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    95 SE. Code Name- Big Homie. Modifications-3in A/C suspension lift, 3in body lift, 33in BFG M/T's on Ultra 15's, Factory steering damper kit, A/C front skid plate, JWT pop charger, Optima Red Top Battery, Warn manual hub conversion, Pioneer CD player,, Rockford amp and single Infiniti perfect 12 sub in sealed box, Garmin GPS on windshield, Trans filled with Redline manual trans lube, Lockright in rear diff, GrassRoots center link, Moog greaseable tie rods, 90Amp maxima alternator, dents, scratches & chrome package!
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  1. 5523Pathfinder

    R51 owners! How to Save your transmission!

    I have been posting this a lot lately on our FB Page, maybe it should be pinned to find easier.
  2. 5523Pathfinder

    Suggeations for Plugs & Wires

    Double post. Sorry
  3. 5523Pathfinder

    Suggeations for Plugs & Wires

    You do not need the iridium plugs. V-power plugs work fine, change them every 50k. NGK wires will last you 100k. Same with the O2 sensor. Be sure to double check the timing while your at it.
  4. 5523Pathfinder

    Where's Alkorahil ?

    I wouldnt want to take any business away from Rob, but if he doesnt work there anymore, I can recommend my good friends Shea and Geoff at Tacoma Nissan. They are two of the best Nissan parts guys Ive ever met. Plus Ive known them for over 10 years now. They know their Nissan stuff. Give them a call and tell them Derek recommend them they you. Tacoma Nissan parts 253-579-1264
  5. 5523Pathfinder

    Elbe Run this Saturday/ February 11th

    Elbe is fun! Bring your camera!
  6. 5523Pathfinder

    Sway bar end linkages....wtf!?!

    Do yourself a favor and grease the bushings before you install them. I use Sil-Glyde all the time and lasts a long time. It will keep the bushings from drying out, rubbing together and wearing prematurely. You may also be over or under tightening the nuts when you assemble them.
  7. 5523Pathfinder

    Factory alarm problem

    Most likely you have lost the small magnet that is attached to the key cylinder inside the door. Take your door panel off and pull the plastic water shield back, look up with a flashlight at the key cylinder and there should be a small plastic "key" on the back of it. There is a small rectangle shaped magnet. Look around inside the door of its not there and you should be able to reattach it.
  8. 5523Pathfinder

    2016 Holiday Elbe Hills State Forest run?

    Depending on which trails you take, a stock rig could do most of Elbe. Remember, sometimes it's more the driver than it is the rigs. What date are you thinking?
  9. Are you sure it's not the inhibitor realy? Big blue realy next to the battery.
  10. 5523Pathfinder

    Need to Program Computer (ECM or ECU?)

    It may of needed to learn the closed throttle position as its drive by wire. It's easy to do, but is time consuming. Don't rush it and things should go fine. What you want to do is sit in the car with drivers door closed and no loads on. Keep your feet off the pedals. Cycle the key to the on position(do not try and start) and let it sit for 10 seconds. Once 10 seconds is up, cycle the key off for another ten seconds. You have to do this about 20 times. This will learn the throttle pedal closed position as well as the throttle body closed position. You should end with they key on. You can then try and start it and see what happens.
  11. 5523Pathfinder

    Ecu issues

    What year is your rig? Which engine?
  12. 5523Pathfinder

    Hoohaa Centerlinks

    That's weird! I was just on his website a few days ago. But I think is was on a different host or something now that I think about it.
  13. 5523Pathfinder

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Uh, yeah! Japanese engines love NGK plugs! I've changed far too many cheap plugs from Nissans in my time.
  14. 5523Pathfinder

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Put new spark plugs in tonight. They were overdue but not in bad shape.

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