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  1. All members need to step up their TOTM skills in 2016!

  2. Wanna get more social with other members? Go to the Poho section and say hello!

    1. kdj


      Nothing personal but I heard it smelled funny in there!

    2. 5523Pathfinder


      Smells like sweet sweet awesomeness!!!

    3. Precise1


      Ha Ha Funny?

  3. Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

  4. Glacier-check. Badlands-check. Yellowstone, your next!

  5. Anyone in Washington have a portable Fridge/Freezer they wanna let me borrow?

  6. If your new to the forum, there is no dumb question! We can only expand by embracing those who don't know!

    1. adamzan


      I used to think there were no dumb questions, but working in IT, that is simply not true.

    2. 5523Pathfinder
    3. RobynInOK
  7. Just found a lifted(trailmaster me thinks) 95 pathfinder in Post Falls Idaho, on W Seltice rd, if anyone is looking

  8. Rain? Check. Mud? Check. Pathfinder packed and ready to wheel? Check! You?...

    1. RedPath88
    2. xterra


      International guests? Check. All week meetings? Check. Wishing I was anywhere but here. Absolutely!

  9. Feel free to vote for me n TOTM. Then again, I'm drunk.

    1. kdj


      By that logic I get half a vote...and I'm not in the running.

  10. Where, oh where, is Poho 12? Where, oh where, could it be?

    1. nunya


      poho 12teen is on DVW, feel free to bombard him with PMs to get him to start it!

  11. All members who haven't voted for truck of the year, SHOULD DO IT NOW!

  12. Happy New Year everyone! Now get out and wheel!

  13. 3.0l, 3.3l #6 has got nothin' on 4.0 #1 & #3

    1. Trogdor636


      I look under the hood of lots of new cars and see so much plastic I cant even find spark plugs!

    2. nismothunder


      Guessing twin cam ranger?


    3. 5523Pathfinder


      No. 06 pathfinder.

  14. Got a driveway full of Nissans this morning. My 95, a 06 pathy and a 08 Armada! Feels like home!

    1. RedPath88


      ... used car lot? :P

      No really, that's cool!

    2. 5523Pathfinder


      Just doing some side work. My rig is jealous and decided to make a whirring noise from the engine tonight. Probably just a pulley.

  15. Domestics have way more special tools needed to work on them, than foreign rigs.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 5523Pathfinder


      You ain't kiddin! Well, Matco truck anyway.

    3. Der_Vier


      More the reason to buy a Japanese owned brand.


    4. nunya


      standard AND metric sizes? Torx AND invertet torx with the occasional tamper proof one? Witchcraft I tells ya!

  16. New England members should post up pics of the blizzard. Some of us have wuss winters!

  17. Im sexy and I know it?

    1. Pezzy


      Cheeto dust and all?


    2. nismothunder


      Show it! Show it!

    3. nunya


      So it's THAT kinda party?

  18. 1/6/12 211,567- Changed front and rear diff fluids(making sure no water got in from Tahuya). Also changed transfer case fluid.

  19. 12/1/11 209,400- Performed oil change, tire rotation, brake fluid flush, Fuel Injector flush(3M) and BG Air Induction Service(cleaned throttle chamber, intake runners and valves).

  20. 11/26/11 209,128 miles- Replaced timing belt, tensioner, water pump, thermostat, cam seals, crank seal, 90 degree bypass hose, upper and lower radiator hoses and drive belts.

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