done (besides tires) to accomplish that (shocks, brake lines, etc?). i've only ever worked the mechanics part of my trucks. never body. im no stranger to mud. i've been stuck a couple few times in my '92 f150 4x4. and replacin a 351 aint cheap. it is a first for doin a lift. 2nd day i owned my pathy: my 'clean' pathy dont worry it wont happen again
  6. i've been racking my brain trying to find specail accessories. -alcohol- :type: i found a basket cargo rack by Cargo Masters for $450. supposedly its the only one that will fit my pathy. am i also looking for the vent visors for my front to windows. NOW... here is the kicker. along with the paint job i want Mossy Oak New Break Up visors, bug guard, mud flaps, finder flares, and rocker panels. i found www.stampedeproducts.com but they dont offer half that for my late model. i have been told since i want to paint it, that should be done first then the panelling. so by this weekend i should have pics of the before(s). and slowing get more pics of the work im going to do to it. the work i want in it is a yearly project.... due to the 'bottom line price' -contract-
  7. first, i appreciate the advice from before on a lift and adding the spare tire arm. I picked up my pathy sat mornin and drove home (8 hours away). i soon realized a LOT about my pathy: 1 - the stereo doesnt do to well working on only 1 speaker. :furious: ---- i installed a cd player and speakers in it yesterday 2 - even if the stereo worked, the pathy wasnt designed for 4 people. :gossip: 3 - same 4 people had NO sleep and chugged energy drinks to stay awake. so the 8 hour drive took over 13. but we did stop and help someone change a tire. i was so excited to finally get it that at every gas station we stopped at, i cleaned portions of my pathy. by the time i got it home, it was pretty much sparkling. and 2 days later, i had to try out the 4x4. IT WORKS FINE. so much for cleaning it. the 4wheeling was spontaneous, so no pics were takin. but i did get a couple of fixin the speakers! they will be up soon. thanks -bounce-
  8. hey ya'll. as it says in my profile i just acquired an '87 4x4 3.0L pathfinder. everything on it is stock. the only mud its ever seen has been from the back 40 (literally). my granddad had a 40 acre farm. i am looking at spending some cash in a small wish list i have my it. i'd like to get some feedback and advice from those of you who have already done this. pics to come soon. short range goals: k&n air filter 3" body lift custom seat covers for the back seat to match the front (mossy oak) black push-bumper bumper guard spare tire rack for the back hatch (currently its in the cargo area) long range: 4" suspension lift 31x10.5x15 new carpet (preferably vinyl behind the back seat) westin cargo basket rack i have found the spare tire rack and the push bumper at 2 local u-pull-its here in town. i'm gettin both for under $50. (if only they knew!) the 3" body kit some coming in the mail (new). that is something i'd never done before. i'll be having help doing it, but will never turn down good advice. also, as far as the push bumper, its one that is welded on. the bumper that is currently attached to the bumper guard aint in the best of shape. so i'd need to replace that one piece. i've been having a slightly hard time trying to find accessories for that old of a vehicle. any help will be appreciated. :help: thanks, robert

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