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    Black 1994 SE, 31x10.5" Bridgestone MT, legos painted black, limited slip diff, jgc coils, A/C uca's, torsions cranked, K&N drop in, 1000 watt sub amp, 4 new audiobahn 5x7 competition speakers, two 12" auidiobahn subs...brush guard, Smittybilt safari rack with 6x9 ProComp 100w lights, cheap 6 inch 100w off road lights on the brush guard, rancho rs 5000, 31 inch full size spare, Sirius satellite radio, limo tint all the way around, aftermarket fog lights, Flowmaster 40, high flow cat, intake silencer removed.
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    Missouri....Mark Twain National Forrest......
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Do Not Go Off-Road
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    Stationed at fort leonard wood, Missouri
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    I like to play guitar, and go hiking/camping...
  1. Can't believe you had thos wheels/tires in the snow, lol........nice pics.
  2. Probably have to take the plastic plate off of the top like on my grand am.....I couldnt find those either, then there they were, under that big black plate or cover, whatever you want to call it.these wierd wires and the part that slips onto the plug was way down in the engine....it was wierd....
  3. It looks like you are in the front yard.
  4. It's easy, search for re-index there are a ton of write ups on it.
  5. I had the same set up....2.25 high flow cat, FM 40....it gave a ton of low end torque and rumbled like a small v-8.
  6. Why even ask? It cost $90:ohno01: to fill up the 27 gallon tank........the on board computer said I was averaging 21 mpg on the hwy at 75 mph....with 6 passengers, not too bad for a tank. But it only gets 16 mpg in town. If you punch it you can pretty much watch the gas needle drop.
  7. Nah, needed seats....although i like the titan I needed space for the kids....I guess I war looking for comfort this time. This thing runs smooth (the V8 power is cool too) and is extremely comfortable AND has a 100,000 mile warranty.
  8. Well, upon looking at the frame, (and a few taps witha BFH), I found 6 baseball sized holes in the frame, a hole under the rear seats big enough to put your hand through, the famous "ticking" manifolds....etc....you can only do so much........ I bought her on EBAY a few years back for 4 grand. But today i traded her in for a gas guzzling beast that couldn't think of going where she went.... I got 4 grand for the trade....bought a 2006 dodge durango...I know, ugly....my thoughts too, but I have 3 kids, they are getting older and the pathy wasn't cutting it. (plus she was rotting away.) Anyway, It's actually really nice, built in serius satellite radio, leather, homelink (built in garage door opener), front/rear disk brakes, on board computer, 3 rows of seats....(seats 8)...controls on the steering wheel for the radio....6 disk cd changer, dvd player, alpine home theatre (mobile), heated seats/mirrors.....wood grain dash.....front/middle/rear A/C....tow package(W/Tranny cooler)...roof rack etc.....I miss the pathy, but she did her job while I had her.....the BIG ASS Durango ? (purchased a 100,000/60 mo warranty for $1000) It cost $17,400 b4 the warranty....(18,400) The V8 is really a beast and (i know I could have done better but not 4 this price) it averages 16mpg (so far in the city) and supposedly 17-19 hwy..... Guess it will be my weekend vehicle. I'll drive the 4cyl grand am to work, the chevy truck to haul a load, and the Durango to travel..........but I AM going to be looking for a pathy in the future for a play toy.
  9. I thought this was pretty funny/ true.... THINGS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Innovative 2. Preliminary 3. Proliferation 4. Cinnamon THINGS THAT ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Specificity 2. Anti-constitutionalistically 3. Passive-aggressive disorder 4. Transubstantiate THINGS THAT ARE DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Thanks, but I don't want to have sex. 2. Nope, no more booze for me. 3. Sorry, but you're not really my type. 4. Taco Bell ? No thanks, I'm not hungry. 5. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight? 6. Oh, I couldn't. No one wants to hear me sing karaoke. 7. I'm not interested in fighting you. 8. Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have no coordination. 9. Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to vomit in the street. 10. I must be going home now as I have work in the morning
  10. Mud....then rocks, but both aren't good for me.....go figure, just like this beer.......
  11. Like flnl said, check the top of your shocks and see if they are plugged in, or if they even have wires coming out....they work when new but the shocks cost too much for me.
  12. govols74n


    **, weren't you going to tell him to look under the vehicle while someone bounces up and down on the rear bumper?
  13. Piece of paper = cut and paste off of a pic on this site...(search stickers) paste to word and print and you have an example of the logo.

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