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  1. 88blk4x4

    New baby! updated w/ pics!

    Thanks everyone....I've got another update...she had her first well baby check up today and the Dr. said she is ahead of schedule!!!!!! she left the hospital weighing 5 pounds and 6 oz, now she's up to 5 pounds and 12 oz....everything is going good..... "buys a round for everyone"
  2. 88blk4x4

    New baby! updated w/ pics!

    here's pics....I had to wait until the hospital got her nursery pics done.... http://www.growingfamily.com/webnursery/ba...rlID=1O8W0I2X4K
  3. 88blk4x4

    New baby! updated w/ pics!

    thanks everyone!!!!! it's a girl and her name is Brianna...Dr said they both will get to come home tomorrow!!!!!!!
  4. 88blk4x4

    New baby! updated w/ pics!

    hi ya'll I havent been on in awhile b/c my wife has had some minor pregnancy complications.....The baby was born 3 weeks early last night and weighed 5 pounds and 15 ounces....mom and baby are doing good...I'll be getting pics up as soon as I can....Charles http://www.growingfamily.com/webnursery/ba...rlID=1O8W0I2X4K
  5. 88blk4x4

    Mass email check-in thread

    got the email
  6. 88blk4x4

    Why not 4.0 HO in our Pathys

    sure....if you had a trailer or something to sit the rest that wont fit in your pathy
  7. 88blk4x4

    Why not 4.0 HO in our Pathys

    I have a cutting torch and welder...lol..
  8. 88blk4x4

    Why not 4.0 HO in our Pathys

    Jeeps are good vehicles...my wife has a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo.
  9. 88blk4x4

    My New Years resolution.. World peace!

    I just got done reading it, I just dont know what to say yet.....I tried joining the military about 6 yrs ago, they wont let me b/c I have had a artificial lens implant in my left eye thanks to 2 fish hooks going thru it when I was 12, but they will let a felon??? thats just bs
  10. 88blk4x4

    My New Years resolution.. World peace!

    I'm not saying he's not, he's trying to push that CAFTA bs....the way I look at it is like this: you vote 1 crook out just to vote another 1 in...you just have to decide which is the most crooked....
  11. 88blk4x4

    My New Years resolution.. World peace!

    my dog could do a better job than clinton.....thanks to his NAFTA idea, myself and lot of people in my community are out of jobs b/c our companies are going to Mexcio for cheaper labor....
  12. 88blk4x4

    4wd issue

    before the tranny went out in my 88, I had to put it in 4 lo while in park...the lever wouldnt go to 4lo in Neutral
  13. 88blk4x4

    My New Years resolution.. World peace!

    I'm not saying our prez is right or the best man for the job, but he was better than what we had and better than what we had to choose from. maybe we will have better choices next election....I agree Saddam should've been taken out of power, but it was done the wrong way...if they was going to do it, they should have done it the first time we was over there, not b/c our president wants to prove he can do what his dad didnt or if there was prove that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. we done the job that we set out to do, now it's time to get our troops back home....
  14. 88blk4x4

    vibration wheel / tire / entire truck

    if it's doing the same thing w/ 2 different sets of wheels and tires, I would think you had a warped axle....if you have a floor jack, jack up the truck on the differential and have someone sitting in it to start it and put it in gear w/ both tires off the ground...stand behind it and have them give it gas and watch the rear tires....if a axle is warped, 1 will bounce up and down....
  15. 88blk4x4

    Rear wheel bearings

    if you have another car to use, you can take it apart and take the axle to a machine shop and have them press the bearings for you then put it back together yourself. that would be alot cheaper than letting a shop do all of it

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