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  2. denisb


    Very sad. RIP Jared, my thoughts and prayers go out to your familly. D
  3. well hello there stranger! hope you had a great x-mas

  4. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi since I can't remember the last time I was here. Hope everyone is good? Weird....I keep looking for NPORA sticker on every Pathy I meet, even now that I don't own a pathy. I will own a Pathy again and surf the channels of this forum again! Good job with the site BTW! keep up the good work! Denisb
  5. denisb

    Got Job?

    No worries.... That story is EFd up! Can't beleive people can pull stuff like that off. Hmmm.....It is getting colder here in Canada....Wouldn't you be surprised to wake up Xmas morn with someone sleeping in your driveway.
  6. denisb

    Got Job?

    Can you say one tracked mine....perseverent....consistent
  7. denisb

    Got Job?

    I was pretty much in the same boat...."bitch and shrug" stage. I guess when things start getting rough throughout a company, it caries like a wave through the employees. Good luck and hopefully you find something soon Pezzy!
  8. denisb

    Got Job?

    I could probably go work for the competition also, but I'm not 100% I want to keep in the same field (Gaming) possibly because the scar is still fresh . So for now I've got a couple of part time possibilities and my severance to keep me going till I make up my mind.
  9. denisb

    Got Job?

    Yeah, got some resumes out and luckily had a couple months sallary worth of severance. They say everything happens for a reason....let's just hope it didn't happen to make me find out what living in a cardboard box feels like. Maybe we could all just get together and pool our knowledge into building and testing 4x4 parts and accesories......I'm sure I could build some sort of blinker fluid tester Denis
  10. denisb

    Got Job?

    Lost my job to cuts Friday after 6 years with the company. Sucks, but life goes on I guess. Anyone know of people looking for a good Electronic Tech? I know where they can find one! Denis
  11. Lougheed. In the Executive Suites parking lot
  12. I made it up in one piece, but if that trail was 200 yards longer I don't know if I would have made it.....or at least it felt that way the last 200 yards and I bought a "I survived the grind".....not sure if this was because I survived or if I just needed a dry shirt......but I bought one. The view was absolutely marvelous, not a cloud in the sky. I'd definately do it again......just not today or tomorrow (maybe in a month or so ) As for what I did. I drove down Hastings a couple of times, which made me feel pretty good about my life Went to Metro Town. Impressive size mall. Unfortunately, the co-worker I was travelling with was not so outgoing so we ended up just going for a few beers at one of our other co-workers that lives in New-West. We tried a Vietnamese place that was pretty good called Pho99. Ate at Cactus Club almost every night. Hopfully we'll find another place to go out for a couple of beers later on this week or something . Denis
  13. Nice for the highway, but not recomended for off roading
  14. Wow! Grouse in 1 hour 10 minutes! the last few hundred yards I wasn't sure if my legs were going to make it. Although I glad I can say I did it, I would describe it as crazzy,
  15. Vancouver BC- Yes! Kids- No!.......well I've got two fellow co-workers that might be of the right mentality, but I don't think that counts. Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking about Grousse. I also like the aquarium and market idea. Daftpup, thanks for the BDay wish and your Mogolian is awsome, so that might also be good..... D

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