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  1. I'm still feeling pretty bad so I won't make it today. Have fun and take lots of pics!
  2. Well, it ain't lookin good for me guys. I'm still pretty sick and didn't see much improvement today. I will see how I feel in the morning and go from there. This sucks.
  3. No worries man. I should of texted you! But I have my own issues at the moment, I'm sick! I feel like I got hit by a truck. I stayed home from work today in hopes to feel better by tomorrow.
  4. Find a shop near you that performs custom alignments. They will not worry if your lifted or modified from factory like the chain stores will.
  5. So, we will keep nis as planned, meet at 9:30 at the Belfair Safeway. Then head up!
  6. Sheesh that was a lot of info! Sorry for your troubles. I totally understand. I'm thinking its a good idea to go to Tahuya as a light run to make sure everything is cool with your rig! I got my buddy coming with his Xterra with me.
  7. Well, be home on the 24th and go wheelin with us at Tahuya!
  8. Holy Moses! I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say your using Tapatalk. If you are, dump it. It lies to you!!! Anyway, have you checked the oil? These motors are known to burn some oil. That's where I'd start.
  9. If you locked the rear end I bet you could. Whether or not you damage something is a different story.
  10. Well, lucky for you, R50's dont have a frame(hense the caR50 joke)! Seriously though, there is a recall for rust in the front fender towers. Being you live in salt state, your gonna have to do the normal inspections every year and coat with whatever to prevent rust in the future.
  11. Usually we meet about 9:30 at Safeway in belfair, then head to the trailhead. Without any major issues, it takes about 4 or so hours to do the whole thing. I'm sure it will take you about a hour to get there. If ya want, let's bump the meetup time to 9.
  12. Inspect your power steering stops on the knuckle. They are supposed to have a little bushing over the and contact the lower control arm when at full lock. If they are missing either replace them or grease the contact point. Oh, here's a tip, stop using Crapatalk. Lots of people have had issues with it and I noticed you may be using it to. Just use a regular browser and you won't worry about double posts and stuff.
  13. Lots of guys rolling stock can do Tahuya. The joke is you don't need 4wd. Though I've seen people get stuck, roll on their side and break stuff. It's a great place to get some seat time and learn. I've been there lots and am pretty comfortable with helping those who have less experience. There are a few other hard spots that have been created to up the difficulty if you want to tackle it. I try to wheel smart.
  14. At Tahuya, you will be fine with a open diff. If you want, I highly recommend a Lock- rite locker for the rear. I love mine and commute with my rig too.
  15. Ok, so I forgot I have a family work day at my motherinlaws house on the 17th. So the 24th it is! No more date changes, the 24th is set!
  16. Sorry guys, Ive been rediculously busy lately. I have been watching to see if anyone else is going to ring in about going. Next week would definetly work better for me. I have a few things to work out to make sure and I will let you know. This weekend sounds like its going to be quite crappy out as well. Not that would stop me normally. Jim, I wouldnt want to install the locker on the trail as if anything goes sideways, we are screwed. I would hate that to happen. So, have you been out with your new rig at all? Would you rather do a easy trailride(Tahuya) and make sure everything is cool? Just putting a feeler out there.
  17. I was hoping for more interest from other members than just the three of us. I'm still down to go. If we push it out another week I have a friend in a Xterra who can go.
  18. See post #5... http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/12828-how-to-change-your-timing-belt/ You need to remove the lower fan shroud, or the entire shroud, undo 4 nuts, loosen the belt and lift it out. Pretty easy.
  19. First of all, pathfinder transmissions don't like heat! Be very weary about towing heavy things on just a factory transmission. A aftermarket trans fluid cooler is a must. Second, what does the transmission fluid look like? How does it smell?
  20. You were gonna post the pics and video of your reunion! This ain't the facetubes(and I ain't got one!)!
  21. 3in body lift and 3in suspension and sheet metal trimming
  22. Well, the cheapest you can do is reindex and crank the front torsion bars, then find some Jeep Grand Cherokee springs and stuff them in the rear. Many people have done this and minimal modifications are required. Maybe speach jgc springs and you'll find lots of results. Price go up from there and adding any tire larger than stock will put strain on the steering. You can purchase or make a idler arm brace and add a steering stabilizer. Don't be surprised if the steering centerline wears out quickly. Either carry a spare or upgrade. The hardbody upper control arms do fit. 31x10.5x15 are a stock option, so they should work with minimal effort.
  23. Pics of this meeting or it didn't happen! Congrats on the purchase! We do have a pretty good forum here.
  24. Welcome to the forum! Slick(she) had dual rate torsion bars and a dual colored stripe down the sides on one of her rigs. Looks like we may find out soon... 4 user(s) are reading this topic 4 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users 5523Pathfinder, adamzan, RoguePathy, Slick
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