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  1. You mean the Eaton M90 Supercharger will bolt right up to the lower manifold which originally mates to the VG33ER heads, but can also bolt to the VG30E heads. If this is true, then I'm seriously having second thoughts about selling my apathy then. Let me know if the bolt patterns are the same on the M90 as the M62. Let me know. Thanx JB
  2. Alright well I know that the air filter is clean, but I'll check the O2 sensor and the catalytic converter. Thanx guys.
  3. Alright, ever since the start of May 2010 I've been trying to sell my 94 Pathfinder LE V6 4x4 with mods. Haven't been able to due to it failing a California emissions test due a high count of Hydro-Carbon emissions. Anyone got any ideas of what it could be... besides the mods done to the engine?
  4. So long N.P.O.R.A. its been an experience being a member.

  5. Thank God I'm not the one experiencing this problem. I own a 94 LE 4x4, and like some of you mine pours water on to the passenger side floor. Now except mine builds all of the water up in the heater box and when I make a left hand turn it dumps in through the fan on to the passenger side floor. So I can't say its a bracket like what ahardb0dy shown us. At first I thought it was the heater core leaking when it rains, so I had a pressure test done and thankfully it didn't leak. But the problem still persists and I'm kinda running out of options on what to do to solve this problem. But I will however save the picture for the future to point out to a body shop to see if water is pouring in through there. I'm just surprised that no one has notified the D.O.T. to file this as a possible safety recall, because the floor on the pass. side would rot out after years of water pouring on to it and staying there, which in result could cause a brutal injury or death to whoever is sitting in the passenger seat. Enough of my ranting. Yes I too checked the drains for the cowl and the sunroof and they're working. Hey ahardb0dy, thanks for adding that picture man. That's really going to help in the long run. :coffee!:
  6. Yeah I hope so too man, because transmission work isn't cheap. But if it turns out to be the transmission you and everyone else might look into this company, they make performance for Nissan's. http://www.importperformancetrans.com/ Good luck man. :coffee!:
  7. Well I'll tell you what it sounds like, if your Pathfinder is equiped with an Automatic Transmission like mine. You might have to take it to a transmission specialist, because it sounds like either you have a gear that's gone bad or the torque converter may need to be replaced. I should know, because I've experienced the same problem in mine... twice. And it could also sound like that computer is adjusting the fuel mixture, hints the possibility to you engine dropping RPM's much like mine. Now has your check engine light been on? Because I've experienced a similar problem on my Pathfinder. Not sure, because I'm not a certified mechanic and I'm not there to experience this problem your having, but I can tell you what I have experienced on my Pathfinder sounds almost the same thing your experiencing. So if there's any mechanics on here that can answer his questions better than me, feel free.
  8. Yeah, eBay offers intake tubes and filters from a unknown company and a company called Jim Wolf Technology offers air filters with necessary hardware to bolt right up to the mass air flow sensor. Now granted the intakes on eBay include an aluminum tube to replace the stock intake tube, however Jim Wolf Technology's intakes hold an Executive Order C.A.R.B. emissions compliant number in the state of California. But from what I've read the ones offered on eBay doesn't mention anything about being smog legal. But should you decide to purchase the intake on eBay I suggest you to message the seller and request to send you the Executive Order number that complies to C.A.R.B. But if your interested in Jim Wolf Technology go to: www.jimwolftechnology.com or visit 4x4parts.com and look under performance parts.
  9. What or who makes the hoohaa steering box system? Because I tried to do a search on Google on hoohaa steering and just got a bunch of forum listings.
  10. OK, for a little while I was driving a 1990 Ford F150 2x4 with rack and pinion steering. I like the rack and pinions response when turning the wheel, so my question is can the rack and pinion from an R50 QX4 or Pathfinder work on a WD21 Pathfinder. Granted its not something I'm going to do right away, I just wanted see what options there are available and write them down you know.
  11. OK, I just wanted to clear that piece up before I do get the 3" Calamini SL and a 3" BL on my Pathfinder. Thanks.
  12. I want to do a 3" body lift to my Pathfinder, but I heard on another forum that when doing a 3" body lift the four-wheel drive shifter can't shift into four low, because the shifter ends up hitting the center console when trying to shift between neutral and four low because the shifter is shorter when doing a 3" body lift. Has anyone here experienced this problem with their Pathfinder? Because I'd like to know if this a true problem.
  13. Hey, who did the Turbo job on this Pathfinder, because I'm tempted to do a twin Turbo job to my Pathfinder.
  14. Well I found out when I partially opened up the heater core box there was a ton of sticks and leaves built up inside the heater core at the base and around it. Plus the bottom of the heater core was damp and the bottom of the box had standing fluid around it. Couldn't tell if it was coolant or rain water, but to be on the safe side my mechanic is going to take a look at it and do a pressure test to see if it is leaking. But if turns out that a lot of the fluid is coming from the A/C box, then I'll take it to an Air Conditioner shop and have them check it out. But again thanx guys.

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