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  1. i wrote him a pm about the lifts. they will run around 2 g's. To much for me
  2. Thanks hopefully i will have some more pics by the end of the month
  3. When i first got it. Nothing but 31's and the rack As it sits now Plan on taking off the nissan rack and hopefully have a tube front bumper made befor the end of summer
  4. After a year away, NOAS will be once again having an annual club run at Coal Creek/ Windrock just outside Oliver Springs, TN. June 22-24. One month later than in previous years due to the growth of the Club and addition of new runs in the annual lineup. As always this run is open to any Nissan owner, 18 or older who would like to run the trails. Other makes of vehicles are allowed by special invitation of an active club member only, and only after club approval. Anyone planning to attend is responsible for securing their own trail pass. Camping on the property is open, primative only. NOAS is a Nissan only offroad club dediated to having fun, learning the limits of our vehicles, and Treading Lightly. Most everyone will be there on Friday. Coal Creek Run in Oliver Springs, TN June 22-24, 2007 Visit windrockatv.com or coalcreekohv.com for more info on the area or trails.
  5. Wow i dont see myself getting one anytime soon.
  6. yeah he is a member of NOAS cant remember why he was selling it. i think he was maybe moving.
  7. i am planning on getting the arb from tyler. i do like that tube one though but i have wanted a arb for along time
  8. sort of its going to be tube though. hopefully lighter than derrick's. Richard said it wweighed close to 200 pounds
  9. yeah those are mine. they are welded on and he did a great job. In the next couple of weeks i should get back down there to work on the rear bumper i am getting
  10. its about 2 hours not much further than OBX and you dont need skids to go
  11. Sorry guys not going to be able to make it out there this sun. I need to save my money for shoe creek nat sat. You guys should go. it would be nice to have a few r50's out there. Oh yeah my soon to be wife got me the set of A/C skids. Great Xmas present
  12. you are right. i am working on getting the bumper now but just checking for something else in the meantime

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