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  1. Call me old school but. Motor Oil: anything 10w40 with a bottle of STP Manual Transmission: anything 85w Trasfer Case: see above Rear Diff: see above Front Diff: see above Other? I think people spend too much time worrying about fluid brands.
  2. B if you were closer I'd hit you up for your MT.....cause this AT sh** sucks. but I still love my pathy!
  3. Yeah, nothing came up on the self-check. Reading the FSM it looks like the valve body AGAIN! I just ordered a new one from W.I.T. I am going to attempt to change it with the tranny still in the truck
  4. Well tranny and engine are in. Unfortunatly it wont shift from 2-3.... and the saga continues....
  5. I have just finished building mine, but I haven't got it back in yet (pulled engine too). I would not recommend it unless you have some transmission experience, luckily for me my buddy had built several Chevy trannys. He and I agree we would never do it again due to the fact we had a lot of trouble finding a good valve body. I have never read anything on here about the valve bodies however we kept finding damaged plungers etc. If I have any more tranny issues I will be converting to a manual trans.
  6. I am in a shop miles away from my fsm. Can someone please message me the torque specs for the upper plenum to manifold. I would be forever indebted to anyone that can help.
  7. FYI Thorley does not make the ceramic coated headers anymore for the WD21, it is actually a nickel coating that is designed to heat up and meld into the steel pipe. That said I am currently working on the exact same issue, I am going to be checking with a professional welder to see what if any problems the nickel will pose. Stay tuned.
  8. As for an update to the chaos that began as a simple tranny rebuild and header install. (Two weekends I told my wife) As you can tell from the previous posts the rebuild was not exactly cut-and-dry. I ended up having to use the valve body from my 94 as the other two valve bodies had stuck valves that could not not be moved at all. Luckily (or unluckily) last Fri. the 94 died on my wife with an exploded front pump, providing the afor mentioned valve body. The 94 also had a brand-new alternator (1 day old) so that will be going into the 95. While under the 95 I noticed the valve covers have been leaking terribly which saturated the starter, again luckily the 94 has a fairly new starter. Of course the right rear manifold stud was broken on the 95. While removing the manifolds two more snapped on the right and two on left. Removing these was too much to handle in the vehicle, so the engine has now been pulled which should make things a little easier. Needless to say my two weekend project has been extended with no set date to finally get to drive my latest "great deal". Side notes: The 94 will finally get what it's been waiting years for....custom frame, SB Chevy/350T/Atlas(or 203/205), D44/Ford 9". I will NEVER mess with another Nissan AT, if the 95's tranny goes again it will get a MT!
  9. OK, the tranny is done with the exception of the harness that goes into the side. Upon trying to remove it from two different trannys, the little tits that hold it in have broke on both (high heat damage I believe). Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for a leak-free fix?
  10. I have yet another problem. I can't get the aluminum plugs out of the valve body that I am supposed to replace with new steel ones. Any ideas? If so msg me plz so it will come to my phone.
  11. No, I will have to take pics tomorrow I guess.
  12. NZ, in the shift kit it shows a plunger that I'm supposed to flatten dimples on, where exactly is that plunger located? It doesn't give any diagrams regarding where to get it, only how to fix it...
  13. OK. I received my master kit and shift kit Thurs. last night me and a buddy tore it down, got it cleaned, and got the reverse pack back together. *Anyone attempting a rebuild should keep in mind, you will need a press for the direct and forward clutch packs* I am hoping to have the trans together tonight and the valve body should get done tomorrow. I will not be dropping the existing tranny until my Headers get here next week. As much as I wish I could drive it next week it looks like next weekend at least. **Big props to TerranoNZ, who has been a huge help. Thanks again man!**
  14. LOL at the the US most viewed sites. porn, porn, not porn, porn, porn, ...
  15. I have a Phillips that has a great picture. My cousin has a Sony that is also great. I found when shopping for mine, Vizio seemed to have the lowest quality, however for the money I think they are worth it.
  16. Has anyone needed to replace the pump? If so where did you find it?
  17. Thanks B. I promise I'm not lazy....just impatient
  18. I know this has been beat to death.... however I have searched and searched and cannot find the correct part number for the Thorleys. Also any suggestions on where to get them at a reasonable price?
  19. Thats what I thought by process of elimination, but I needed confirmation...Thanks a ton.
  20. I have just purchased another WD21 (I will give details on my steal later). Needless to say it has AT problems, I am looking for rebuild kits. However I cannot remember nor find the tranny code. (eg. RE4R01A, RE4R03A, RG4R01A, JR403E etc) Does anyone know which is which?
  21. OK. So it's been a long time. I will try to be brief but alot has happened over the past 10 months. The summary for those too lazy for details: Pathy broke, Pathy fixed, got laid-off, got new job, travel ALL the time, addicted to W.O.W, wifey runs family resturaunt, Pathy broke, bought new truck, now I'm back! Now for some details: As some of you may remember my job wasn't going to well, then on the 23rd of March (the day before my b-day) I was laid off. I had trouble finding a new job in my very specific field of work, so I was off for a month and a half. I finally got an offer making a little less but it was work. So now I am doing phone work for the state, it's pretty cool but I live out of hotels 90% of the time. But thanks to lots of overtime and perdeum i am actually doing much better than before. I decided to see what all the buzz was about World Of Warcraft, within a week I had to buy a new laptop so I could play while on the road. Now I spend several hours daily slaying ogres online My step-mom opened a returaunt and my wife is helping her run it, she averages 70 hrs per wk. Due to our schedules we see each other just a few hours a week . On the bright side we have more cash, and it should lighten up some soon. My pathy doesn't want to start and with upcoming mods it gets less reliable every day and I needed a truck so I bought a 91 Chevy ext. cab (it's purty). I have been busy the past few weekends doing some preventative maintenance on the new jewel since I will need a tow truck to drag the pathy around once she's no longer street-legal. I am currently trying to decide what axles to use so I can actually start getting this thing ready for the New Years Day Run. I have finally decided on the rest of my drivetrain, I will definately be going with a SBC/700R4/Atlas4 combo since the Pathy tranny sucks balls. I am pretty sure I will end up going with the 2 1/2ton axles for economic reasons. I have alot of little suprises in store that I won't show or tell until it is complete. Hopefully I will my the NPORA community proud with the final product.
  22. Wheelin In The Country - Summertown Woolies - Lynnville These are the two that Xtreme 4x4 uses the most for testing. There's a couple more i just can't remember the names. I am in Summertown, if you ever wanna ride holler at me i should be back up and running soon.

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