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  1. Hate to dig up this semi old thread but 02silverpathy, do you have a pic or something to help me set up this filter? I just took off my upper pendulum tonight and it looks even worse than those pics you posted. Just looking to do this to mine and was looking for a bit more info before I went to the auto parts store to look for the filter and hose. Thanks for the help
  2. Just wanted to follow up on this thread I made. Looks like the noise is the Timing Chain. Any suggestions on what to replace while its being taken apart. I think its probably too much above my skill level to take on, but if anyone has done it before and has some input, I would appreciate it.
  3. reminds me, I need to change my blinker fluid
  4. SES light is on but I believe its unrealted as its showing a code for an o2 sensor p0430 (which I've been fighting an ongoing war with). I believe there was a valve clearance code a month ago but the dealer said that it was probably just low oil (right after I bought it), and it doesn't seem to be showing up now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE_iQVBqwUQ That should be the link to the video. Was done on my camera phone so the quality isn't too great, but you should be able to hear the sound. You think seafoam in the intake would work? As, I've already done it in the Gas tank and Oil. Might try it anyway. The main reason why I think it might not be a lifter is that the sound never goes away or gets better. It seems like through searching on here most peoples lifter problems go away after the car warms or at least get a little better. Although that doesn't mean mine don't. thanks for the replies guys
  5. I just put in some Mobil 1 10w30, in hopes it would help. It was doing the ticking before using regular oil in the 5w30 weight. The sound is still there, and it really hasn't changed much at all. It doesn't change even when the engine is warm, just when the idle rpm drops down(after warmed up) the tick is slower. Everythings stock. I do know the tailpipe is broken off the back but that shouldn't cause problems ticking in the front. I'll see about getting a youtube video up in a little while. How hard is it to change/clean the lifters? I've taken off valve covers before but this one looks a bit more complicated. Thanks
  6. From what I've gathered from that thread manual trans don't have that problem, and that's what I have. Should have mentioned it but thanks. Oh and the ticking has kinda always been around since I got the car. There doesn't seem to be any sort of performance problems or gas mileage decrease. The timing chain I guess could be a possibility. Thanks for the replies.
  7. My first post is unfortunately a "what's this noise post" but I am wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what might be going on. Sound is a tick keeping tempo with the engine, almost like a diesel. Sounds like it might be coming from the belt area in the front, but I'm not sure. I held the screwdriver near the front Driver side of the engine and around the spark plug area and you can def hear the ticking going on in there. No sound coming from the rear plug areas. Also, it seems pretty loud from underneath the engine. I'm not sure if its a lifter or something more serious like a rod or bearing. As im trying to type this, all these symptoms are leading me to feel this could be more serious than I thought. Any help is appreciated. Oh yeah its a 02 pathfinder at 130k, not sure if it shows up under my name. Thanks
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