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  1. tecciball

    power rating for after-market speakers

    Thanks all for the quick feedback. So I dont want to dump a bunch of money on this. And even less time. I think I will get the best upgrade with the least cost by replacing the HU and front speakers. Since the fronts have individual amps in each door, which will be removed, they can get power from the HU. For the rears, I will use the Scosche adapter. Does anyone think I will have a problem using only half of the Scosche adapter? Will there be a power and remote wire to each front door for the amps? Do I need to do anything with those to avoid noise or electrical issues?
  2. So I have read up a bit on stereo installs in the Garage and Pinned areas and found some good info. But I have a few questions. First, my Pathy is an 01 SE with the BOSE tape deck plus multidisc CD below (which broke a while back). I understand that the stock set up includes separate amps for the door speakers. Since there are external amplifiers, I assume that the stock head unit has little to no power output. I wont be adding a sub, so I plan to use the existing speaker wiring and amps. Since an aftermarket head unit has quite a bit of power ontop of the stock amps, I am concerned that the stock speakers will blow out. For that matter, I am concerned that aftermarket speakers, if not matched properly, would blow also due to the extra power. So my first question - does anyone know the power spec on the stock amps? Most new head units appear to have about 50 max watts per channel (15 - 20 RMS). Since the headunit and door speakers would essentially be in parallel, I would need to add the max and RMS specs from the stock amps with the headunit and make sure that the speakers can handle those wattages, right? Second, can someone please recommend a source for the headunit wiring harness or harnesses I should use? The crutchfield site shows that I need or should use the following 3 pieces. Do I really need the gain controller below? Nissan/Infiniti Receiver Wire Harness http://www.crutchfield.com/p_120707550/Nissan-Infiniti-Receiver-Wire-Harness.html?tp=736 OEM diversity antenna cable http://www.crutchfield.com/p_12040NI10/Nissan-Antenna-Adapter.html Scosche OEM Amplifier Adapter http://www.crutchfield.com/p_142C4NN03/Nissan-Infiniti-Factory-Integration-Adapter.html?tp=3486&nvpair=AG_Size%7cFFDouble%40DIN Thanks in advance for your time. Seth
  3. tecciball

    parts needed

    Any suggestions on where to get a few parts/accessories? I need a passenger side fog lamp (rock smashed the glass on the highway) and I want to add a trailer hitch. The dealership is crazy expensive for both... Thanks for your help.
  4. tecciball

    license plate bulb replacement

    ugh. that is what i was afraid of. being in the salt belt, my screws are rusted out and i cant get any grib with a screwdriver...
  5. how do i access the license plate bulbs? both of mine are out. i took off the rear panel but couldnt see much due to the wiper arm. thanks in advance for your help.
  6. tecciball

    Power Inverter Recommendation

    just to be sure i understand your response - if i buy a 300 - 500 watt unit, it will have enough power to run both a portable dvd player and a tv. i need one that uses the cigarette power source, as i wont have time to run a separate line to the battery. would this suffice? it appears to have two outlets for my two devices. i know walmart is probably not the best place to buy something like this, but the price is good... http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4891079. do i need to worry about draining my battery? the set up will be used primarily while driving, not parked.
  7. Hello everyone. The family is going on a trip, and I would like to set the kiddies up to use our small kitchen tv in the Pathy. Below is a link to the TV I want to use. The specs say power consumption is 50 watts. I will hook the TV to a portable DVD player, but I dont know the model. I am looking for a recommendation for a power inverter. Ideally, I would plug both devices in. If I need to, I can run the DVD player off its batteries. In case it matters, I have the original alternator and a two-year-old Die Hard SUV battery. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?...#Specifications
  8. hey pathians. i think i have a bulb starting to go. the light behind the right side of my guages usually does not work when i start her up. it will usually kick on after a short while. sometimes not at all though. i have noticed it takinging longer and longer actually. the actual guages still work though, so i assume this is just a bulb starting to go or a loose connection. thoughts? seth
  9. tecciball

    Mass email check-in thread

    howdy ho. ready to move whenever...
  10. tecciball

    01 spark plug swap

    pretty funny fueler. that is what the po obviously did! as for those tools, i have only the jack, the long bar, and the nut wrench (first and fifth tools in the ebay pic). the middle three tools either got smoked, or are only for the vg engine. does anyone with a vq have all those tools? i still have the impression that the bent tool is for reaching #6 between the firewall and the back of the engine on a vg. isnt the plug geometry different on my engine? sorry if i am being lame on this, but everyone i have heard barking about plug change trouble had the vg engine...
  11. tecciball

    01 spark plug swap

    when you say "do all that," are you referring to the procedure in that link?
  12. tecciball

    01 spark plug swap

    i definitely dont have that tool bag. the po replaced it with a wacky tobaci pipe! sssh i think i remember reading on this board that the #6 plug access issue is for the vg engine only. the write up makes it sound like all plugs are accessible after removing the valve covers/coils.
  13. tecciball

    01 spark plug swap

    Does the procedure here sound right for an 01 Pathy? This sounds pretty simple to me, but I thought that one of the plugs was difficult to access. Maybe that is just on the VG engines. http://www.faqfarm.com/Q/How_do_you_take_t...ssan_Pathfinder Also, I will be ultimately go with the NGK Iridiums. Can anyone confirm that LFR5AIX-11 is the right part number for my engine? Thanks.
  14. tecciball

    warn manual hub part number

    thanks everyone. i am gonna wait a month or two until on this, but good to know the correct part number!
  15. hey pathians. i think i am gonna order a set of manual hubs for my pathy. is 29091 the correct part number? is says 28 spline for that one. from http://www.accessconnect.com/warnprehubs.htm (thanks pezzy).

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