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  1. I can get 116 mpg! I drive 16 miles on 1 gallon and call AAA for my free 100 mile tow (Gold Plus RV)
  2. Here in Milwaukee it seems that there are alot of aluminium generics on old corollas and sentras... Mainly in the Hispanic part of town. lowering seems to be in again around here. I would be car sick as they bounce more than a jeep and camber is way out of place
  3. Glad our quarterbacks last name isn't Kennedy
  4. Thanks for the quick response!-) Back to wrenchin'
  5. Finally got around to replacing my exhaust studs (welded nuts onto broken studs and they came right out!-) Now I can't find my manual to look up min/max torque specs of the studs so I can put the thorleys back on. Thanks! Mike
  6. You also need something to weld to!-) Boxed mine with mostly 1/4"
  7. thanks Jim! (Just after I scraped the url off for being bad...)
  8. Or go with the Xtra heavy duty!-) Calmini steering may as well fix it GOOD!-) who is sleeping with grasshopper 4x4 and flamin' Calmini? Things are startin' to make sense now
  9. MikeV

    Temp Issues

    Neither of my pathies ever heated up on its own I put a piece of cardboard over 3/4's of the radiator and I have heat but the truck never gets too hot. 5W-30 is what I run in the winter a reverse flush for coolant, use regular water as it all comes out anyways. How did you get 19 gallons in the tank? 16 gallon/270 = 16.8 mpg I wish I could get that or close to it! Guess I shouldn't have added 500lbs of metal?-)
  10. Then he may as well get an X-terra if he is looking past 95 (it's a WD-**) I like frames, even rusty ones
  11. MikeV

    Act Smart!

    You got Out of Cali! S.M.A.R.T.

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