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UPDATE - The host suffered a "Catastrophic Hardware Failure" (*specifics not shared) on 01/13 and the "latest available" backup for the website and database were restored.  At this point they have been unable to recover any later versions of the database.

     We are going to give them another 72hrs to pull off a miracle and find something later than 05/21 before we fully move forward with normal forum operations.  Maybe we'll luck out, but to be perfectly honest, it's not looking good.

     It is still recommended that new members wait to register for the time being, as any new accounts created before our final decision on a path forward is made, may not exist once this is taken care of. This is also true for new topics, posts, status updates, profile & account changes, etc.


As always, we appreciate your patience as ask that you hold on just a little longer.

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    '91 SE 4x4 220k miles, 50k on the new motor. Fully loaded w/o leather Recent mods include a 3" suspension lift via Calmini upper control arms, 3" Performance Accessories body lift, Calmini T-bars, JGC coils and Rancho rs9000's, Calmini Steering upgrade, Rancho SS, Perma-Cool oil filter rolcation kit, K&N cone intake, electric fan in leu of the clutch fan w/ thermostat, Thorley ceramic headers w/ high flow cat, Flowmater muffler, and 2.25" piping, Quest alternator upgrade (Thanks 88), Warn premium hubs and a set of Piaa 520's. Soon to come; dual batteries, an ARB style bumper w/ winch, welded rock sliders, more off road lighting, custom jerry can mount on tire rack, and lots of mud. I bought the rig used in '99 and have loved every minute of it.
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    Seattle, WA
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    Turning wrenches, Women, gettin dirty, shooting, SCUBA diving (divemaster cert), Women, partying, taking my turn at DD, hangin with my friends, Women, meeting new people,......Did I forget anything? Did I mention Women? Oh yeah, BEER!

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  1. Hey man, long time indeed. Sorry, just noticed your message, I haven't used that tool yet. I've been kinda MIA here lately, made a few runs, but got a baby around these days = not much play time. Hope to cya around soon and meet up.

  2. Cool, thanks guys, exactly the info I was looking for.
  3. Mike! Long time no hear man, how ya been? We need to meet up soon, I'll be back in town for a good while this weekend. Drop me a line or give me a call.

  4. For example, the gas motor is a VG30E, what is the designation for the diesel motor found in European models? I'm toying with the idea of cramming a diesel in her now that I have another daily driver.
  5. PS3 if any thing, for the Blu-Ray player.
  6. I some how managed to get this POS software on my comp, and it happened while I was cruising the boards here. Basically a BS pop up box says you're infected, yada yada, but from what I researched, it doesn't matter what you click, it installs any how. The damn thing changes your home page, creats pop-up any time you try to open prog's sayingthey're infect and blocks them, blocks the function of all your anti-malware and anti-virus programs, turns your inter-webs into a proxy server, as well as having keyloggers an all sorts of other fun stuff imbedded. Basically it took safe mode and about 6 hours to get it off my computer. Thank god I had a iPhone I could look stuff up with. Any how, I was just wondering if any one else got this, and to give a warning, as it sounds like this is a fairly new one, so update yo shiznit.
  7. No, unfortunately I'd had my fill of workin on my Pathy. Right now, it's a toss up between a Xterra, or the rig I'm going to look at today, '04 Dodge Ram 2500 HO Diesel. You know me, I'm a sucker for a black smelly cloud.
  8. I'm lookin to buy a new truck, and would appreciate the use of a Carfax account. I can PM the vin or whatever, let me know, thanks.
  9. Thanks Red, Still have the old girl, but its a love hate relationship at this point.
  10. This thread makes me want to go watch Star Wars
  11. Yo Yo, I am alive and well, at least mentally. Hmm on second thought, not there either. Thanks guys.
  12. Heh looks like the wifey is a good cook there Mike. Ahhhh I just missed you, I came back to work out here the 10th, I'm in Hono every Monday, and Kahului every Wed/Thurs. Gotta love the cruise ship life.
  13. Damn Mike, best regards to the fam. Any shots of the damage?

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