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  1. Little Monster Truck

    Spark Plugs

    Hi all. Can I please get advise on Spark Plugs. My mistake, I bought some NGK plugs No BKR6EIX / .032 gap. These are for a VG30E / 1990 model. Question. Can I use these in my VG30I 1989 motor ? .NGK list plug BCPR5EIX-11 with a .044 gap for this motor.Being in Australia they cost a lot and I would like to do a service before XMass.The Auto store will not exchange or return them. Will the different plugs affect the running ?
  2. Little Monster Truck

    Head Lights / Switch ?

    Hi. Can I have some help and advice please on where to start looking. The head lights both low and high beam have thrown in the towel.Parking lights still work. When you go from low beam to high beam the low beam lights would go out and it would take 2 - 3 seconds for high beam to light up. that lasted for a couple of days, now I have no lights. Have checked for a blown fues but nothing overious. Where to now ???? Thanks.
  3. Little Monster Truck

    Where Are The Queenslanders.

    Hi Am at Toowoomba Qld 4350. Have 1989 Terrano VG30I Auto. Have not long finished a L P G duel fuel conversion.
  4. Little Monster Truck

    Spark Plug Leads / Distributor Cap

    Spark Plug Lead Sets This may sound straight forward but are the Spark Plug Leads the same for the VG30I motor and the VG30 E motor. As the Terrano/Pathfinder are a import to Australia most of the aftermarket stores parts list do not show the VG30I motors only 1990 on VG30E Pathfinder. Distributor Cap and Rotor Buttons. Can not find a listing for these for the VG30I. The only ones I can find that look the same are for a 1989 Nissan 300XZ.VG motor. Are these thee same/interchangable ?. Thank You.
  5. Little Monster Truck

    How To: Replace Your Starter on a 1987-95

    Hi. Just read the Replacing Your Starter. Great write up and agree 100% on it being a fun job to do. A couple of things I did a bit different may be a help. Mine is the Vg30I with custom extractors . This has left less room than normal around the starter. My hands were to big to get into the wiring termanials at the starter so I unwrapped the wiring back to the plug connection near the battery and disconected it there and fed the wiring back down and took it out with the starter motor . This way I know I will not damage any connections on the starter and the wires are on correctly. The main problem I found was once you get the mounting bolts out and the wiring sorted the starter will come forward ok but I could not get it past the steering cross rod. Quick and easy fix to just undo the kunckle and the the steering cross rod will lift up enough to give the extra clearance to slide the starter forward and out. Also with the oil filter the best way to stop the dramers with changing the filter and oil leaking on you new starter is to reposition it. I have fitted a Perma Cool brand relocation kit on mine and mounted the oil filter on the firewall. Quick and easy to change and no more jacking the car, remove the wheel,etc etc. Just my ideas and will not be for everyone.
  6. Little Monster Truck

    E C U

    Hi Can someone please tell me if the E C U from a manual transmission model is the same as one from a automatic. Can you just swap them over ?
  7. Little Monster Truck

    L P G Conversion

    Re LPG. Yes the job was done in store. The service people doing the work are really great. They have lost a huge amount on time with this job and are only charging the original quoted price. They are as determained as I am to get every thing at 100%. The car it running great on straight LPG though still underpowered on Fuel. We have tracked the running problem on fuel to our costom adaptor plate for the LPG. Not getting enough air past the adaptor block. So back to the drawing board and will have to make some more changes or start from scratch with the air fitler system. The adaptor has added 60 mm of height on top of the throttle body. So at the moment we are having trouble with clearance under the bonnet. A bit hard to explain but will post some pictures as soon as I can.
  8. Little Monster Truck

    L P G Conversion

    Hi. We have just completed a LPG duel fuel conversion on ourTerrano. 1989 VG30I From what we have been told there is not any other VG30I Terrano / Pathfinders in Australia with the Throttle body injection system that have been converted to duel fuel.Plenty of VG30E ones We would love to near from anyone who has already done one as we are still having some very minor problems. So far we have found two wiring diagrams for this car and both are different. Can someone post one or a link to a wiring diagram. The main problem so far was that we could not find a adaptor for the gas system to fit the throttle body. The answer was to custom make one so we then had to make a custom air filter system. All is running good though there is a small hesatertation when going back to fuel after running on LPG. It seems as though the oxygen sensor or the computer is taking a while to work out the change over ????? We are thinking maybe a electrial hickup ???
  9. Little Monster Truck

    Timing Belt part numbers

    Hi I have a D21 Terrano VG30I imported to Australia. Most if not all the general auto parts stores only show VG30E parts listings. In regards to Timing Belt and Water Pump and Radiator Hoses are there any differances between the motors. Are the instructions in the How To Garage for replacing timming belt the same. I am having LPG fitted soon to the car and want to replace the Timing Belt and hoses before it goes to the shop. Also still wanting a copy of the wiring if anyone has one. Thank You.
  10. Little Monster Truck

    89 VGI Wiring

    Hi all. I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 1989 VG30I motor. I am doing a LPG gas duel fuel conversion and need to have up accurate wiring plan. Also a list of the fuses. My car is a Import to Australia and the fuese cover is in Japanese. Any help and information will be great. Thank You.
  11. Little Monster Truck

    Terrano VGi 30 Lt Auto R3M

    Thanks for the reply. Have had a receint service, and put some injector cleaner through it before we went tripping.It is only around town that it gets thirsty. Will replace the PVC valve and check out the information on cleaning the Mass Air Flow Sensor. It has a K & N filter which has been cleaned and oiled. The tyres are 31 * 10 * 15 Maxxis 751 Bravp Radial on Lodioddrive Alloy 15 * 7 wheels. Had a recent wheel alligment and was told to run them on 40 psi.??? At this pressure the ride is supriseingly smoth and road quiet. I will chase up some prices on Plate style coolers. The local Automatic specialist has quoted $300 supply and fit. Way to much. Another question in reguards to tyre size. on the highway at 100 Klm per the speedo is showing 115 Klm. Could this just be falty speedo or tyre size. Tha car has been well looked after and serviced and has done 132,000 Klm. but who knows with speedo readings.
  12. Little Monster Truck

    Terrano VGi 30 Lt Auto R3M

    Hi we have just bought a March 1988 Terrano. Must addmit we got the car for its looks and style. The 3.0 Lt motor was the option we wanted as we sometimes tow a small van ( 1,200 Kg ) We have just done a 4.000 Klm highway sightseeing trip without the van and love the vehical. The fuel economy was good average 11 liters per 100 Klm. The questions we have are. How to improve fuel economy around town ? The best after market oil cooler for the Auto ? I do not like standard radiator systems. The car has Extrastors we a high flow 2.5 in system. It is just legal for noise levels frovided you are not to heavy with the right foot. All advise and help will be great. :help:

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