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  1. Yeah I was actually under the impression it was front and rear locking diffs, turns out it's only rear. As for the skids (not that I really trust any "skids" from the factory), there's one on the front, one under the subframe, the t-case and the gas tank. We'll see how built-up they really are :-)
  2. I just did a 255/70-16 on my 2002 when I did the OME lift on it, no other modifications required and it looked great matched with the added lift. Probably your best bet.
  3. Well we picked up a 1997 Monty with a hair over 220K on it last week. All things considered, the thing's in remarkably good condition; no dents, good paint, very clean interior and all electrical works. Driving wise, it's great...comes with the 3.5L rated at 200hp (I think). It's a cool truck...rear jump seats (like the Disco SE7's), factory rear air locker, full skids from front to back, factory altimeter/clinometer, etc. It needs new tires (31x10.5) has a leaky valve cover gasket and bad heater core, otherwise it's fine. I'll post some pics up later.
  4. Yeah no kidding, but he's not too interested in making it a trail rig. We'll throw on some new meats and what-not but that's probably about it. Sounds like a decent vehicle from what I'm gathering. Funny, anyone I've spoken to usually has a "my buddy had one of those" stories and they're usually the same...and I TOO had a buddy who had one and wheeled the hell out of it! If I could only find a Mitsu. Raider...
  5. Yeah, WD's would be the best option but like I said...finding one in the northeast is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
  6. IIRC you're right...they're siblings. This one's got the 3.5 in it, not the more anemic 3.0 like the older ones.
  7. My brother in-law is looking to get a 4x4 winter run-around vehicle to do some ski runs and what-not and so far, this is the best bet yet. He really wants an X, but for what he's looking to spend in cash (less than $4k) all he's turned up are 2000's with a million miles on them and just as many stories from the P.O.'s to go along with them. He's not interested in Exploders (they're a dime a dozen), and WD's in the northeast are nothing but oxidation experiments these days...and R50's (sob) are not an option. He found this one in Hartford for sale by a guy who owns a small (illegal) dealership and doesn't speak any english. He drove it today; it shifts great and sounds perfect...no trans. slippage and has lot's of power. I dig the stock clinometer and altimeters these things have as well as the retro interiors. Anybody have any experience with them??
  8. Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia May 2006-May 2009 Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration (Marketing Track) Still hunting for a decent job in this crummy market...
  9. You know...when I was about to click on the "transmission" button I was preparing myself for the tranny to have been butchered and de-clutched, but the rev-matching synchro thingy actually sounds pretty impressive...takes blipping the skinny pedal completely out of the equation. Sounds/looks as if they're spot-on with the Z.
  10. I had one in my R50 that I got from Petsmart...looked exactly like Trainman's and IIRC it only cost about $75.00. Worked great, just need to make sure it's nice and tight or it rattles a bit. I mainly used it to clip things to. Google search... That's the Petsmart one, it's listed online for $69.99. Was completely expandable/collapsible to make it fit just right...
  11. Holy @#*!!! Catastrophic engine failure. Damn, that's brutal.

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