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  1. riding on my Ranchos for a week now. The adjustability really helps in playing with softness city/highway and offroad. Also, if anyone considering ranchos DO NOT use them with OME or ay other longer springs. They just don't work. I have quick lift ranchos for the front and 9000XL series for the back. The front lift is achieved by relocating spring base higher on the strut. so the longer spring will be compressed too much. To level the rear, one should install rancho spring spacers. I am ging chnage those ranchos to Ironman or ToughDog shocks soon and use them with those OME springs. Ranchos are ok, but are too soft for my driving habbits. but if anyone wants to make the Pathfinder softer and plush Ranchos are the way to go.
  2. OMe lift is ok. I liked that the springs are a bit higher load which made the truck a bit firmer but it significantly improved handling on the highway (our roads are not very flat) even with stock shocks. Will check how it will behave with ranchos. As to your lift I bet the spring will settle a bit after about 500-1000km. My OME springs have settled already by about 1cm.
  3. Hi there, Name's Anton and lik ethe title says I am from Kazakhstan. I have owned r50 QX4 for 2 years and swithched to R51 Pathfinder last year. Have always loved nissan and now into offroading tuning. I also owned 200SX which I tuned for drifting and sold it. Anyways, once again hello Didn't post any pictures yet as the truck is pretty much stock for now. But I working on it it just hard to find any parts here in Kazakhstan and hard to ship anything from US or anywhere else. if you ever come to Kazakhstan, Almaty in particular let me know.
  4. I am not form Russia, but i am russian Kazakhstan is my homeland
  5. installed OME springs yesterday. Looks like its more than 1.5" lift. front stock shocks are stretched all the way and have no rebound travel left. rears are working ok. going to chnage them for ranchos quick lift for front and 9000xl for rear. sorry for the quality of pics. before and after before and after
  6. hello there. I am new here. I just purchased OME 1.5" lift springs. What are your recommendations on shocks that I need to install with these springs? I was looking at Rancho quick lift for front and 9000xl. I have also seen toughdog and ironman shocks for such lift. now I am not sure which brand to go with. anu suggestions? Will stock shocks work with this small lift? I run 275/65/17 Gelondars G012. They fit perfectly and don't rub on anything.

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