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    '91 SE 4x4 220k miles, 50k on the new motor. Fully loaded w/o leather Recent mods include a 3" suspension lift via Calmini upper control arms, 3" Performance Accessories body lift, Calmini T-bars, JGC coils and Rancho rs9000's, Calmini Steering upgrade, Rancho SS, Perma-Cool oil filter rolcation kit, K&N cone intake, electric fan in leu of the clutch fan w/ thermostat, Thorley ceramic headers w/ high flow cat, Flowmater muffler, and 2.25" piping, Quest alternator upgrade (Thanks 88), Warn premium hubs and a set of Piaa 520's. Soon to come; dual batteries, an ARB style bumper w/ winch, welded rock sliders, more off road lighting, custom jerry can mount on tire rack, and lots of mud. I bought the rig used in '99 and have loved every minute of it.
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Seattle, WA
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    Turning wrenches, Women, gettin dirty, shooting, SCUBA diving (divemaster cert), Women, partying, taking my turn at DD, hangin with my friends, Women, meeting new people,......Did I forget anything? Did I mention Women? Oh yeah, BEER!

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  1. Hey man, long time indeed. Sorry, just noticed your message, I haven't used that tool yet. I've been kinda MIA here lately, made a few runs, but got a baby around these days = not much play time. Hope to cya around soon and meet up.

  2. Cool, thanks guys, exactly the info I was looking for.
  3. Mike! Long time no hear man, how ya been? We need to meet up soon, I'll be back in town for a good while this weekend. Drop me a line or give me a call.

  4. For example, the gas motor is a VG30E, what is the designation for the diesel motor found in European models? I'm toying with the idea of cramming a diesel in her now that I have another daily driver.
  5. PS3 if any thing, for the Blu-Ray player.
  6. I some how managed to get this POS software on my comp, and it happened while I was cruising the boards here. Basically a BS pop up box says you're infected, yada yada, but from what I researched, it doesn't matter what you click, it installs any how. The damn thing changes your home page, creats pop-up any time you try to open prog's sayingthey're infect and blocks them, blocks the function of all your anti-malware and anti-virus programs, turns your inter-webs into a proxy server, as well as having keyloggers an all sorts of other fun stuff imbedded. Basically it took safe mode and about 6 hours to get it off my computer. Thank god I had a iPhone I could look stuff up with. Any how, I was just wondering if any one else got this, and to give a warning, as it sounds like this is a fairly new one, so update yo shiznit.
  7. No, unfortunately I'd had my fill of workin on my Pathy. Right now, it's a toss up between a Xterra, or the rig I'm going to look at today, '04 Dodge Ram 2500 HO Diesel. You know me, I'm a sucker for a black smelly cloud.
  8. I'm lookin to buy a new truck, and would appreciate the use of a Carfax account. I can PM the vin or whatever, let me know, thanks.
  9. Thanks Red, Still have the old girl, but its a love hate relationship at this point.
  10. This thread makes me want to go watch Star Wars
  11. Yo Yo, I am alive and well, at least mentally. Hmm on second thought, not there either. Thanks guys.
  12. Heh looks like the wifey is a good cook there Mike. Ahhhh I just missed you, I came back to work out here the 10th, I'm in Hono every Monday, and Kahului every Wed/Thurs. Gotta love the cruise ship life.
  13. Damn Mike, best regards to the fam. Any shots of the damage?
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